Friday, October 31, 2008

Works and deeds, prayer and the rosary, and the exhausted praying Catholic, at midnight

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Darkness merged with darkness, and fatigue began to touch my limbs, as gravity tries to chain one to the ground.

Each few minutes my hands would fumble, and every now and then I would forget what I was doing- as I continuously mumbled soft whispered busts of phrases. Every now and then I would stop, exhausted in my extravagant needs. I had only began praying- I had perhaps over an hour's worth of prayers before I could go to bed.

Perhaps clarification is needed- the reason I was praying for so long, why I prayed, and finished to go to bed at 12:12 AM the next morning, was not zeal, but laziness. I had neglected my morning prayers, and therefore was combining them with my evening ritual- which generally takes 40 minutes to an hour or so. In the evening I pray to Saint Philomena at least 60 times, and to Saint Michael the Archangel about 5 or six times, to God the Trinity about ten times, and Mary about five. It's something I started to do some time ago- and it is odd, my soul almost needs to pray these, it is as though an invisible order had gone out- that I was to pray- and ask for God's world view, salvation, and godliness.

So why bring these things up- the reason lay in what I had wanted to do- as my hands fumbled expertly over the last rosary bead, and I had finished Hail Holy Queen, and Oh God whose- I did not want to continue. I just wanted to sleep, but the same voice that led me to the church- the same slight touching on my heart's shoulder told me as it had the first time- that I must finish my prayers if I wanted to sleep, and trusting what people call intuition, I knew I had to do so, even as these thoughts were with foreign words, almost dazed words as I was losing my functioning with the late hour.

A gray dusk settled on me, and my hands were almost guided, perhaps by habit, or by the ghostly presence that comes with prayer. My long prayers went forever, and I realized that I had not nearly finished even a 16th of my prayers, when already I felt like stopping, and every sort of temptation began to enter into me with force. I truly empathized with Saint Peter in the garden with Christ. I did not want to pray, but the intuitive voice would not let me stop, and so I fumbled across my collection of paper, prayer-book, cell-phone and rosary, and continued to pray. To do this- I detached myself from any sense of time.

I prayed and did what I sometimes do with the oh so short rosary. Whenever my hand hit the separated bead, I would stop and begin a few more of my prayers, before reading a novena to my beloved saint.

Finally, as the winds outside softly caressed my window, or perhaps there was silent nothingness, I began to speak almost gibberish. I empathize with the Charismatic movement seldom, but I was not speaking in tongues. I was saying the wrong words. Once before I have said this- when I was in terror, and prayed the Our Father, and the Hail Mary came out, and before also have I spoken words which are not what my mind had wanted. Despite this I finished my prayers, said my final please, and quietly put my rosary, papers with prayers, and a small pamphlet away.

Why hadn't my intuitive sense allowed me to skip the ritual, well I believe it lies in the concept of prayers and work. I had asked, cannot my novena count for all that prayer, cannot I substitute the rosary, but this was not allowed. We can never substitute one righteous deed for another. We can do one or the other or both- but obedience cannot be bartered with. My prayers had become works, and I had already, even as I had been praying there, covered in protest and fatigue, but also in obedience- begun slightly- to understand last night's lesson.

The physical world can never be replaced- prayer can never replace firm actions, but nor can firm actions replace fear, which causes despair, and they cannot substitute for prayers. The word spirit has in the English phraseology so mixed its essence up with the word morale, or culture that we forget that even spiritual things have solid substance, and are utterly real. Action, can also never substitute prayers. Prayers open the way for actions, like weapons of war- commandos, or scouts- they clear the territory, and yet the actions are like the gun turrets on large battleships, and the prayers that follow these like an air-strike.

Actions are given substance and power in prayer. Our lowly, practical, and often extravagantly expert- prayer firstly alters our environment, and then, the bursts of our souls- the constant prayers- they resonate and echo within the power of our actions, turning them from pathetic pleas, to powerful blows against untruth, through merciful justice, of listening and acting at the right time, and with dual force- physical and spiritual, and finally we feel hurricane forces- winds which raise the sand in protest- prayer's aftershock- their effect on ourselves and others.

Like submarines, we operate on the open ocean. Prayer is like breaking beneath the surface of waves- and before actions we pray. As we are surfacing to attack we also pray, and once we have launched our torpedoes we pray again. Prayer is like breath, it is that which must saturate and inebriate the veins of our actings. Actions are like our blood, and prayer like the soul which permeates every small tiny drop of substance in a man.

Without prayer nothing spiritual is possible, but without action, very little physical can we done. Like large cruising battleships on the open ocean, we must be rested on prayer, and moving on momentum with action, for the essential essence of what we seem to be- exists but as one single being, but on both dimensions of existing, and must always move as one who has two worlds to contend with. One like the water, the other- the air around us.

Prayer can never substitute action- yet this can help effects of it.

Jerusalem- 3000 Year old Jewish text found- from time of king david- words decoded so far including the words "king" and "slave" and judge- hinting at legal meaning

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. CNN World New (Secular) 30/10/08; much thanks to a friend and reader of South African Catholic for informing us of this story)

Article by Marc Aupiais

CNN reports- an Israeli archeologist has found a scroll dating around 1000 B.C. this is around a thousand years before the dead sea scrolls, which verified the Roman Catholic view of what the majority of Jewish people considered the bible in Jesus' time. This latest +-3000 year old text is recorded on a piece of pottery, and CNN claims that there are the words "king", "judge", and "slave" on it, but the rest has yet to be deciphered. What makes the pottery more noteworthy, is that it is dated around the time of the rule of Israel's Saint King David- the second king of Israel. It is thought to possibly give new insights into Jewish laws at the times.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

VIS- Vatican- Canada has done much for world, with Catholicism as a cornerstone of its society, but Pope benedict fears loss of understanding of human dignity having emerged in his oppinion in the North American Nation

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Vatican Information Services (VIS) 30/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI's address to Canada's new ambassador to the Holy See, Anne Leahy, complimented Canada on its many good traits, including "Rich humanism", but the Holy Father, also feared that Canada had lost some of its understanding of what it means to be human, though manifestations of this in the value of life, and true sexuality.

He was also noted as mentioning that the role the church and her organizations play in Canada- are vital enough to consist of a cornerstone of the Nation's society.

He especially noted that true freedom has as its very foundation- God and must be developed in God. Perhaps a rebuke of some elements entering into the Canadian situation, but also an invitation for the nation's true potential to be realized via embracing God's version of natural and true.

Rome- New psychological screening implimented to rid church of bad apple priests- quality over quantity is the way its to be done!

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. News 24 (Secular) 30/10/08; Catholic Culture 30/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Following a series of scandals in the church, the Vatican has implimented and set out new guidelines for psychological screening of priests. News 24 reports that Benedict XVI believes that despite a shortage of priests- quality is better than quantity.

The document also allows for psychological treatment of priests who have been wounded by the world as they prepare in seminary. It forbids that psychologists be part of formation teams- emphasizing that formation of priests must firstly be spiritual, however that when there are problems prior formation, sometimes psychological treatment helps allow spiritual formation to work.

Psychologists are bound by the same ethical oath as elsewhere (in South Africa people can reveal in some necessities as psychologists, vital information, none are reported in our sources on this Vatican bill)- except with consent- they cannot reveal what has been said in therapy by candidates.

The document is in accordance with Canon law's stipulations on the need for priests to be of a certain mold of person.

Theological Insight- Journey in a Broken world- an empathy of sorts

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As I am around them- suddenly I feel an odd emotion, and for a while I am simply wondering why- I use my usual methods, what is my emotion- what emotions are causing it- is it good or bad. Emotions, you see- inform us of things we haven't noticed except intuitively- they are vital to us in our nation, and in our faith. Slight currents of emotion must even be observed in reverence.

The emotion I was feeling wasn't mine. I had been, it turned out- picking up the emotion of a relative of mine- and realizing it is the second time, again ask them if they are feeling as I felt. Having it confirmed- I informed them how I knew, and they did not disagree with me. In fact, they thought with much empathy- it was indeed- quite probably.

Firstly, we must know- people are 70% or so water, and water- it moves slightly, and resonates to vibration. When music hits us, it changes out moods, and aids, or harms people and plants. Water vibrates, and this is shown to give off effects. Water which we concentrate on with prayer- changes shape.

Now, people also can pick up feels of places, even become drained, by music, or by something, and they can pick up another's emotions, perhaps from body-language, or perhaps resonance.

In this same resonance, we often feel what we call intuition- it is just almost here that God answers my own prayer questions and requests. I ask, and suddenly feel slight currents move though me, just as when speaking with my friend.

Now, having spoken of this odd intuition, I speak also now of another sort of intuition- this lies in what Mother Church quietly named- "the Communion of Saints". All Christians throughout time and space, are connected through baptism, and the actings of God- to one another in a mystical way. This is why Saint Paul writes to the Corinthian Church- if one part hurts, all parts hurt. We are connected by our very lives, our own connections to God- what we call our souls- our invisible organs almost of our form- which are closest to God.

Let us wonder at this, and more on another mystery. Not only does God connect us on a lower level than most can visibly see- so that our emotions, intuition, and inners sense what we do not blind ourselves to with too quick a rejection or endorsement, or else the foolishness of not observing the currents below emotion-

but also- his connecting in us runs into the vibrations of souls. God's soul is in every inch of his blood and body- so far as it is alive- our souls also affect every inch of living material within our forms. As our intuition with perhaps water affects slight tones in emotion and soul's quiet pool's ripples- so another resonance also affects us. It is the resonance of the blind who see- who sense the souls of living and dead around them. This is what profits seem to tell us- that we are intricately connected with all life, and all that has or will live- but all the more connected with that life which is restored in grace.

