Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journey in a Broken World: "My stereotype"- an enlightening moment, about my own tribalism...

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

She had said that the Afrikaners were placed in concentration camps by our Allied government in World War Two: whole families: children and women also. I asked, wasn't that some other war, wasn't it just men in the Second World War, that they put in concentration camps for support of the Nazi enemy?

Then, I had made an odd comment: they were not of what one might say is my tribe. It was quickly rebuked. I agreed, it is so easy to see another group as less than human, we do it daily with refugees on television, and with murdered Fetuses, we do it when a Tsunami strikes, or two buildings are flown into by planes: at first, yes empathy, but then: often apathy. We were driving back from church.

He was wearing unfashionable short pants, and Afrikaner attire, I thought he'd get into a Land Rover, and drive off, he did not. My stomach turned, he was our car guard.

When we were leaving, I quickly got the bags and put them in the car, I felt guilty: I was not going to let him serve me, he was human. I felt such guilt, guilt we don't feel when refugees are our car guards: more educated men. It wasn't my comment that it was an Afrikaans issue, that had made me so concerned. I empathized with him, as I often do with church friends of all colours, and with colleagues who are Afrikaans.

Somehow, I am accustomed to Nigerians, or Zimbabweans, with nothing: taking our bags and putting them in the boot (storage area of the car for our international readers), then taking our trolley, and smiling while they serve us. We expect them to die to protect our car, for enough maybe to buy a soft drink.

When considering Afrikaners, who supported the Nazi enemy, I seemed more dry about the possible punishing of their families, I thought: maybe that is why they took over the country later. It was a definite they. Now, I am not a tribal person, yet: because they were abused by a government my ancestors fought with against the Nazis: I did not care if their families were locked up. I was wrong: only the objector should have been imprisoned. And again, with the car guard: today I realized, subconsciously, I have viewed things tribally.

I find it of interest, we see tribes, and fit with some. My tribe is Catholicism: the doctrinal, dogmatic type. I feel at home with Catholics somehow, and especially with British people, even as I am not a British person. When on holiday: I take comfort in British institutions. We were a British colony, but it is more than that. I was not around for our independence. Those of our tribe, we associate with.

We say: if not clever enough, or not pretty enough, or not our language, or not our grade at school, or year in varsity, or department at work. What Christ brings is not grace alone where there was "none". Not salvation where there was none: he saves those before and after his death: with his one death and resurrection. Yes, he enables our obedience... but all grace is through him, before or after his passing, is it not?

More than that, what is radical about Christ: is that he preaches that all men are our neighbor, our tribesman. He came to love and save all of us, even my French, Irish, German soul. He himself: even loves me, one not of his tribe, one who is now of his new tribe: simply because I am human.

Love your neighbor: the Jews did, but love your tribal enemy, while prudently securing your life: well, that is a Catholic idea. Whether Born, or in the waiting room of the womb, hoping not to be killed, whether black, white, or tan, whether catholic, or Islamic, or Atheist: all are in my tribe: it is fear which empathizes more with our own language or colour. When white men are car guards: it makes one fear: their tribesman is that, what of them?

When we realize finally: all men are my neighbor, whatever their stage, beliefs, morality, or colour: the truth comes: justice extends to every life... no person may be denied justice: and while it is my responsibility to care for my life first: others are just as worthy of justice, even as I must secure my own life first.

Now, the Catholic tribe, brings hope, and it alone can do in the world: what is needed to save it: we are the Spartans at Themopoly; and only by our sacraments, and for those able: our faith; or else religion in perfect proportion: the seeking of the Truth, to obey Him, but not finding him of no fault of our own. We are saved by one church, one baptism, one breaking of bread.

