Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perseveering spirit, an African trait the world needs to learn

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A friend of mine asked, commenting on some of my many articles- what happens after these genocides, and situations- can people recover, how do they recover- financially that is? And I am so glad they asked this- because it has such application to the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jeshua, or to use English- Jesus Christ.

When a country is restored, it requires will-power, political zeal, and a desire to look beyond quick fixes to humanitarian problems.

Citizens must live on hope, and endure against all odds, charity must be given to the most needy, and business must continue to run against all the fear, because risks must be taken in such dire situations.

These people daily face far greater challenges than that faced by many of the world's heroic greats, at least as regards personal survival. Winston Churchhill is so famous for never giving up, yet these people gain no fame, sometimes not even pity, as without much notice- they are either eradicated, or somehow survive. They are martyrs of of sort, nor is that saying always- religious martyrs, though, some like in India right now are, but rather- in the original sense- people who are witnesses by their actions, and being and existing- to something that is happening.

Some see evil and for it cease to believe- I see it and cannot help but believe, as those who endure these horrors, in their very actions, and testimonies teach us of the unseen God, whom I also know.

In such a circumstance, we see desperate people, who constantly flee, and then return, and continue as they always have, perhaps minus a few friends, limbs, or joy, and sometimes with huge terrors in their dreams, but they get up in the morning, and they go to work, or pray, or beg, or do something to survive. In Africa we know about perseverance, and from this we know her source- which we must always aspire to- hope. We know that existence cannot possibly be as bad as what we see- we understand there is more- and seek for this more- or else for lies sold us from the west. Let us always succeed to hope in Christ, may God give us hope, peace and truth- for by these three, in sanity, beyond sanity, and in justice and love- we can rebuild, even our broken fallen world, and our pathetic continent, buoyed on every crisis, where when the world tightens their belts- in Africa- people die.

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