The saints also tell us how God suffered, their souls interlink as our emotions do- with Christ himself- and wounds, incurable, impossible wounds plague certain saints- wounds, such as Padro Pedro's. His stigmata gave off a cup of blood a day- he should have died. We are not speaking of psychological stigmata- that is from normal resonance, but something greater- we speak now of miraculous stigmata.

Padro Pedro's disappeared as his soul left his body and he was normal, clearly these are spiritually instilled graces, and not physical manifestations of empathy.

And so, once again- we are intricately connected with God, who gives us life via the invisible soul, via its connection to his own soul, his very life, whose resonance allows for our life. When we are Christian, our souls, though still our own, in fact more healthily so, more defined, and therefore more sovereign than other's life-force, are so much more powerfully connected with God- they work at full or fuller capacity- as they are healthy, and so when our brothers hurt, our own souls resonate. It is by this also (Hebrews 10,11) that we know of the sufferings of those before us. We also sense them in powerful calms in prayer, as we petition them, and something enters calmness, and resonates inside our own systems, and life.

Empathy, and her child- love, are more than just physical actings, they are more than that. If all that was was the physical life- then the cross was a defeat, and foolish- for those who cannot see at all may be confused by those who sit and watch sunsets, for they have not eyes to see the beauty of what they lack.

When we are loving, just- even seemingly cruel for the sake of truth and justice, and love- not all people notice, that our souls are resonating, and communicating with our Mediator God, and that in order to keep up this oh so blessed connection- we must act a certain way. Just as cell phone users may do wild dances to get signal- we will do crazy things like not let injustices go, like justice, social justice, and forgiveness. Surely, we do not only sense the hidden truth's currents; the resonance- physically, we gradually, if we sink deep into this- will become more and more aware of the spiritual, by intuition- that which all men have.

For we never desire to lose this other field, least we are to lose forever our resonance, and in this our living connecting of the soul itself- to our Mediator's resonating grace.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perseveering spirit, an African trait the world needs to learn

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A friend of mine asked, commenting on some of my many articles- what happens after these genocides, and situations- can people recover, how do they recover- financially that is? And I am so glad they asked this- because it has such application to the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jeshua, or to use English- Jesus Christ.

When a country is restored, it requires will-power, political zeal, and a desire to look beyond quick fixes to humanitarian problems.

Citizens must live on hope, and endure against all odds, charity must be given to the most needy, and business must continue to run against all the fear, because risks must be taken in such dire situations.

These people daily face far greater challenges than that faced by many of the world's heroic greats, at least as regards personal survival. Winston Churchhill is so famous for never giving up, yet these people gain no fame, sometimes not even pity, as without much notice- they are either eradicated, or somehow survive. They are martyrs of of sort, nor is that saying always- religious martyrs, though, some like in India right now are, but rather- in the original sense- people who are witnesses by their actions, and being and existing- to something that is happening.

Some see evil and for it cease to believe- I see it and cannot help but believe, as those who endure these horrors, in their very actions, and testimonies teach us of the unseen God, whom I also know.

In such a circumstance, we see desperate people, who constantly flee, and then return, and continue as they always have, perhaps minus a few friends, limbs, or joy, and sometimes with huge terrors in their dreams, but they get up in the morning, and they go to work, or pray, or beg, or do something to survive. In Africa we know about perseverance, and from this we know her source- which we must always aspire to- hope. We know that existence cannot possibly be as bad as what we see- we understand there is more- and seek for this more- or else for lies sold us from the west. Let us always succeed to hope in Christ, may God give us hope, peace and truth- for by these three, in sanity, beyond sanity, and in justice and love- we can rebuild, even our broken fallen world, and our pathetic continent, buoyed on every crisis, where when the world tightens their belts- in Africa- people die.

African Nations Welcome Benedict XVI Visit announcement

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Agenzia Fides 27/10/08; Agenzia Fides 28/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Nuncios of both Angola and Cameroon, have joyously welcomed the announcement of plans by Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to visit their countries.

With the first local from Angola being Baptized in 1491- before America was even discovered, and a population which is more Catholic than anything else- with a percentage of higher than 50% Catholic- not only the church, but media in the country are very enthusiastic about the visit, where the pope will bless a peace process, and economic progress in a country which still has real poverty needs.

Cameroon's Nuncio is also glad to have been chosen by the Papacy, to be the place where preparations for an African Synod in Rome will be made- noting that John Paul the Second also chose to visit the nation, which is apparently, if the Nuncio assigned to it is to be taken as a good source- ideal as it has both English and French as well used languages. Both languages are each separately, and often somewhat exclusive of one another- commonalities in many African countries.

Cameroon is about 25% Catholic.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Journey in a Broken world- Jesus, Mary and the big communication accident at the temple

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In vain we could look for historic texts about Mary flying around in the gray, dusky, dust-filled middle-eastern sky, yet somehow this never seems to appear, which may sadden some, but now that she is a saint- she can at least manifest herself anywhere!

When she was still alive, and probably in her late teens or early twenties, the immaculate mother of humanity, through Christ- had an interesting experience, so interesting that it is in the rosary.

We can imagine as a shot of horror enters her veins, and the middle-eastern sun stands somewhere in the dusky, or maybe daylight sky.

There would have likely been a quick frenzy, maybe even desperate prayers, and concern over what could ever have happened. Maybe Mary cries, even weeped as she realized her mistake, and that of her Husband, Saint Joseph.

We often forget, not only couldn't Mary fly, and that she didn't wear a blue and red suit with underwear on the outside (quite inappropriate for a woman or man), but dearest mother Mary, also made mistakes, and errors of judging situations, even assumptions.

Mary never once sinned, but she did make mistakes, and this is not only shocking, but beautiful. God's mother, the ultimate female icon of holiness, never once sinned, nor was disappointing to God, and yet, at that moment, when she began to realize the desperate horror that a mother feels at having lost her child, she was human, so utterly human.

Christ also, when he had been left by his parents, and was sitting, listening to the teachers in the temple, had also made a mistake. He was God, and yet God allowed himself to do something which his own parents disapproved of, and yet this was not sin. It was God's choice to not have all knowledge, but only that required for our salvation, and his choice also to allow an unwinding of the dark path of life, so that the trickling of streams and rivers amplified this fact.

Jesus and his parents did not communicate as they should have, both made wrong assumptions, or something like such- both were not sinning in their assumptions, both made mistakes.

Now, it may seem to cheapen my often extravagantly poetic style by mentioning a popular culture figure such as Super Man, and yet this is the ultimate man in our culture's eyes- he is indestructible, can't feel pain, makes no real mistakes, and wears his underwear on the outside, as though mocking us normal people.

Mary, our role model- she cries, she makes mistakes, and she is powerless to prevent her son from being subjected to an unjust killing, and humiliated. She is nearly divorced by a husband who wants to do the right thing, by a husband who is rightly a saint, and yet misjudged the very Mother of God. The divorce itself would have been from an unconsummated marriage, and not from a sacramental union.

Jesus, also- he weeps in public, and associated with what many consider still today to be societal slum, and yet he was weak and compassionate around these. And remember- it is he who didn't follow his parents from the temple towards their earthly home!

The true powers of both Jesus and Mary- as exemplified in the Finding in the temple- lies not in superpowers, but in absolute humanity. They could make every mistake as people, every assumption, every communication lapse- but they never once willfully did wrong, and never once purposely rebelled against God.

A mistake and a sin, are not the same. As far as our salvation was concerned, neither Jesus, nor Mary once ever sinned, and yet- while utterly immaculate, both could disagree with each other. The wedding at Canaan, or the finding in the temple both show this- and in both circumstances- our foundation chooses to obey his Mother- God who knows all- submits to a perfectly human, even though perfect in every way- flesh and blood virgin woman.

Let us delve deep into this mystery, as though breathing into fresh air, or scooping deep into a creamy ice-cream.

Neither Jesus or Mary ever sinned, what they did and chose to do was always perfect so far as morals and doctrine are concerned- but so far as worldly wisdom, both were capable of learning from utterly real communication lapses or even mistakes.

Vatican- bible summits findings include desire for female lecters, and media age technology- proclaimation of gospel, purpose of the church

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 28/10/08; Catholic Culture 27/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Conclusions for the latest Synod of the Bible, include some awaited, even surprising results- from female lectors, to I-pod bibles.

More serious results include a push towards using technology to promote the Gospel... As well as the ideas of i-pod bibles, came those of radio, television, cinema, CDs DVDs, and internet sites among other ideas, as ways of promoting our world view, and our Gospel.

If Protestant Christians expected the church to change her two thousand year old doctrine on the bible, they were not bowed down to. The synod reiterated that while the bible is of such utmost importance, we are not a "book" religion, nor ever have nor will be- but a faith based on a Man, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Those who, against Catholic doctrine, believe not so much as bestowing the gospel on society, as in keeping their moral standards to themselves, will be disappointed, as the synod asked for a rediscovery of natural law in the forming of conscience, and of the effect on morals the inbuilt structures could have on getting Catholics to obey this universal group of laws. Natural Law itself, is more or less often referred to in civil society as conscience.