Our tribe is humanity, our sustenance: the Military pledge: the "Sacrament", all 7. Our boat in this rapid flowing river, securely anchored on the crisp white crystal sand: is Mother church: the "pillar and foundation of the Truth" (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15). Being Catholic, and in truth, makes me sane, but the sane and insane are of one tribe, being Catholic means I have the ability to save others; or to save more through influencing others who aid others by my work: but my fellows are just as human. Humanity is lifted in dignity, by the nature of our soul: but also as God took our form: we are elevated from all eternity, and every beginning: to utmost dignity. God bless Africa, the world, and Afrikaans people, and refugees. But most of All: God bless humanity. And my friends overseas, and over in my heart.
Either by obedience to the church, among the knowing, or obedience to conscience, and seeking of truth among the still seeking: we can be saved in hope: let us forward our tribe: by living morally, and instilling justice, even when it means violent means are needed to defend good. Let us instill justice, which is love, and faith, which is salvation, and deeds, which are faith, and which sustain it, and are required for it.
By our pledges, our sacraments: military pledges, not personally phrased procedures. We are saves: let us propogate the tribe of love, of truth, of sane proportion: even within the church. Let us be Catholic!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vaitcan, Europe: Catholic official thanks Muslims in Europe, for bringing religious issues back into public square!

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Reuters (secular) 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Senior Vatican Official: Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, focusing on inter-religious issues: has thanked Islamic minorities in Europe: for bringing the importance of God, back into the public square. The Catholic church forbids clergy from becoming elected government officials,but believes that it has a right to secure morality, and the stance of religion in every and any state: Islam, in Europe, politically, is as much an ally for the church, as the Mormons were in apposing "Gay Marriage" in California.

Religion is essentially believed to be good: so far as it is seeking God to obey his authority. Anything outside of what is good, is not considered as truly from religion, which is why the church considers Ecumenism essential: in that truth is of benefit to all sides. Catholicism is considered to have the perfect, full truth, but other religions are considered to contain shattered fragments of this: meaning that all religions are true religions, but only one is considered by the Church to have the "fullness" and perfection of the Truth.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Journey in a Broken World: The substance of foreign, or spiritual powers

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I feared the sharks. They were waiting beyond the reef, I was sure. I was not happy about the reef, fire coral would burn me, I paddled against the wind, and tide, fearful, hopeless.

As I paddled, I looked for successes, yet seemed only to maintain my pace, we, I and the others with me in ocean kayaks, we were pushed back, as no-one noticed the small dots out on the horizon, in a foreign Island reef's proximity; either the socialist Seychelles, or capitalist Mauritius, I can't remember which it was.

Even one experienced with boats cannot fight the tide, yet as the most experienced, I had to pull, and move: to get to shore, to warn of our predicament: yet hope rushed around me, and prayers seemed for once to yield all but progress, I had to push beyond my strength: to conserve energy meant death.

Ahead, a sailboat fell in the wind; somehow my intuition said: move forward, it probably had been speaking the entire time, by intuition I knew I'd still make it. I rushed, and paddled hard, but by the time I got there, the boat was upright. I sighed, and looked back on my companions, and headed for the beach.

Somehow, we all got to safety, the rest is a blur, a mixture of foreign memory.

Whenever I have been in predicaments, my intuition has given signs, has told me things I never knew, even when I have sinned, and want to save face: it guides me, like water directed in a channel. When God answers prayers: it is here; when the devil tempts me, it is here.

Catholicism does not discount ghosts: they are either demons, those in purgatory, or those in heaven, that which is a ghost here, is solid where it belongs: but only a ghost to those who do not sense the spiritual.

To those who are submerged in the spiritual and physical: a form is real, as though with vision.

I pray for about an hour, maybe less or more each day, and also once with a friend. I forgot today, I couldn't find my phone, but when I forget, they know somehow. Also, when I follow the good intuition, this guides me so as to save.

Saints, when one senses their answers, can easily seem to desire you to do evil, but this is not the saint, just as sin is not in our desired course of action, nor our saint or role model, but misreading of them or their importance.

The saints do not entirely speak clearly, they speak through understanding, and meaning: but never through sin.

Now, if they are strangers here, they are substance elsewhere. Spiritus et Terram, these are connected: the seen and the unseen: in the unseen lies limitless power. Every Rosary is like a nuclear torpedo launched in spiritual form. One must not conserve energy, but be cruel, horrid to the body: pray on the cold hard floor, or likewise, with bare knees, or discomfort. Prayer: when lasting, can be powerful in molding, powered in effect, but dangerous: one must remain utterly aware, least something try to harm one.

I sense forces, powers, and miraculous enigmas, like waves, as I pray, they surround, and beings, like vague, powerful orca in the sea, they surround, and cause me fear, and love, even truth: as I sense a smile or frown, and feel necessity to do something for salvation's sake itself.

