Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Overcoming sin- and the natural which has been twisted into evil by evil!

(Journey in a Broken World; Chastity South Africa; South African Catholic)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Often- when evil tries to overcome me- I have a method which works- I try to see what desire has been twisted by evil against me. Pure evil doesn't exist- it only has power in twisting good.

Now- when it is pride- we realize the true emotion twisted is love of God, and care of self, and self esteem in proportion- realizing this- we endorse the true desires- and when evil is weak enough, or rather- when the good still is fighting- then this rids us of the evil, which somehow withers and dies.

We need firstly to change the evil desire into the good one- to straighten the broken tree's stem, to fix a broken spinal cord, through forcing the broken back into the place it is meant to exist!

Now, sometimes this does not work- and so we sit- trying to wait out the evil of sin- and fight strong desires, as though we were fighting a disease. Unfortunately, of human force alone, such force not always works- we tire quickly and are met again when weaker- which is why often sacraments are such power- and the realization that we can wait it out... in this, however we tire- and often start asking God in prayer- why we cannot have the evil wish we desire, even ask for lifting of the moral obligation- for some excuse to be doing good. Evil has no substance, except in that which is good.

In this- we feel almost electric power, and irritation enter us- as we either give into it, and find we are weaker the next skirmish, or else- try our hardest, and find we have already fallen- or manage to get through it, desperately praying- knowing it will come back again, having weakened us sufficiently.

At this point- we realize that the true desire- ours for whatever it is has ceased to be, or if it hasn't- we perhaps have tried very hard to feed the true desire which has been twisted, and justly we have tried to fight the other- and as yet have not succeeded. Now- if we resist, we are given the grace to do so- but surely- how do we win..?

The desire below is natural- it is ours, is it not- but this other desire- where does it come from, is it not the mutation of the desire we truly have, or had- is it not alien, foreign..?

We are fighting a desire, which is not natural, for sin is insanity, and is not ours- it is alien- so why should we at all be obligated to follow something that is neither sane, nor ours. We calmly must determine not to follow it- to say no to it- and to lower ourselves in our souls. We then begin to pray about this foreign desire within- to saints such as Philomena- and give our bodies over to them to cure, all the while determined to attend the next possible confession.

We realize the desire is not ours- and so we ignore it- like an aggressive tyrant without any power. It is not ours, it is not of our self... it is foreign, and we reject it utterly.

In this- we acknowledge not only the foreignness of this desire- but also the natural desire below, which has been mutated, and we determine to live in better balance with this and to admit it as truth, as truth will set you free. Of course- if our world-view is wrong, if we believe that those things forbidden by Mother Church are natural- then we might as well not even attempt to fight- we must win through submittal to morality and to truth- as the natural means.

Only evil tries to justify that actings of man which are not natural, nor sane.

Good attempts to cure them, or to manage them so as to stop evil triumphing.
That which is moral- is the boundary and fullness of that which is natural.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Are some Protestants Catholic supremasists?

(Journey In a Broken World; Creative Minority Report)

Article By Marc Aupiais

Creative Minority report is reporting a marked decrease over recent years in "Catholic Triumphalism", with a decrease in Catholic prophesies of large areas united under the faith, and ironic increase in this among specific protestant groups- markedly those with anti-catholic agendas.

Recent losses by Catholics- have resulted in bleak outlooks of the future by many, as well as the lack of Catholic Nationalist prophesies by specific nations.

While many believe that the presence of the protestant churches is a sign of their speed in reproducing new organizations- or purely from natural causes such as fear of Rome, or advertising, and humanistic societal causes- personally I believe that like all "Material heresies" (official designation of Protestantism by the "Ecclesiam" names it a "Material Heresy", and "Material Schism"), Protestantism was allowed by God to aid in either clarifying and molding Catholic muscles- in combating it- or in order to cure a weakness in the church. If we can cure the weaknesses in the church- with prayer we should again assume our role as Mother church. I firmly believe that the Protestant "material Schism", is not a lack of catechism- but a manifestation of a wound in the church. Surely- if we were operating in complete health- the message and truth, and manifestation would permiate beyond borders of fear and independantism to a greater degree. Surely- this opposition is because we do not manifest the truth as we should- even as schism, as Saint Paul says in the bible- is evil and therefore of the devil- in this we realize- that every schism allows us to look in the mirror- and see which under-emphasized element of our truth has been twisted by our enemies- so as to satisfy that which has been abused into Schisms in the body- and cure them by watering the plant below the heresy- which has been twisted slightly or much- based on our own weakness in manifesting adequately the truth!

If indeed, as I even used to believe- the only separator of Christians is pride- then we are accusing those responsible of mortal sin. In any case- when I say heresy and schism- I mean from the Catholic doctrinal perspective- material refers to a physical reality- this by no means makes those following it automatically guilty- this requires knowledge and choice- for this reason the Vatican has determined to emphasize many similarities between our separated faiths through Ecumenism. I only hope my fellows in such would also aim nobly as I hope they are- to the reunification on Mother Church!