And perhaps the most important result of the synod, will be revolutionary, if it is allowed to permeate our beliefs. While Vatican II allowed for critical scholarship of the bible, where it was for the benefit of Faith, Benedict XVI, and the invited bishops and laypeople, want to make it clear that there is a great horizon of theology, when reading the bible that is solely understood in faith, and we must not close our eyes to faith, and to the faith when we read the bible. In fact, it was thought by those attending- that without the intervention of faith and the faith's theological insight, the sacred text of the divine scriptures becomes hard, if not impossible to understand properly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rosary Secrets- A look at the dedication of Our Lord and Saviour, Illustrious, and Divine- Jesus, our Lord, Son of Mary, child in Jerusalem

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is not a sad event when Jesus, our Christ, chooses to comply with his culture, and its rules, in fact- it is as glorious as the light shining on the girl's extravagant dresses, and the shadows falling over the boys suits, for their first Holy Communion.

It is no sad event when Jesus is circumcised, and no sad event when he becomes a man in Jewish culture, and is presented to God, as the firstborn child.

When Jesus fought his culture like a suffering crocodile in drought- he was not fighting its foundation, but something foreign to it. When he called the Pharisees, and Suddacees snakes- Vipers even, he was apposing something which was fighting for the very soul of his culture, and from within the very positions designed by men, even Holy men- to safeguard the essence of the powerful Jewish culture.

Anything bad within a culture, is surely not distinctive- sin is banal- and sin is everywhere- simply because it is the done thing does not mean we should set it high on clouds as culture. Culture is distinctive. Culture is that which separates the life and truth of one society from all others. A culture is something beautiful and to be preserved, it lies in nuance, it lies in language, it lies in the ways in which people manifest God. The parts of a culture, which are sinful- are just as evil as any disease, these must never be preserved, because in the end they will destroy utterly the cultures which harbor them.

In essence, every culture is now undergoing the fight between the True culture, and the Culture which does not exist, which fights to destroy true culture, though pretending to be something at all, except plain and simple depraved perversity.

As the war for truth is so powerfully fought in the valleys and mountains and waves, and dunes, and winds and hurricanes- of what is culture, let us always most strongly represent the Catholic Culture, the simple and kind righteousness, the devotion to the Rosary, to Prayer, Mass, Sacraments, Mary, Saints, and actions. Let us not Hide it- let us be firstly Catholic and then whatever culture we represent so far as this benefits God.

Attacks on the Catholic Idea of naming saints after where they come from also are evil, and sinful- in as much as they are illogical. Saints reflect not only their Catholicism, but it is in such a way as to affect their own culture, and often- will a saint manifest all or many of the best traits of their area of residence, while holding none of the bad. Our culture is our heritage, and must be respected, but the part of culture to be respected is the part which saves us from sin and sinful perversity.

Ultimately, every culture finds its hight and summit in respect of truth, in not supremacist hatred of foreigners, but rather in defending its own territory, which also allows respecting what is just in others cultures, even helping these cultures to refine their good over their evil, and sometimes allowing this within themselves, by letting some traits of cultures be lessened or made greater. This is why, ultimately, every culture is united in the Catholic Church, it is the hight and salvation of all. Only through Catholicism, do we find the universal culture which united and unites all people in Christ. It is through realization of what man is, by truly understanding what his source- God is, and how exactly man's status, and dignity was raised by Jesus' incarnation, that we truly are able to manifest the true elements- instilled by God, in every nation's culture.

As Catholics, we are universal, but we are also local- let us firstly be universal, and where necessary- local. Let us firstly gain great respect for our Catholic heritage, and history, and then also for what is good in our own cultures. By what is good in a culture, let us destroy what is bad in it, let us not falsely glorify the goodness in our national cultures, as the cultures of small groups often have flaws, and it is by highlighting both the strengths and the weaknesses of our culture, in a positively true portrait of events, that we are both prevented from despising utterly our people, and from supremacism.

Let us therefor anchor our cultures in their purpose for having good, and purpose, Christ, through the church, the pillar and foundation of truth (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15)- which always, if its own integrity is preserved, should preserve what is good in culture, and destroy if not utterly what is evil. It is not Catholicism that needs changing by culture, but cultures, who need refining by the mysteries of faith. These cultures include Catholic cultures, these cultures include the cultures within the church in various countries. The culture of those who claim to be Catholic, so often is not Catholic at all. The true hope of every Catholic is Christ, and for this- we do not need to too much be part of our culture, rather- a culture is most richly enlivened, by righteous diversity- so far as its soul is to be preserved.

I am firstly Catholic, and then I am whatever else I am, for in Catholicism, my goodness is sucked from the depths of reality, and made to be- a masterpiece it ever will shine- of true beauty, of that which is made real through faith.

Culture also- can be utterly local, or result in organizations, or in heritage of ancestors, or so much else, yet culture which is good- is what is good and proportionate in culture. It is through truth that we conquer evil, through truth, love, respect, justice, and sometimes through the utter destruction of structure of evil, even to the extent that sometimes the church has sought to rid society of some persons, and seldom governments also do. Let us never respect what is evil in a culture, rather, let us learn from the good in cultures, and in Christ, by truly making them good, by calling out and obeying their counterparts from within the Faith.

India- Local Film-maker makes low budget film on Indian Saint, Sister Alphonsa's, life, possible joy to Christians during current genocide

(Journey in a Broken World; Reuters 27/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sister Alphonsa, who purposely hurt herself, to turn off suiters, to ensure herself a future place in the convent, against the whims of society and a young heart, died about 60 years ago, however, her short, and inspiring life will come alive again on the Big screen in India, in her local dialect. It is not in the Indian state of Orissa, where the violence is taking place, that the film was shot and will be released, nor does the film mention the riots, and violence in the area.

It is however good for the suffering community, who see daily, and hear daily of the suffering of those in Orissa, where Christians are being systematically scared away, or wiped out, economically, or physically, to see this movie, in a country, where the government has periodically been accused of some form of negligence since the outbreak of the Hindu Nationalist violence in Orissa, and some surrounding areas.

Pope to visit Africa in 2009

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. The South African Star (secular) 27/10/08; News 24 (secular) 26/10/08; Immaculate Heart of Mary Hermitage Report 26/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Pope Benedict XVI, current Holy Father, and Head of the illustrious Roman Catholic Church, has announced plans to visit Cameroon, in March 2009, and then go on to Angola, for the 500th anniversary of Angola's first evangelization.

He also announced plans for a summit in October, II Special Assembly for Africa, of the Synod of Bishops, to which African Bishops have been invited, to focus on justice, reconciliation, and on peace within the world's most poverty stricken continent. The synod will be hosted at Rome.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus ("Salus extra Ecclesiam non est" Saint Cyprian)- the duty was clearly set out by saint Cyprian of Carthage of salvaton on our garden of roses- Holy Mother Church

(Journey in a Broken World, c.f. Vatican Site on unbaptized infants; Catholics United For The Faith 28/09/08;Bringtoyou ??/06 0r 07/08; EWTN "Father Feeney (dissident) makes a comeback" )

Article by Marc Aupiais

We oft observe cautiously, in the ideas of the popular cultures of the ages, and even at present of the mysterious concept of a seer, of some person who somehow knows what the future is, or what it could be in some circumstances. In the novelties of film, and fictions, so often it is left solely to those who know of the prophesy to prevent what could occur- as never is it usually allowed in these speculations, that any person presumably outside of these few viewers of concept, can possibly know of it- and therefore all of these persons would act as they always had- leading up to whatever event would occur in any case. The person who has the knowledge of these events also has the unique danger of changing a good prophesy, if these fictions are to be taken to their other extreme.

When we say "Salus extra Ecclesiam non est" (word for word: Salvation outside the church not is), we say something much like these fiction creators- we say that we know of the future, of these events which are guaranteed, and we also know of the way to prevent these events- and further understand their real, true meaning, and what truths they surround of these words, and of the clear opaqueness in the true values of these words, symbols, mysteries, and events secretly are- which is, and are often misinterpreted.

More than this- we alone have been tasked with this momentous task- that of turning illusion into reality- by calling the reality- much as God did the animals to the arc- from within reality itself- to take the place of what once only appeared to exist so to speak.

For, against, or spoken of with quiet silence in every illusion- is the reality it either manifests, or misrepresents.

Now, we have seen, and know the importance of faith- of adherence to the truth in sanity- in order to bring about a quiet restructuring of sands within our desert world, yet we still have not spoken of how this shifting is to be altered into so subtle an alternate.

Now, if we are traveling within the sands of a dangerous terrain- that which is barren, and hot- a desert of sorts. We understand that if we bear too much heat for just a few collections of moments- our insides will stop working, and our chemical reactions will become pointless- making us die, like a machine no longer able to take its fuel, and make energy from this.

Those who are under threat from heat and elements in a wide open desert, can well include even ourselves... in this world, not only do we need the information to save us, but also the water to hydrate us. It is fair to say that after the day reaches midday in those sun induced hottest parts of time and of space on the planet- that in the open, on the dunes, there is no real hope of survival. One must either cover one's self below the earth, or quickly find a shelter- and preferably one with something to cool one's self.

Now, in the church- the sacraments are the water which keeps us alive- in fact, the human body is majority water, and so we know that we require water to exist at all, as we do the sacraments- or their ghostly mysterious counterpart- the mystery of Lumen Gentium XVI- the sacrament (Latin: Sacramentum: Military Pledge- from the word consecrate (make Holy), translating Greek Mysterion (mystery)), which like a mirage exists within the soul of one who would, or will take these saving mysteries, this saving mystery- which is the works of mercy of the Mother, Our Church.