One must always question the source of desire, to know where it is, and what it may be mistaken to seem as. Either firing or misfiring of the evolution's form, else: powers beyond all physical force influence all men. Even as only the Physical can alter our souls, and surely, some spiritual powers can influence others, from our action.

Evil is hurt by truth, in prayer: we must relate truth, truth is our weapon: it is why we pray to saints: we acknowledge a deep, ancient truth, much denied, a powerful truth, all the more if to our patron, and guardian. Even when praying to Our Father, I ask it, with note to my saint, all I pray is with her aid. This is all intuitive, as I speak, the slight moving of energy, the odd sense of Reality.

When I have prayed against a friend who had made a spell on things, I do not know of forces other than the saints and God, yet oddly one can sense other forces. When praying against evil, all one has is truth. Reality, true nature of all circumstance is the opposite of evil. One can place a cross up, and believe in it, a creed, or surround their bed in prayers: somehow, such things have such effect against evil. When one prays in Latin, all the greater power somehow: pray while fasting for God and mortifying, while the mind shuts off, and time dissolves: how powerful if one keeps alert.

Truth is our weapon: sanity is recognizing truth: and sanity is never sin, it is God's working, love, and truth: God is sanity, the saints most sane. Insanity is the enemy of prayer, and it is our mind we risk in sin. Evil seeks to harvest us, it hangs around, striking strategically: twisting slightly our perception of desire: for good is proportioned in spiritual sanity, and sanity is never sin, evil is disproportioned deliberately, a twisted version of truth.

Of truths, the Apostolic Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed of the Fathers, the Our Father, the rosary, and your patrons, are the most powerful. All truths are like daggers, sharp and on the ground.

Mysteries, sacraments: truths also : the word sacrament means: military pledge, even as it is something where physical and spiritual combine, and the physical makes a spiritual power, via a promised covenant in Jesus. Without these truths, these pillars, is no salvation, all other truths rely on them, or the ghostly prefrom of these.

History, and every truth: power in speaking it: truth, it clears a path in the wind torn universe. We must be utterly truthful, but not always utterly open. Confession saves: truth sets you free, do not doubt: our only power lies in truth, for God is Truth, the medium on and in which, the bubble in which we all exist, and from It: all Reality forms, and all life is animate. Our souls, but our connections with truth.

Our actions, when strategic: solve more than mislaid force, and bravery: but courage, force and bravery and fortitude, are required, as we feel out the strategic manner of strikes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Monasticism points to God: Pope- in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: calls to the monastery growing

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Catholic News Service 20/11/08)

Article By Marc Aupiais

As calls to the religious life in America, and Europe are threatened, Africa and Asia are shining stars of the church, as the pope: has said that Monasticism shows Catholics the essentials!

Italian Finance minister: Pope Benedict predicted financial crisis first: paper about dangers of economic conditions such as those in America in 1985

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Bloomberg 20/11/08; group of sources added 21/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the Vatican advises the world on the current financial crisis, Italy's Finance Minister has called global attention to the fact that the Leader of Italy's landlocked neighbor: the Vatican; estimated that such a crisis would occur back in 1985, when still Cardinal Ratzinger.

The cardinal had warned of a connection between ethics and economics: saying that when ethics decline, financial collapse can follow!

In 1992, the Republicans, along with controversial Senator McCain, no relation to the brand of chips that we know of: had sponsored a bill to clean up America's financial regulations; it was rejected by the "Democrats", who currently hold the white house in America.

G.K Chesterton: suggested an economic proposal which is different from free-market economics, which may be of use to governments now. Essentially, the wisdom of "God's Rotweiler", has again proven why he was such a good candidate for the papal chair. "God's Rotweiler" being Benedict XVI, who hopes to guide the world into wiser market ethics, and systems. Morality, is what is seen in early Catholic doctrine, as the acting of what materially is sanity.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Journey in a Broken World: When a Catholic may kill: just war, capital punishment, and just rebellion: less looked at doctrine, less spoken of rules

(Journey in a Broken World)
Article by Marc Aupiais

My family, it has been so involved in history, from the French resistance, where many of my people died fighting the Nazi occupiers of my ancestor's homeland: Mother France; to our political, but not armed fight against apartheid, via what has since been renamed the DA, the Democratic Alliance, but was once the Progressive Party. I had no doubt of the morality of politically apposing an enemy of ethical morality, but on hearing that the Church had forsaken the IRA, I worried for the souls of my heroic French family, who had fought the Nazi's, in the French Resistance.

