Monday, October 6, 2008

Pope- we serve the Living God, who is not now dead- but brings unity, clarity and much good to men

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Zenit News Service 05/10/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Holy Father, this Sunday- on opening the fist Synod of Bishops to have a non-Christian speaker- opened the Synod on the role of the Word of God in the Holy Catholic church.

He enforced the truth that God is alive and powerful- no matter how man may determine to hide this- and showed those present in his wording that he hoped this synod, and the time left to us as Mother church would cause more missionary activities- spreading the divine, wonderment of our deep-rooted hope in Christ's resurrection. He told his listeners- that when people reject God, and societies reject God- it leads to division and confusion- and never the desired results, but rather the destruction of cultures, and the wonderful things which the peace of the church ensures are preserved and which the church has brought forward to receive power in our daily existences.

The Holy Father- in this synod- also is showing us the value of the scriptures in the church. Many Catholics don't even have a basic knowledge of these works- which were made by the church, and declared inspired in 382 A.D. by Mother church, just about the time when the papacy commissioned the Vulgate.

While apologetics and explanation of the scriptures is vital to avoid every heresy- the Scriptures should be gladly read, all while submitting to the church and asking wise Catholics questions. We must never let the scriptures take a back door.

In South Africa in particular- we have the opportunity to share our interpretation of the scriptures publicly with our peers in a sharing manner- perhaps this discussion will quell the in-built enmity placed in many parts of society- and free people from limited spirituality into the never ending chasm of truth in which we as Catholic scholars joyously feel ourselves encompassed in.

He noted that to ignore the scriptures is to ignore Christ himself, even quoting Jerome- famous translator of one of the first complete bibles- the Latin Language Vulgate. He noted our deep, powerful hope- which tells us that death and evil do not conquer good when the ends come in time, and breath. He said that it is the very purpose of Mother church- to preach the Gospel. The church does much for the world, but we note that it is the Church Militant- that means we are fighting a spiritual skirmish- for which we do all we do to allow hope and goodness in this world- and to be able to assure it to those who continue in our specific hope- for all their aeviternal existence!

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