When we say- that outside the church there is no salvation- it is like saying to a desert traveler- that unless they get to this or that oasis, or trading post before noon- that they will not make it. It is not supremacist,it is a natural, necessary, caring, God-given warning.

The traveler, who does not make it to the outpost on time, must take quick action, cautious action, that he or she might strike into frozen luck, and find a cave just before the time when he is set to die, and even a cave with water within to save him, but how exactly long this cave lasts, or how safe is any person's guess. The way man has been given to save others is through sacraments, and church. God created the sacraments- but himself is not bound by the physical manifestations of grace, which themselves are mysteriously connected with grace- yet it is the state of the soul which would live on sacraments, like the intelligence, wit and intuitive powers of a desert traveler who could find the cave- which saves those who have yet to find the sacrament, but would given time and opportunity. Any who make it to the cave, know also how temporary their resources are, and as soon as they are able- try to find their best path towards the Outpost, our Church.

The Catholic Church is the Pillar and Foundation of Truth (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15- Bible), and so the church has determined (Romans chapter I, Proverbs Chapter II; Lumen Gentium XVI), that those who seek the Divine Truth about God, who Is God, as best they are able, in order to obey it- are actually seeking the Sacrament- the Mystery, and Pledge of us- of Mother Church.

Like any traveler seeking a new culture, home and hope- these people are already altering in an invisible manner, or changed to some mysterious powers, so that already their soul longs in our same hope, and reverberates, and echoes our hope. It is by the prayers of the church, and grace of God, that against physics, and appearances- these persons are protected from the storm which has hit our Desert universe. Eventually they will either succeed in finding the church, or for their valor, against the impossible- are hidden within the shadow of ongoing salvation.

Judgment by God of sin is not like that of a court, even if perhaps it one day may appear to be this, against my better intuition. Judgment by God, who is Reality, the Mediator of our Existence- is simply admitting of the true state of our soul. Those who seek the truth, the real divine truth- always with the aim of obeying it, like the three wise men who paid homage to our Lord, these have souls which are pleasing to God, and already- their hearts are in the land they so desperately seek. Those who willingly reject the church, knowing her necessity- commit suicide in the desert of our world, and by the church- are considered only to think they are seeking truth, if they even think such a thing.

Those, indeed, who are able to find this salvation, are often those who either came into contact with the events, or secrets- of a saintly person's life, or were influenced by some grace, indirectly, as the sun is influenced in a strange spin by the planets, or tide, by the moon- so that the magnetism of the animated discourse of souls, whether in heaven or earth- has caused a salvation where none other are able to see it, a salvation which is but a ghost, but within the church would flourish within a soul, and which will either solidify when the moment comes, or prove but a strange mirage- when finally the soul is introduced to the surface of truth's chalice.

Journey in a Broken World- What is it to judge or aim at justice and what judgement does the body of faith indentify as a deadly, acidic danger to us!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we read, with reverence, caution, and context- the works of Saint James, as preserved in the scriptural texts- we see a fascinating detail in his works- he says that the banal anger of man does not itself aid God's true justice, yet the pragmatic saint does not seem to exclude every form of anger, all together, but rather throws a sort of confetti of ashes into the ever moving air- saying that justice is a duty which defines the Christian's mission- strongly enough, is this shown in God's word- that belief without this is like a fire without heat or smoke, or colour, or light.

The deadly sin, famous for many destructions of dignity- anger- or wrath- could well be what the noted saint refers to as but "human anger". When we visualize the form of this insanity as that harsh ugly form of man- which for his own survival, and for fear should judge another as dangerous to him, and what is dangerous as evil, and apposed somehow to him, we see the dark red image of fear at its source, even if delicately hidden in blankets of self love. The sin is then that he acts unjustly to such a man- even unjustly beyond any claim at proportion, or sanity. Just anger is sane, proportionate, and deserved, yet the twisting of this so cleverly justifies itself, as though it itself thought it were the true, good desire of Just "Anger", which is the agent of justice among the oppressed.

And so, we have said before that the mind oft judges threats to itself as evil, and that the Christian must be cautious not to judge purely on these standards- but rather to treat physical evils- threats- as but what they are, yet true evil as what it objectively is.

While we cannot tell where another will be in the future, we all have different parts in life, we can judge where they appear now- this is prudent, beneficial, and prevents us aiding evil. As Saint John Wrote in his letter- one who houses a heretic as he preaches- shares the sin of heresy via the sin of scandal.

Now, many think the only danger of even subtly wrong judgment lies purely, or mainly in mistreating others, but there is subtler, thinner, more hidden coils of preparation to strike within this great evil, where we call a threat evil, and not a threat. This lies in forgiving when we have no right to do so- it involves human anger being resolved- and for this.... sadly... evilly... God's justice being neglected. When our desire for justice is selfish and purely emotional, and driven by human standards alone- we forget the purpose of justice- that is the righting of wrongs- the punishment of evil- which is mercy to God, and to the oppressed. Whenever one acts, or does not act, the see-saw can swing in either direction- meeting out oppression and mercy- whether correct or incorrect.

Let us never let go of justice for any purely human, or personal reason- for anything we let through the stream gets into the water table, and poisons our own system in the end. We need not only ask forgiveness for what we have done, but also for what we have failed to do.

Let us not allow our flowing red and orange anger to too greatly spread, rather- let us recognize anger- and know that it either shows us a threat to our desires, and goals, so as to be cautious and prudent, or that what is happening should not be happening, or what is not happening should be happening, or else a lapse of judgment within us about what should or should not be. Once we realize the source of our anger- let us check if it is justified, for we may well be obligated to swiftly, or cautiously act, or prepare for action.

Once we know our desire's source, and purpose- let us query earnestly how we are now to serve God- whose nature is justice and love, and how most prudently to attack the enemies of truth. Every evil furthers evil, and even the smallest good aids goodness, this is an observation of my experience and prayer. Let us fight even the smallest, whitest disguise of evil- because it somehow affects our world, and the war for the culture of the planet. Let us slide down the white hill of snow, knowing always that that which could hurt us on our slippery journey- will hurt others unless we deal with it, or at least spread a warning about such!

The saints teach us a truth- we must always stand prepared to say no, to see through speculation, or sometimes action- what the result of saying no would be, before we say yes, and also do the same when we want to say no- except in matters where we are obligated by conscience to only give one response- where we must never dare even to imagine a slight glancing at the other immoral option- but rather- cautiously, and prudently act in such a way as to obey, knowing that the desire to do otherwise is not ours, but an illusion, prompted by true emotions which falsely seem to the eyes to appear in such form. As always we should recognize our truer, Godly desires below the illusion apparent, which it is a sin to endorse.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The culture resultant of truth echanted- and the searching within, and hearing of truth

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

One is often even unknowingly fascinated by the strange odd workings of spies, or saboteurs- imagination has so enjoyed exploring the concept- walking, swimming, driving, flying, crawling, running, entering into a place- and knowing you will destroy it- speaking with people, being with them- knowing you will directly or indirectly destroy some part of them... Seeing an area, a small part of observed "reality", and beyond all doubt knowing it soon will be nothing where there appeared something, knowing you will be sure soon that it is no longer something to affect others with the powers of those within it.

The spy does not too deeply, nor too addictively attack himself with the culture of another, nor connect with too primitively- those he spies on. Rather- he is entrenched cleverly, based within, and working either within his self, or his culture. It is not the strength of this culture alone, which keeps him powered in his inhumane task- but rather a deeper "truth" he perhaps only seems to perceive within. Whether monetary, or social, or economic gain- or some thing which enables him to resist every human prompting of those he has subtly been sent to destroy.

Christians also are much like saboteurs. They have been sent into the area of a military base, a base once entirely God's. This base is the world, and in this nation we since have been tasked with the destruction of untruth, and of a culture with no basis. What we attack is not cultures, whirlwinds based on national identity, which oft are good, or keep parts and manifestations of good and commonality but rather we are tasked with destroying small aspects of these or other societal trends... illusions of the enemy, which at the core are prompted to appear- in that form of what at first seems as though it were culture, but has nothing to do with the core of a culture.

We so often think the tornado, or great storm has a source, or perhaps an eye- yet here the source is an illusion created by the tornado itself, it is not the sun as with natural storms.

Truth itself also creates a ghostly affect on all around- a culture so to speak- which bends and molds, and moves all around it- twisting, turning, or watering with growth, and small gusts of wind. Strong culture, a child of shared truths, or at least a hidden undercurrent of potent culture should emerge within strong truths.

When culture emerges without a potent truth to manifest- we know that the culture- left uncontrolled is weak to the use of it by evil in its own powers. Culture must be based in common truth- and truth must hold the culture together. When a culture is otherwise- it is but an illusion of circumstances- a parasite which has hooked into what could have been culture and twisted it just enough to cause it to be touchable by evil.

The proof of the Catholic culture- of our oneness about truth- is that for at last, and I say last, not least- in a more potent skirmish than many- this one hundred years of almost a epic of battle against a modern enemy spawned of illusions' battle mills... It has been under attack on the basis, and level of culture- but with truth as her foundation- culture cannot destroy our faith. Culture often is the effect those following truth or falsehood strongly have on those around them- in that often from the essence of the Catholic Culture- the reach of the Holy mother church itself extends vine-like limbs, trickling with water, and danger- which themselves affect change. That is to say that truth manifest- in culture itself has great effect on all that surround this power. Truth itself can only truly control those who believe it- but culture- the effect of truth extends beyond this.