We speak of anger as a sin, but this is a theological anger, not the emotion, which simply informs us of situations, which if well controlled: is a weapon, and a warning.

I remember, when I was very young being very angry, both due to sickness, to being easily angered after having a horrid sickness, this was not just anger, yet learning to control it came gradually with self control, and another anger, which was not for the same purposes, and different, powerful, good as an anger.

Anger, when I have been apposed in good, or when I see evil, which is not rare in South Africa: can pulse via my veins, yet when I look deeper, even as I had been telling myself of the emotion flowing, which I was observing for sin: I hate them, my words said inside, yet I looked deeper, at why and what I truly hated, "I hate this person for what they have done", and "continue" in! Even when another anger streaked via me, I used my contemplative theological powers, my Philosophy of actions, as I see it, and looked into what I really felt: to avoid mortal sin.

What I found was an anger at a situation, and at what happened, what someone did, and does still: which is aimed at destroying God's work. It is not hate the sin, love the sinner, my anger is the acting of charity. I do not do violence, this is unwise, and unwarranted, no: I simply realize the purpose of my anger. Anger is meant to be a tool to change bad situations into less bad, like hope: it is a realization that things are not as we want, or believe they should remain as. Anger of this manner was made by God. It is when anger is centered not at hope, not at defense and advancement of life, and right: that anger is unjust.

The IRA, who as a largely Irish person, I myself had quietly, in my mind: so wanted to be justified, I found were condemned by the church as terrorists, as opponents to her, despite their defense of the Irish people.

When I heard this, I feared for my French heroes, who I had been taught to admire for fighting the Nazi occupation, but left it: right until I started to contemplate abortion, the murder of millions: what were we to do of this? It is here where I read something odd: that one could kill, yet not always to prevent an abortion. Killing an abortionist like a hit man, is not just, yet whatever force necessary to prevent it if in the room as it is to happen, was called just, yet it was noted that it seldom required deathblows.

I was perplexed, puzzled, and would have stopped reading were it not EWTN. I read on, and looked for their sources. On my own, I understand better now, since learning to seek my source emotions: my furious, controlled anger when evil appears in front of me: whether watching a man have a gun pulled on him, or seeing violence. I have myself had a knife pulled on me, but was calm.

Anger is meant by God to be a source of justice, when we hate a person, we lie to ourselves: a person is but animated (Latin for soul is Anima: it is our life, that which feed's God's life-force into our being) flesh and blood: what we hate is always what they do or have done, the way they do what they do, is it not; or else, is it not that they are dangerous to our livelihood? What acting justly against an oppressor is and is not is vital, it always lies in preventing great evil, in what is called self defense, or the defense of innocents, or souls, or good against evil.

CCC 2243 is what allows for the formation of an armed resistance to an authority: such as a government, or German Occupiers of France, however, the doctrine of the church forbids the killing of bystanders, "non-combatants", and acts also are illicit, and not permitted: of what is known as "Terrorism". Further, the right conditions must be in place, much as in just war itself, but I will quote it directly:

"2242 The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teachings of the Gospel. Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community. "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."48 "We must obey God rather than men":49

When citizens are under the oppression of a public authority which oversteps its competence, they should still not refuse to give or to do what is objectively demanded of them by the common good; but it is legitimate for them to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens against the abuse of this authority within the limits of the natural law and the Law of the Gospel.50
2243 Armed resistance to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 1) there is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights; 2) all other means of redress have been exhausted; 3) such resistance will not provoke worse disorders; 4) there is well-founded hope of success; and 5) it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution." CCC

By this, when other means can achieve the goal, they are to be pursued, which is why the church has not caused civil wars in countries like Britain, or America, where abortion is predominant in many parts of society. The situation has not yet been seen as bad enough for military means of taking care of it. As long as there are non-violent means to sort out a situation, these are generally pursued. According to EWTN, my source on this: there is not enough evidence that other methods will not achieve the goal of ending abortion: violence on a small scale, except when directly in the situation, therefore only harms the cause of those apposing abortion. Prayer vigils, fasting, campaigns, legal battles, and politics, are therefore pursued. War is not taken up, except when absolutely seen as vitally needed.