Note: This article does not intend any insult to other faiths- all definitions are Catholic Theological Definitions, and refer to one's relationship purely with the Roman Apostolic Catholic Faith, currently under Pope Benedict XVI, and neither insinuate guilt, nor are intended in any manner outside of Ecclesiastical meanings. We greatly respect our fellow Christians and by no means have any intent of any form of accusation- or harm towards any protestant reader, or any non-Catholic. please inform us if you are offended by this article- and suggest better ways to phrase the same opinion. We also fully support efforts of ecumenism- and clarification of beliefs between all major religions, while also showing definite lines of disagreement.

Pope John Paul I- Taught Humility

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. CathNews 29/09/08; Catholic News Service 28/09/08; AsiaNews 28/09/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Yesterday- Pope Benedict XVI, on the thirtieth anniversary of Pope John Paul I's death- recognised that people will remember the man for his humility- something both think vital to Christian faith. Pope John Paul I only lived for 33 days as pope- but is remembered for his smiles, and his Humility, a virtue he emphasized in his Motto: the Latin : "Humilitas", which he took from Saint Charles Borromeo(CathNews 29/09/08;), a sixteenth Century Archbishop.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A thought on truth- and reality, and the sad path to seeking true answers

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I really am an odd religious person in the modern era- why- because I, like much of the secular world refuse to believe what doesn't make sense to me- it is something that could be sin, or could be truth- but I am always loyal to truth before any concept of God. My excuse is that God says he is truth- so there is no fear in looking into facts- and seeing if belief in God is saner than belief in the secular world. Of course- I believe in mysteries- in things I know enough of to know I don't know all things- but in our universe the inexplicable sort of makes sense- and I cling to it... it is my sanity to believe as I do!

Many don't question it at all- they feel goodness about belief- and as some answer to this question- with the thought- simply follow the feeling- go with it- but this is not the method I use...

If I am to believe- well- I want to feel sensical in this... and more than that- I want genuine belief- not some decision to choose a belief system- I prefer honesty to such choice.

So, why do I believe- well- partly intuition, partly prayer- and partly the truth within and my experience- and to many this is the basis- and this basis is good.

Somehow- I must always question all things- its why certain groups do not like me much- I question- and work for justice. Many are part of the church- purely for humanitarian reasons- it is a body for this justice- but such people do not really believe, nor think of the doctrine of Mother church as anything but foolish- or useful in results in this world.

The truth is- my search for truth goes beyond all we see- I need to satisfy the part inside- and it only quiets when I believe- as a physical pain overcomes me when I separate from seeking truth- so that even as a Catholic- I still endlessly debate even myself- in an endless quest for Reality- for Truth.

I believe- as the early Christians did- that God is the frame of our world- the mediator in which we exist- Reality, Eternity, as Aquinas calls the tool by which we measure God. Now eternity has all the attributes of God- it is almighty, and all knowing, and permiates over all existence- in fact- I would say Eternity is the description of God- and the Highest Reality on which all exists also-

Now- we know the attributes of Reality and that they correlate. The Pantheist believes similar to the Catholic- except they believe all in existence is Reality- while the Catholic believes they exist in Reality.

Truly- this is what keeps me Catholic- this about Reality- and that all comes from something before it- so everything must come from Reality- and Reality must be greater than all- for all is within Him.

This means to me that even our intelligence must come from Reality- if so- Reality- which is sentient, has every attribute of God, of He who we name not without reverence- whose name is Reality itself- I AM Who I Am- Existence, Eternity- Reality.

If this is so- then my sanity is in belief...

How can I not awkwardly submit to truth, even tyranny in it- if it means remaining within right world-view- if it means being connected with Reality, if it means remaining within Sanity- and not denying what my soul says is truth.

Perhaps I am wrong- after all- I seek into this enough- not for pride or self reliance- nor does this make me right- I am not vane about my own perceptiveness- but it is a compulsion within- one I think all people should seek- believing as they do- but for arguments sake- always checking in with truth!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Flu virus could help cure diseases- Moral science triumphs again

(Journey in a broken world; c.f. Reuters)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A recent article by Reuters speaks of how the Flu virus has been used in mice, making ordinary cells act and look like embryonic stem cells.

This could cure Parkinson's Disease and other diseases.

The Vatican has for years called for focus on using the like of our skin's cells for research to avoid the immorality of cloning- used by many. All scientific achievements in this field have been in this section- where the Vatican has advised scientists to remain. The current research is another example of this success.

Universality of Natural Law

(Journey In a Broken World; c.f. Catholic Culture; International Herald and Tribune)

Article by Marc Aupiais

After a ban on wearing head-scarfs in public schools- and clashes with strict secularism- Muslims in France are feeling comfortable in Catholic schools- with 10 percent of these institutions' pupils being Islamic.

They feel comfortable in the moral, polite environment where values similar to theirs, and spirituality are instilled, according to the International Herald and Tribune.

This story breaks shortly after comments by Pope Benedict, who said- that Catholic Education was an important contributer to society.


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