Perhaps this is what we mean when we say there is salvation beyond the visible church- that the unseen, and seen effects of church on world- often causes surroundings which are beneficial to salvation... and cause others to share within the soul itself of mother church- even as many cannot see this hidden, latent effect of grace.

The Catholic must not become too attached to that enemy which we must kill- and so we must not gain any true love for the substance and nature, and actings of sin- this is deadly- and at the moment of deathblow- may cause one not to strike- may cause one to die for the sake of weakness- as one is consumed and loses all similarity to truth- our emblem and our source, to whom we must connect.

Truly- we must ponder what natural desire is being distorted when we feel desires of sin acting externally to our reason, but strongly against our life, and embrace this other true, undistorted feeling which evil has tried to use as a host- sinking into it like a diver, or otter, or water creature which silently dives within a pool of warm water.

Likewise- a stranger and a spy- listens carefully- and is prudent with every action- weighing exactly what is required- and always is taking to acting when the moment seems most opportune.

It is foolish to act too fast or too slow, and often an almost neutral tone is all that is needed- but other times one must be utterly offensive, or defensive- yet this is oft in actions. An understanding of self is needed in this- a understanding of how it is God communicates with us- is a requirement, and the purer the soul- the more potent this voice of silence becomes.

In these hundred years we have been foolish carpenters, and boat-makers, who forgot to mold the boat as the ancients did. When the spy foundation is attacked via culture- we must reply not only in truth, but in culture, in the good venom of true actions- the results of our world-view, and that which oft prepares the ground for the planting of truth, and maintains these delicate conditions enough to allow the plant to grow. We should not be passive- but the way to conquer the danger we lie within- can only be done through offensive thrusts of manifestations of truths- through constantly being just slightly different- or much different- so as to be an emblem against which the enemy cannot stand- strong in culture- and strong on our diet of truth and sacrament.

We must always remember- this world will not last- and to love what is passing it to weaken us in the moment of the strike. We must not adopt the ways of our enemies- but rather cause them through strong culture to adopt ours. This way we are able to magically conjure the illusion of those we know- into firm reality- and conduction of God. A large rock is oft avoided by waves which circle it- and behind it is still, even protected water- we must not be too meek- but powerful- for like a lighthouse, or as a person standing against the oncoming crowd- should we back away- we will be knocked down- and hardly accounted for- but should we stand firm- we should remain so with perseverance.

Often victory is achieved in a neutral force- the invisible tentacles of truth working through the soul which hears, and has learned to listen through the veil of silence- and understands the secretly not too volatile flow of life- which manifests in observed reality. To understand one's own desires- and their source, and the desires which mesh together to form the pattern desire we see- is to understand what our emotions- our warning systems are telling us. It is also to understand the emotions of those we come into contact with better. To focus on the things this world has to offer as its false culture desires us to view them- is to have lost and died already. To focus, and manifest, through the lowering of our souls within- illustriously on the flow and powers emanating from the depths of truth, and splashes of effect- of the true invisible vital force of truth- is to live.

Those who take things into the truth- rather than trying to view the true source of that outside of the true fold- are attempting to mix the effects of truth with the substance of evil and delusion, which does not exist. It is the allowance of this which has so crippled much of the church in the modern world- which largely is spurred along not by reason and logic- but by the dying effects of the core we once held strong. To take something into truth- one must make it true- and that is to say that from within truth- the arms of truth must be extended- so as to alter lies enough that they cease to be lies- so that what is brought into truth is from truth, for it holds resonance with truth.

To hold strong against the modernist onslaught- the church must not adapt as the world adapts, as illusion so easily does- but rather must once again explore her founding truths and prove her stance to herself with reason and truth- and then emanate this truth through culture- and utter boldness and strength- for the tentacles, and tides of a culture near destroyed are increasingly weak and undefined. We must once again connect with the moon which formed the tides, and do so in all clarity, and fullness of truth- and that is when once again we will lap up the rocks of the sand- and cover the small islands of rebellion once again with the waters of truth- which shall truly suffocate a culture which does not exist.

Indeed- to match the modern world, we must grow our own roots and branches- and not fall weakly into substituting false hope, or adaption that not of our vine. Rather- we must see the goodness of the world, and stare into the misty glass of truth, and make out the form which is so badly reflected within the outside world, and call this true form to life once again- knowing that what we saw outside in not proportionate, nor of us, and therefore in its own could damage our immune system. Rather- we must look for our own version of every tool outside of the truth. We must contact our own craftsmen, and craft the truer and better form of strategy and tool- designed andd crafted truly since the beginning of time itself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What can true love be?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some have said that true love is insanity- that one who loves is utterly insane- but my view of the topic is as utterly different from this view, even to the very extent that this view is infinitely wrong.

Love is not insanity- rather an illusion we think to be love is.

Love is the very nature of Reality, our Mediator of life- God. To love is to act justly, and sanely- to treat things as they truly are. True love is not an emotion- nor an evolutionary reaction- in fact it has very little to do with these.

True love is not about how another feels about one, we do not stand at the borders of nations to determine whether or not to love, or be hostile- in fact- to truly love a person often means to be in the eyes of the world, what some may believe to be utterly hostile to them- even to destroy them in a blizzard of obstacles and what to the world may seem hatred. Our prototype- God for instance threatens to destroy all who do not obey sanity- he himself has given us a warning shot, killing all but eight persons in the ancient world. True love cares for the state of body and soul, and to quote a dear friend, sometimes entails begging for forgiveness, and this can be painful- yet forgiveness and sorrow at wrong truly allows such resonance between two in love- and truly- resonance is damaged by sin- and so God himself, and we also- sometimes must seem cruel to those we love- even as it is for their goodness, or for goodness itself. There is no excuse of course for unjust cruelty, or disrespecting another's basic dignity.

So let us look at the emotion we call love- it is like flying without one's stomach, or diving into nothingness, or looking into the unknown. This is to say that the person in love considers loss of the one they love to be a danger- and would be hurt in this. What of the joy of seeing one we love, or of empathy- that we like to share views, or do similar things to these wondrous people. Like synchronizing clocks, we often synchronise views with our loved ones, as though careful to avoid conflict within this. More than that- on seeing them we feel great joy- sadly- this joy is largely born out of fear. We fear losing them- and this is why we do all of these things, whatever we call them.

Now- love also has something to do with the resonance of souls, yes we often fall deeply into chasms of hope and joy- to love one like us for fear of loss, but this is not what I now speak so gently and softly and briefly on. To see a soul one loves is to see a soul in resonance of God- what is appealing to one is that which seems to much like what our perfection is. We so love our perfections- the mauve, or the lightly wooden skin, or the pureness of white, and the smoothness of wonderful snow-like complexion. In our love we seek that which is most healthy- most likely to survive- best reflecting the being in which we exist, yet I do not even glance at this as I now speak.

I have said that true love takes the form of justice- what we call cruelty, or kindness or mercy, or pain- often is a result of love, whether proportionate or not- seen acting in but one situation where we give it other names.

Some in one of our neighbouring fields believe that the source of every emotion is eventually love- and that mental issues often come from the ripples on the top of this body whose body's form, and depth we have yet to measure.

So what is love- is it shared moments of great joy, or is it the actings of desire and joy, or rather something deeper- a great deep well of life and death within. Truly, to love another is to firmly resonate God within our small receiving soul so strongly- yet the insanity we speak of in love- comes when one loves with wrong proportion- and for this does not pay justice to others, nor to reason and truth- who should be married to this love, in a ceremony of great effect, and wonderment.

Without love- it is said we cannot live- yet to me- life and love are the same thing. Love is the deepest nature of life- the perfection of Its nature, and actings.

If love is the nature of life itself- and our souls are that which resonate the Perfection of Life- God, however imperfectly into the animation of the physical form- which itself resonates better or worse this life- then to truly love may well be to recognize a soul which resonates with a frequency one with our own.

I believe in the soul mate, in the rib removed from my complacency- that I may find it in another. I believe this because- so often we sense the soul of another- we feel a presence, and look, and glance, and see, even cannot pull away as we are sucked into the memorisation of danger- and note how we always glance as they enter a room- and always seem to feel a tug to where they now situate themselves.

Truly- the soul mate is one with a soul similar to ours, who was designed for one like ourselves, or adapted to be our mate. This is perhaps why the sacred text says- "And the two shall become one"- for our souls may not seem to resonate the one we are meant to find, we may have damaged them- our hurt them- so that the resonance is no longer clear- and this is why- for the sake of a sacrament- God must sometimes strengthen the resonance between souls. Truly- in any true marriage of this form- even a strong bond of soul must often be strengthened- so that the heart feels the pull whether or not we knowingly feel it, or ignore this true effect. Truly- in the true marriage- we are made one- through resonance of the waves of self.

This is also why it is better to marry one endowed with grace- for one endowed with grace has a healthy soul- and the healthier the soul, and the more sane the soul- the more defined, and strong the connecting force- the greater the envelope of truth which combines one to another- and with the aid of angels, and guardians- combines us and maintains us in the Holy Sacrament.

Imagine a lady standing in an icy wasteland- surrounded by evergreen forests, as a small stream trickles past the snow, from a warm mountain source. She stands by a cabin- alone, and lonesome, but not lonely, as she stares into the distance, hoping, longing for something unseen to others.