This possibly justifies my French relatives, who it is hoped still to hope to see in heaven, it justifies many in Europe during the War.

So, why then did the church remain but political in South Africa: simply put, we had no right to do anything else: perhaps defend an innocent life when it happened, and many during the struggle did, yet there were not conditions which said peaceful means were not viable, there were not signs which said combat would not do additional harm. War must only be approached cautiously, and never by hurting non-combatants. Therefore, where some of my relatives were heroes for strategic armed resistance, others were likewise for political resistance.

War is never justified, except when utterly necessary, even then: rules must be kept, all is not fair in love and war. War is only justifiable: if all possible measures are taken to do so in a just manner, any unjust action, or unwarranted force: is not allowable.

When America invaded Iraq, it was an unjust war, the pope begged them not to, but they did, the result is a genocide against Christianity in Iraq, and elsewhere. In other times and places open warfare is acceptable, but again, it is not light matter to take to force. When force is used, it is only when all other options are dry, like driftwood.

My own anger must be channeled, so as not to cause harm to goodness. We must be strategic when justly angry, and we must be sane. When told to forgive a repentant sinner, we are not told to forgive the unrepentant: but tolerating evil can be just when licit means cannot be used, or for a while until it may be destroyed. Revenge is not justified, we cannot harm an aggressor after the fact in judgment with force, we are not a just authority. Where needed, legal or political action may be taken, but war is to stop immediate, certain harm, not simply to punish whom we appose. Defense of nations, is licit, except against just aggression, hence South African troops deployed throughout Africa on UN missions, can be morally justified.

Other times where killing is acceptable, is capital punishment, self defense, or defense of others, and in just war: all three show a grave duty. Capital punishment however should be rare, and when needed: alone. It is the church who so powerfully has combated and destroyed much of death friendly legalities.

Ultimately, war is a last result, as with force: in situations where they are utterly needed: as obliged by conscience. We are a peace loving people, as Catholics, yet there are times when war is justifiable, as with civil disobedience, which can often be: render to Caesar what is his, but what is God's to God: morality is the realm of God, as with religion: these belong to him alone.

For some Rules of Warfare c.f. 2302- 2317 of ccc

And so, to conclude, my French relatives were justly fighting an invasion, the IRA were fighting for a cause which many find appealing, but perhaps should not have taken to arms, and certainly should not have resorted to terrorism, and abortion still can and therefore should be fought on the social level. Mind you, while worried about obligations involving abortion, what actually alerted me to this, which I found impossible to find anything on when trying to justify my relatives' action against the Nazi oppressor: I found, when not looking into what is just: but in trying to understand if abortion to save the mother is ever permissible: to answer a non-Catholic who asked me of this. The answer is no, but should something be wrong with a woman, and the operation needed to save her could damage the child: it is a physical evil. If to save the mother, the intent is to kill the child, this is doctrinally evil: but if one should induce early pregnancy, when the child has a chance, or do a risky operation, this is fine: but to intentionally kill an embryo is abortion, for which we are materially, if not sometimes actually: excommunicated for any effective collaboration in!

In any case, I thought to share my research, by which I have at least allowed for the actions of my bedtime story type heroes of my family's past: to be just and righteous!

I do not however in this endorse any war, or warfare, or conflict: I simply relay what the theological stances seem to be, nor is this intended for anything but the justifying of conscience, and explanations of what the Catholic Church seems to teach!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dance of Una Ecclesiam et Deus

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

She felt it like silk against her skin: anguished, as though a soft brush of needles has been combed over her naked heart. She was worried, and pranced back and forward like a fearful horse after a loud noise. Shadow and light combined, her face hid a small scar, her eyes pierced, yet she was almost blind now.

She waited, and awaited her dance- as the announcement reverberated, and the audience quieted. They had come so far, to see her: to support her and jeer at her. She was a prodigy, a paradox. An example of foreign oddness.

Fear sailed up her shivering form, and entered her veins, and conquered her heart. She breathed, and calmed, as her heart pounded, and her chest beat against solid air. Things slowed down, then began to speed up, as she closed her eyes and hoped. She trusts, does she not? Calm enters her, as she is left conflicted. On the stage, the music starts, it enters one, and encompasses. Ahead lies a leap of faith. She goes through the logic, as she prepares to run, her legs move, yet she calms her conflicted self, and feels her veins contract.

The rivers inside her skin move slower, and she steadies her heart rate as much as viable. Ahead lies a sharp light, and around it- all is dark. She breathes in, and brushes her hair, combing with naked hands, and then she walks forward. Her heart is now like a log, tossed in the sea, and it beats as though buoyed in a hurricane. The beat is constant in her ears, as her face becomes pale beyond comparing.

The figure walks towards her, and peace begins to radiate, like the sun shining on her form. The rhythmic beat hits like a soaking in torrid ocean waves. She prepares to faint, and faintly stumbles into view, as around the lit up area they stand on- darkness surrounds. She cannot see the crowd, she ignores them as best she is able. She nearly closes her eyes, as she prepares to dance, as gentle, and perfect hands clasp her waist, and as a beam of light shines against her. She notes now, she is wearing clothes- a shining, translucent pale blue dress, which shines and reflects- sparkling, swirling like waters turning: in the light.

Dressage. She prances like a horse... Together: as one flow, together- form molds. She floats, like a strand of shrubbery, blown in the wind. She sways- like the savanna- in torrents before the storm. There is electrical energy in the air- a calm coolness preceding the power of an ancient storm.

The crowd is agitated, some want to hurt her, some devalue her- she senses their stare, and shivers. Other admire, others are jealous- others still wish they were her, and still others want to see her dance. Her moves are sudden, dramatic in this act of passionate rhythm. She hardly knows to trust her partner, as he leads her in a dangerous pose. In every move she senses his stare- it sustains her more than love- fear of betraying him, who trusted her is greater than that of the watching crowd. In every moment, he watches her technique, it is flawless: least he grimace, it is perfect, least he leave her and no longer dance. She is scared, a fear twirling, like a black horse swirling: she is terrified, as one who loves the mirror of her soul, whose heart would fade, should she disappoint. She barely trusts, but movement takes her, she barely knows- but logic sustains her.

"Ecclesiam", Deus whispers her name, as she recognizes barely her partner, and they prepare to move again. She realizes she was frightened now, she sees the swaying crowd, and watches as they move.

"Ecclesiam... Dear, dear friend!" Ecclesiam glances up at Dues, at the partner she so loves... and sees her partner, barely flashing against the flowing of movement and light. Her heart takes longer to beat, surprise takes her, she dares not meet his eyes!

"You did... good...!" She barely remembered it, these near foreign words he said. It was soft, it was quiet, barely could she hear... "Now follow me, we have more to dance... ... ... Do not disappoint"

She holds his hand, she feels steady now. Her fears are lost, she's bathing in his tearing love.

Her form is perfect, technique matters so much. She aims in her self: now barely to please- her heart wont pass this down.

They do a dance, as light flashes around. She holds his hand, daring not to glance up. Her fear remains, yet so now does her hope. She dances now, freed: by her very technique; extravagant- for her exacting specification of pose. Her feet move faster, her eyes glance around. She stops, then moves, then isn't sure until her partner carries her forward into the blissfulness of dance.

This is her chance- the only one to please, this is her promise- her actions will make her married. She is God's fiancée, the church of the living God. This is where she has the opportunity- to impress him into marriage. When in love: we cherish our foolish loving, when in love- every risk is enough: yet, when in love with truth: truth must lead all things. We dance not with the audience, no: we make them wish they were us.

Perhaps, we are only the shoe, or a tiny part of her, but as long as we, as man and as woman: are the cherished woman: Ecclesiam: that pristine woman we call church: we dance with God himself, and we are entitled to what follows! We are like royalty, or the couple at their day: let us not forget our dignity, our birthright should we not forsake it.