The reason we are so concerned for all those we love- is that it is good for our souls to resonate- and the healthier others souls- the more joy our soul feels as they also become more like us, and as our own song is strengthened on the winds of bliss, and sorrow, and as the chords we play in love of God are resonated, and echoed in those around.

We love to dance with the souls of others- and it is healthy even to dance around unhealthy souls- for even in small amounts- we heal them if their dance is not too askew.

We love to resonate the soul of another- and this is why man is made for marriage- unlike the animals- he is composite- of aeviernal and temporary, and not simply a mix of temporary soul and form, he, everlasting is soul, and he is body, which also one day will be everlasting- and the body's actions affect the soul- so that certain actions tune the Melody of our souls in such a way- that they can put it off- and destroy it's sustaining connection with Truth, or else cause it to mould, and change ever more defined.

The greater the truth we simply manifest- the more powerful the ability of the soul, and the soul can only hold the truth- the life, the grace- it is renovated to hold. The more we follow the tune of truth- like balloons blown up, or plastic bags which expand in the wind- the greater our capacity to sing with the invisible winds of truth.

Marriage- in the truest perfection of it- is mimicry of the very relations of the Father and the Son, who are love, and through their love does subtly, and for all eternity- form the Holy Spirit. And marriage and family also is the mimicry of the relations of these three persons who are one.

The family is such a manifestation of the basis of our universe- that nature has endowed us with such strong bonds within. Love's acting in marriage gives such joy because certain acts are such manifestations of God's perfect unity- that God wants man to take joy in these. When representing a book, those who see a play based on it can either be pleased or angry, even furious- if it is misrepresented. Marital love is meant for marriage, and seeking sexual pleasure apart from marriage, the actings of just love, which is unitive, and the chance of creating a child, or openness to this- is like misrepresenting the relationship of the Divine Triune God, who we name as The Holy Trinity. It is to defame God through actions- no wonder God, whose nature is love, that is to say that truth manifests itself in love- should for the sake of this truth break the connection between offenders and their soul's life's source- God.

And so true love- and justice are actings of truth, are us echoing the events our souls do observe and intuition is able to sense, and faith does clarify- and refine to form.

True love does make one fly beyond all else- as our form does better move into position- so as to fly like a butterfly, leaves, or flowers, or dust, or ashes- on the wind or stream of cool life- which is God, our Basis, Mediator of Existence and Creator.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vatican- CNS- Journey in a Broken World- Pope prepares three new endings to the mass- effort seen as focussed on living Christ

(Journey in a Broken World; Catholic News Service 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The pope, according to Catholic News Service- has prepared three new formulas for the end of the mass, with an emphasis on evangelism- and impacting the world outside of one hour on Sunday, as well as living in wonderment of God.

Pope- To Doctors- Respect Human Dignity in Patients

(Journey in a Broken World; Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 20/10/08; Vatican Radio 20/10/08; Vatican Information Service 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Holy Father, Pope, Benedict XVI, yesterday noted that because of the human dignity- that even with patients that wont make it- doctors must still ensure they communicate by the best method with patients, and give them relief though their actions, even if they cannot cure these persons. He said that patients want to be understood and heard, and that doctors need to treat them as fellow human beings- giving more than just a clinical diagnoses, and treating every patient, born, unborn, healthy, or sick with dignity and proper respect.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Therese's parents beatified

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. The (Philadelphia) Bulletin 20/10/2008; Zenit News service 03/07/08; Catholic News Service 19/08/08; H20News 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The parents of St Therese Martin of Lisieux, France- the Little flower- and a doctor of the church- have been beatified- opening the way for their canonization as saints.

The saint's youth says allot about their influence on their Holy, and Inspiring daughter- who grew up in such an environment of faith and love. She sometimes saw her parents as mean, but this was wrong of her- if some sources of this in entirety are to be believed. Her parents have apparently performed a miracle of late.

To die in truth- my only desire

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I still remember when I decided to logically prove my entire religion- I still do- but then I was only beginning it. I showed that our every desire was proportionate, or improportionate mimicry of the mediator of our existence- Reality- that we either love and admire our Mediator, or else envy and despise it- and either admire and befriend it- or attempt to usurp it hatefully.

We often think of Reality as something misty, or indefinite- perhaps rightly so- in some cases. We cannot define it entirely without aid- often it seems a mystery- that which we know enough about- to be fascinated by.

When I pray to Dear Saint Philomena- the child Martyr- forever frozen in time in countless images, and such beauty shown in my mind, and heart- such a boldly beautiful heart, and body and soul; such youth and vigor- yet wisdom in youth, and fascination with True Beauty! When I do so- I am admitting the truth that God has honoured her, and am pleasing to him in this action.

Oddly- the more I live, believe, and manifest in truth- the more pure, the more refined, and healthy my soul feels. The truth not only sets you free- but is freedom itself- the cloud we float on, the pink and purple and blue smoke which carries us on the back of a steam train- as we amazedly realize that in morals at least- the impossible is made but easy, or oft simply viable.

I use my sorrow, and combine it with hope to clean out the faults in my very existence- within my unseen part- my conductor to God- my soul.

Somehow- truth is like breath- like cool mountain air, or snow upon my cheek. It encompasses my self in light and in hope- in protecting it I become a warrior of epic danger, not through violence- but though using the truth itself. When I hope- this warm steam, or smoke perhaps- becomes like a river, sustaining me- and pulling my heart along, and I float effortlessly down- even past rapids- always pulled beyond all enmity into greater currents of hope through truth.

Now- when I die- what do I have- I do not have my human form- my soul perhaps- but what truly do I have- the ultimate treasure I desire is not to ask God this or that- we will know these things- but rather to drink from the fountain of truth, to drown in her endless lake- her ocean- to float on her pure white wings, and speak and be nothing but truth.

When I die- my comfort is in that God is the Truth- he is our mediator, our existence- he is Truth- the frame, the bubble in which we come to be. I dearly love truth- and this is the pull within that we must always hear. Faith without reason is but superstition- it is worth less than an illusion of being. Reason without faith is hardly reason. Faith is the light by which we know the source of all things- the pregnant truth, whose imagination gave birth to the world.

And so I dive deep into the well of truth, into the lake within the well- surrounded by a high wall. I once thought these infinite steep walls but- the confines of a well, yet the closer one comes- and the more one falls from their side into the lake- and by mountains within, the more we see they are boundaries to an infinite universe- a nation beyond all and every map, a just land beyond impossibility itself, and encomapassing all who live within its grasp. The well has become a lake- fed by a small stream- which gradually becomes infinite- and I dive deep- having long since ceased to breathe- and push my way upstream always forcing my way forward. I have learned to breathe in and out truth- and air itself is not the same- nor is water- as compare the infinite living water which is truth.

Let us not aim at what is purely of benefit- nor aim at living just but inches within the border of truth- next to the waring nations nearby- except should we be assigned as a border post handler- even so- let us buy the best estate- in the very center of truth- and cover ourselves in blankets of truth, closing curtains of truth, and lying in the bed of truth- while allowing the truth to rain on the roof of our small infinite house from beyond, as we bow down to the living word- and worship our nation- the mediator of our existence- God himself whom we must adore.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we are as self, and how this affects how we continue

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reason which denies faith is faulty, is a black hole with no purpose, not a small amount of substance or meaning. Faith is a light whose light appears as a darkness of deathly silence, through which we learn to listen- and to hear in intuition and essence- the voice below the nothingness we first hear.

I was terribly disappointed when a friend of mine from outside the Divinity of Mother Church (Acts 5 chapter verse 4; Acts chapter 15; I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15)- stated that all they knew for sure would remain after death was memory of another in their hearts, and mental capacities.

Perhaps we should look deeper within this- those who concern themselves too much with their own physical life and not their soul, rarely are remembered fondly if at all. Over time- whether moments or centuries, we desecrate and decimate their poorly woven life, and strip their evil form of all colour.

The good are different- not only are they remembered by those they have affected- but also have an infinite influence- through the slight molding of those who come into contact with those they know, and for much else- always their wisdom in life is spread and grows other souls infinitely. Even the good who are defamed win out in eternity.

When we want to preserve ourself- selfishness can only make sense to one with reason and faith- we are eternal, and so care for ourselves- by being wise- and godly towards others. Those who cannot believe- must not be selfish- if they want their memory to be fondly remembered- but put on a charade- so as to be remembered as good- or have any good impacts. Evil only survives when piggy backing on some proportionate or out of proportion goodness.

I am utterly selfish- and utterly selfless all at once- this is what it is to be part of God's body. I am so selfish that my selfishness extends to the care of others- that seeing their similarity in their humanity to my own self- I determine to care also for all others who seek after Reality.

Selfishness is equivalent in some ways to insanity- true care for self is care firstly to that closest to our self- God, and then care of our fellows in descending order of importance- as accords their similarity to Reality- to the mediator of our existence- God.

Those who believe there is not more- are those who do not sense the intuitive undercurrent- in the veins of truth itself, who do not feel the cool desert breeze, or the harmful arctic dust against their form. These do not sense what others do- their intuition, and reason has never formed into what the saints see as a world, a fantastic wonderment beyond what the intuitively blind cannot sometimes comprehend.

Let us pray for my friend, and for all who feel so- truly- to reject the Church, the effect God has on the earth, or simply not to know of it, or find it, or to see right through it- is a sad endeavor- and those who have been crafted through circumstances so that they are not yet within the fold of our foundation of truth (I Timothy 3 chapter verse 15)- as yet have only the ghost of hope which still can doubt- as compared with the substance we experience in every mutual prayer, when peace conquers us, and truth caresses us, kissing the very bends of our seen and unseen form with the feel of grace- swirling, and roaring around our cocoon of self.

Truly- to survive in eternity- we all must become utterly selfish- extending the self within us firstly to our life- which is reliance on God himself, and secondly in order to all other life- for what is alive has at least one attribute of God- life itself- and so we must treat all with justice- knowing that justice is the true form of love, and love is the true form of justice, which both are described often as mercy, or powers.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Substance of true beauty

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sometimes when one is in a place- one senses a presence, whether it is other people, who soon show themselves, or animals- or something one truly does not have an explanation for from experience, but which our soul and body says is there.

Now intuition has many forms, sometimes it is memory, sometimes our senses knowing something too complex to explain in individual thoughts, and sometimes it is something deep within the essences of our nature telling us something.

When praying- Catholics have been known to feel the tugging of intuitive truth, and this is often how we explain the answering of prayers. The more we delve into the intuition, and trust it- the more our form is encouraged to perfect this sense.

Now, whether the culmination of past experience, or else seeing pictures or images which should be there, but are not, or perhaps the results of memory, or any other thing, I have had such interesting experiences before- and will tell of the result of them. No, it is not seeing things, but sensing things that we speak of- knowing as though from expirience- even when we do not know from the physical.

To me Saint Philomena is not the image we often associate with her- that of beautiful images of the young beautiful girl. She may well physically have this form- but when I pray- images enter my mind- once I saw her as nothing but blood, with but a bit of flesh or bone floating within it- and it scared me, another time a image entered myself, of an old lady- with gray hair- longer than time itself, looking down on me like an old seer. My thought of this image within- was firstly lowly, fearful and humble, but understanding surprise, and secondly a realization of true beauty- in her aged form was a softer beauty than in her powerful youth- the beauty of one who exists- despite all in opposition- the beauty of a soul who will forever fulfill her purpose- the beauty of one in true happiness.

What is the source of these intuitive thoughts- to me it matters, but to Mother church- all that matters is that they are free from moral and doctrinal error. I don't know if they would say that of this or not- I do know that to me beauty is that which is what it is designed to be- that which is perfect and natural- where the limited, though oft seeming dynamic, simplicity of the borders of what is natural is what is moral!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Moon and the tides, and the effect of morality, soul and form

(Journey in a Broken World, Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When the moon rises, we watch in awe sometimes at the beauty of her reflective luminescence.

When the moon is full, or crescent, or in any part of the cycle- the tides of the blessed oceans are affected by her magnetic magic. When we look at our own effect, we must remember the moon, and how our every action indirectly affects others, and how our own glow can silently glow in the night sky, and be reflected on the waves- which hide countless creatures- some deadly, some friends of ours.

When we classify an animal as evil- we really mean that it could harm us- as people- what can harm us is inside of our evolutionary library as ugly, or as evil. What is beautiful is what seems most healthy. This is why faith saves- because a correct connection with reality- sanity as we call such- is what determines how we view our surrounds and how we also act on them.

The soul also is much like this- with God as our moon- and our soul as the magnetic field- causing the tides of sprinkling, swaying waves below to dance upon the beach, and throughout the ocean as the clock which shows us life. The body in this is the ocean- both are one phenomena- through the body- we see the magnetism of life- of our soul, yet the actions of the body are equally of this phenomena- as both are the same unit- the soul is like magnetism on the ocean of our body, and the body affects the connection the soul has with God.

Now the moon is beautiful- because it gives us light in darkness- and beauty is actually in its perfection- the measure of how useful we see something as. God therefore is utterly beautiful. When we instill morals- we are not attempting to force our morals on others- rather we acknowledge just how easily broken the connection between our body and God is, and how this connection is our soul. When we do right- the magnetism strengthens- and our unseen part which is closest to unseen God becomes a powerful channel and conduction of grace- which is in fact life, breath- into our body- so that the magnetism- the soul animates the tides, and waves- which are our seen bodies. When this connection is observed- it is so fragile and breakable- and because the magnetism is eternal, but the waves temporary-

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vatican- Yesterday- The Church is not ours, but God's

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Agenzia Fides 16/10/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

On Wednesday- in his catechesis on Saint Paul- Holy Father- Pope Benedict XVI- noted and clarified that Saint Paul shows us a church which is not our property- but belongs, and has as its foundation, purpose and mission- its founder who is our God!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Benedict XVI- Bible must be informed by Faith

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Intervening in the recent Bible synod- an unusual move- Holy Father, His Excellency, Pope Benedict XVI- has requested that it be included in the final report- that when looking at the bible we must look at it while informed by faith. This comes as critical views of the bible are all the more common in the world, and as the Church is attempting to encourage the reading of the ancient manuscript.

Catholics subscribe to the view that the bible is inspired by God, but also that the bible is like a photograph sheet sampling of the Apostle's understanding of the actual word of God- Jesus Christ, and therefore consider that faith handed down to our generation as recorded in history since the apostles, tradition, to be the basis on which to understand or become familiar with the bible. Critical study has also been permitted so far as it is prudent, or for the purpose of allowing prudent and wise study- since Vatican II.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bible Synod- Greek Delegate speaks of the role of the pope to unite all Christians

(Journey in a Broken World ; c.f. Zenit News Service 12/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Last Saturday- Archimandrite Ignatios Sotiriadi of the Orthodox Church of Greece- said that it was the desire of many for one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church to be united in unity, and that it was the role of the pope, the "First Bishop", to be a sign of unity before all, of Christian unity and wisdom, and much else.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How we judge excathedra statements and Ecumenical Councils

(Journey in a broken world)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When the Fathers met at Nice- perhaps a third or even nearly half of the bishops of the council were condemned as heretical, the same happens in many councils of mother church- right up to and including Trent. Vatican Two is different- Vatican II, has what we call a pastoral effect. Now Vatican II was Ecumenical (Pope Paul VI, April 6th 1964, Ecclesiam Suam VI), but it was not at a time of crisis. When we talk of it- we see some bishops possibly in small schism, but no open apostasy- as with previous councils, as with the schism EWTN claims that over 100 bishops currently are in.

Now- when we look at the meaning of a council- we cannot look at either side's intent- the heretics would always front their views, the Orthodox theirs on any subject- and the council would vote. We only have the exact words. Now there is a pope declared a heretic by his replacement because he did not condemn Pelagius, so we know that when the church is silent- it does not mean this is God's intention, and should a council not mention something- or a pope not make a required Excathedra statement- this does not mean that God does not believe it needed. What comes from Excathedra statements is free from doctrinal or moral error, that does not mean it is exhaustive.

Now the pope is only infallible when he speaks as pope on issues of morals and doctrine- he can speak of doctrines and morals without being infallible- when he speaks infallibly the right procedures are adhered to.

When we speak of Vatican II, it does not replace, nor contradict any previous council or doctrine before it. It is simply another in the long line, another small piece in the jigsaw- replacing the ghost place where its unborn self rested before.

Excathedra statements therefore do not depend on the intentions of those who make them, even as these are of use when they seem unclear. They simply are free from doctrinal and moral error, with God's imprimatur, and often are utterly inspired.

Therefore there is only one spirit of Vatican II, and of any council- not the ideas of the bishops in attendance- but the very letter of what is written down- the exact words ratified by God himself. Of course, there is also the Holy Spirit, but he is not wishy washy- he is God and God is exacting.

There are councils which are not ecumenical- these often are called conferences or synods- these can include people from everywhere- but ecumenical councils are councils where all true bishops are invited to a council in union with the pope, and as one decide on issues needed- whereby their statements are confirmed by papal infallibility, and where they speak of doctrines and morals.

When the church is silent, or provides an exception that is exactly what it is, no more or less- there is no additional meaning- except what our conscience tells us, out of what was known in the very beginning- or out of what correlates with it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Commentary- The Position of the Soul and the Body

(Journey in a Broken World)

Commentary by Marc Aupiais

Some time ago- and many times- i have seen some cleverly worded phrases used by opponents of the Aquinasian view of Soul and Body. Aquinas is a saint, an important role player in the foundation of Psychological thought, was canonized a saint by Rome, and is declared a doctor of the church. This basically means he is an authority in the Roman Apostolic Catholic Faith.

His views on the soul are foundational to Roman Catholic morality, and theology. They are to be believed by Roman Catholics, based on his high authority. Because of this- those who front a separate view on soul and body than his- either mean it within his context, or are not catholic, or are ignorant of the meaning of the both sacramental and creedal positions of Rome.

Aquinas said that the soul and the body are one complete unit- yes the current body is temperal, and the soul aeviternal (can never disappear may be a good substitute in the limited sense I now am explaining, even as aeviternity cannot be defined as that, and as the actual concept is vital to Catholic Sacramental Salvation theology), but one is not purely soul or body but both.

Now, the other day, I once again saw a poster fronting the evangelical's viewpoints based on, and not the entirety of C.S. Lewis's apparent statement.

it said "You don't have a soul, you are a soul" and then stated that one was not a body, but simply had one.

C.S. Lewis- was probably trying to reiterate the importance of the spiritual- and I doubt he was attacking the body- nor do we deny that C.S. Lewis has great joy in playing the Devil's Advocate, nor can we say based in the viewpoints and complexity of Catholic Theology- that he was not technically what Rome calls a material heretic, and material schismatic- no matter how much we enjoy many of his proofs of some our own viewpoints. Unfortunately- the way in which this was placed up on the poster- was in a manner that gave none of the context, nor the way in which C.S. Lewis then explains and clarifies his thought patterns.

The reason we say we are fully body and fully soul- is the same reason we say Jesus is fully human and fully God- not that I am saying that his soul was God and his body human- no- he was fully both- his body as much God as his soul. Now, man also is fully soul and fully body. To deny the soul of a man is to condemn him to hades. This is to ignore the effect one's actions have on the soul- whether healing it- or shredding it- so as to prevent us surviving in a healthy state after death, and even on earth.

To ignore a man's body is to condemn one's own self to hell. To ignore one's body is to ignore their dignity as a person. Our body saves or condemns the souls of men, and ourself- in its uniquely individual actions, what is physical and what is spiritual, as we know from the ancestors- and the saints- is intricately connected.

As I said- I believe C.S. Lewis was misquoted. I personally read Mere Christianity, which my research said this came from- and he certainly did not seem to be excluding the importance of the physical in this book- the problem with this catch phrase being set up alone- is that you are not only fully a soul, but fully a body. You are not purely spiritual- but also physical. Jesus rose physically from death, Enoch, Elijah, and Mary are recorded as physically being risen into heaven. We are supposedly to be physically resurrected after death. Now- our self is our body and soul- and I believe C.S. Lewis- over fifty years ago- was referring not to some spiritual ideal of the Fundamentalists- whom he had nothing to do with- but rather to the belief that what happens to the soul is more important that what happens to the body. What is temperal can be fixed, and restored, even replaced. Unlike animals- humans do not have temperal souls. If we mess up while still in time, before Aeviternity- then our mold sticks as it is. Animals can be endowed with new souls- mankind cannot.

And so I repeat my response- in defense of two thousand years of history, and oneness in faith. Something C.S. Lewis himself might do were he alive, and seeing what has occured in many Christian circles in this era- and the way in which people are not taught independent thought, nor true logic.

I say once more, and with utter clarity:

To ignore a man's soul is to condemn him, to ignore his body- is more than just often often to condemn yourself. For self is one's soul and body as one- both are part of self, but neither are independent in our existing. The soul is always, and almost solely influenced by what the body does, and what is done to it. By your body, and your mind- your soul, your life- is gained or destroyed. Let us not use catch phrases for their ease in repeating rather- let us decimate false opinion with the truth.

By the body- the soul is condemned
By the soul- the body has life
By the acting of God, we are saved by the actings of our body
For the soul and body- we are one person within

To ignore the soul is to condemn others to hell
To Ignore the body is to condemn ourselves to hell

In the blood is the life, the Ancient Church, though not the modern church forbid eating blood

We must remember always the meaning of that command which has not passed with its manifestation, mother church still holds for the respect-

Respect the body as the interface to the soul- as a part of a person, even repect the body of an animal- for once it was alive!

Respect the soul too- inseparable in this life from the body- by it we are animated- we have life.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Journey in a Broken World:Watching theatre, and the mass

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I'm still wearing my suit. This evening I went to an evening at Wits, a Theater evening where an acquaintance was to sing. Wits is the nickname of The University of The Witwaterssrand. The English being "White Water's" and something.

The performance was interesting- I of course viewed a noisy group behind me with a glance every now and then to quiet down out of respect. Notice how the audience is quiet while the singers sing or actors act- we have such respect for actors and actresses, we wear suits, or casual clothes that aren't quite so casual- and observe customs- how much more should we be so- when watching as God warps time- so that we witness again his crucifixion in absolute clarity and reality- the intuitive sense angels and saints around them as the sensitive watch this event- and our heart beats faster as we rise for communion.

We should be enthralled- God calls the mass a mystery- what we should not forget is the utter utterness of what we are present at and what all loyalty must be amazed by is the invisible truth of what occurs. For this we do not talk, nor focus on banal things, we do not clap, we should not take communion on the hand, but on the tongue- as Mother Church asks us to, we do not hold hands in the our father- we are watching someone we love die- there is a place for community- it is called the sign of peace. We are watching someone die for us- and eating their living flesh- let us respect the occasion- dress appropriately- and certainly not be embarrassed to show the right body language. It is the disrespectful in theater, in mass, and those who do not treat situations as one prudently should- who show up their ignorance, and banal actions, or simply negligence, or unknowingness. Sacrilege is called such- because it is not obvious to the intuitively challenged.

What we witness is bread and wine no longer existing, but appearing to- and in intuition we know- it is body, blood, soul and divinity we are feasting on- of a living being.

Let us respect him who lets us eat him- let us respect God in the mass!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bishop- John Paul let us know- Opus Dei was inspired and written into existing by God

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Opus Dei 08/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Highlighting the importance of peace in Christian life, in resonance with Pope Benedict XVI, and the role of the laity in spreading the Gospel, as realized through Opus Dei, and that God himself is peace- Bishop Javier Echevarría noted that Pope John Paul the Second declared the starting of Opus Dei by Saint Josemaria Escriva', to be divinely inspired in Ut Sit. This speech by the Bishop was to celebrate the recent 80th anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei, founded on the 2nd of October 1928.

Understanding silence- when the church or God is silent- what it truly can mean!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Ever noticed how during the lives of many of her prophets- mother church does not tell us much?

Does this mean they are not prophets- or indeed that they are such. Also- on many issues- Mother church seems quiet as a dolphin in water- or the melting icebergs- this does not mean she is not talking in the silent groans of conscience or history.

It is foolish to interpret Mother Church's silence as indecisive- or as permissive- rather- and now I nearly quote a friend- to truly understand God when he speaks, we must first comprehend his message through his silence- as with Mother church.

When the Israelites were conquering Canaan- they were first ordered not to attack another country- as a sort of test that they succeeded in for that short moment in history. If they had attacked- God would not have helped them, or maybe just for a small amount- but for many of our events- Mother Church, and God seem silent.

Firstly- we must ask if perhaps we do not understand the language or subtle streams of intuitive truth that are constantly sent out by countless saints. If we do not comprehend this hidden message- we must truly try to listen harder- God's voice is softer than that of the saints, and more subtle still.

Often bishops, even popes misinterpret even their own words from God. The truth of God is on the edge of a hair's breadth sharpened into a blade- when we are to obey him- it is exact, not always a general path- but rather like one as a feather moving on the streams of air.

God's silence- and that of the church are often there so that we are not drowned down when we speak- they are there so that we are permitted to sound the war-cry- so that we are permitted to quietly work and clear the territory. Now I speak figuratively- but we truly are the eyes and ears of the church- and it is a silence before the storm when she is silent- when the moaning ice is softened for us personally to comprehend- so as to permit the hearing of this silence- by others, through us.

Isaiah was known for his experience with silence, and how an almost negative value of noise hit him when he heard it.

We must never interpret silence as an opportunity to permit ourselves too much freedom- but rather as an opportunity to walk past the golden locks and break the conundrum of her past- so as to secure the future before most know the necessity.

So, when Mother Rome is silent on an issue, such as the Tridentine Mystery, or the Liturgical Abuse, or many human rights violations- perhaps we simply do not hear her softer voice below all the noise we and others make- yet her silence is so that we can speak for her. It is the heat upon the butter so that we may melt it for her. We must not remain silent- for Mother Church awaits our voice- so that she may resonate in it. The Church is not called Militant for no reason- we work for justice and for truth, and peace- yet the right sort of this. When she is silent- this is a sign, whether of trust, or of danger- yet do not forget not to forget that the Laity are not called the Catholic church's Shock Troops for nothing- the truth is our weapon- reality the battleground- let us ensure that on issues of silence we see why there is silence- and follow intuition in these- so as not to be accountable for wrong- when radio silence came before the storm, or when dangerous people prevented others from hearing the truth.

Saint Paul fed firstly the early Christians with milk, with basics- but then told the Hebrews- that they also needed to move forward to proper food. When we are not fed with meat, but with milk- this is because we are not yet ready for meat. As long as we have not the capacity for the graces we desire- we will never catch them in the storm's winds.

There is not an issues in Mother church with just a lack of evangelization- no the lack is in ability to bear the grace required for God's next assault on the darkness. We should focus within for this time, even as we help others- God does not want the boat to sink- even as it fills with water as we speak- once we fill the holes in the hull- then we will succeed in rescuing the survivors from the shipwreck of our existence, with capacity to take on more passengers.

For now we must use the silence to mold into truth- surely- wherever the fortress of truth is erected- it must be supported by grace- if we protect the truth we must know the danger of half truths, and that the reason they are so attractive is that the desire for the goodness we see in these false reflections- is so often because we have been denied this good within our own souls- and evil wants to tempt us to take a lesser version of this.

We must not fall for this idea- for a lesser version of good- but rather give food to the truer version- and slowly fix our broken spines. We must look within and begin the regeneration after the wound we've been nursing for hundreds of years. Simply bucketing in the water will not help- we must patch up the breach with new putty- with internal putty- so that when high tide finally hits the beach- our little mud hut will be secure.

Silence- truly it speaks with a powerful echo of truth- let us always reverberate in the greater truths- and copy these always- knowing also that we are the pillar and foundation of all truth- and when it is spoken in us- it reverberates- it, its resonance spreads and echoes and amplifies on the echoing channel of our canyon of essence. We must know the power even of whispered truth- it is the night breeze which becomes the hurricane. We must never give up hope- nor in the slightest way ever stop fighting for the truths which are even slightly greater- we do this by grabbing onto the greater truth- and finding the whole spectrum moving with us into the sunlight, and the depths of faith's ocean.


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