All watch, and some applaud- as Ecclesiam and Deus end their dance- all around people begin to stand: inside her heart, the wild horse dances. All are impressed, she finished her dance, and shall dance forever with Deus: her partner. Her form won him for her, and his goodness, true oneness won her for him. Let us become Ecclesiam's flesh, let us be good- true and morally sane!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Judgement in the kingdom of Dust, in this veil of tears, the banishment from heaven!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sand blows immersed, and infused inside the small night breeze. In the distance, the ice creeks, and mourns an unknown death, as frost slowly seeks out the uncovered parts of the green grass, and in the distant sky there is a castle. Figures with wings, they slowly mount the passages, they move up and down- to a ladder which opens into light, and paradisaical beauty of heaven above. A sound, like the dying of an animal, or a crying child makes the ears freeze, as the combination of desert on one side, and paradise between, and icy tundra on the opposite comes to be noted.

We judge, do we not? Fiery expanses and ashes blow against our face! We see, and we define, sometimes we see paradox, snow in the desert, or many other things- yet do we now say that it is not snow- for our judgment. True judgment, Righteous Judgment- is but so often followed by war, or diplomacy- under the yellow, gold and white flag of freedom.

Real judgment is the sort which is observation- we see snow in the desert, and wonder at it- and consider what it means, and perhaps act. False judgments always are evils which attempt to lie- to say a person is not human, or snow is not snow. True judgment is apposed to heterodoxy- to common incorrect belief, to wrong assumption, to undefined precepts for action. Real judgment is noted of Saint Paul "The Spiritual Man- he judges all things- yet he is not judged" (Paraphrasing his wording in his letter to the believers in Corinth)- surely the rebuking of misinterpreting by some of the words of Jesus : "Judge not least you be Judged!"

To judge- we must always treat people as their dignity is- sometimes this means war, sometimes, it means enmity, or many things...

I describe this kingdom I see, I speak of opposites as one- yet opposites which are true in this kingdom. It is a fool who sees white falling in the desert and says- no, it is not so- and a mad fool also- for either he sees it, or he doesn't- yet to deny it is utterly devious, and harmful. In fact, it is apathy which does such damage- people who know something is wrong tolerate it- in other words, they judge- not man but God, who speaks in their conscience. Now, how much worse than judging another man! Those who lie to themselves and others about what they see- about their conscience, and tolerate evil without just reason- these judge God, and condemn the oppressed.

These crucify Christ on his cross. Non-judgment is utter foolish enmity with God. In fact, in Africa, we note the "unbiased" view of our leaders- as mass murderers and better men are treated as equals- as governments and terrorists are concerned as equal at the negotiating table. We see people starve for this apathy- which condemns itself utterly when it justifies itself via faith.

In the stream of the rivers of time- we see all things come to pass- but it is short term to treat right and wrong as equal- in fact- justice must be done. In the Congo we now see revenge for Rwanda taken.

Refugees, they are not saints- anger touches- and enters, hatred fills, these are people, with emotions- do not be surprised if they pick up arms. With one injustice, another chases it. When injustice is permitted- when terror is allowed- it continues- small and large.

It is the gravest of sins- that we should participate in mortal sin- by doing nothing. Let us judge utterly, but judge via truth, and the morality of faith, and the manner of faith's way forward. Light, it breaks the clouds, golden, and sunset- it enters the heart. Do not ignore conscience- but act prudently, and with timing which is of benefit- yet never ever back off from justice- for in this you condemn your soul!

Let us be prudent in judging- and act in just the right proportionate doses of action- in truth, and the prayer God wants of us!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The reality of the substance of knowledge, which is truth, or a means

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I look at the reflection in the water- light looks like electric shocks, or invisible scales, as it dynamically moves about the surface. The sky is reflected softly, even with aquatic transparency. I now shall speak of something as vital to man as our desire towards, of and for life-giving water, something as necessary, and daily needed:

Knowledge, such a word of note:

What it means is infinite, and undefinable- in effect, not definition!

Like a fountain of water, blue, mixed with turquoise, cyan and green, and white- sprouting water into a pool in one of those ancient looking cities- flowing knowledge, is beautiful knowledge.

We want to know, and others also do- we understand, and then we inform, or else secretly guard information- and politely use it to gain advances in our own dignity- our own means of survival.

So, love of knowledge- we name this practical, pragmatic. We flirt with danger to gain it- in the not entirely vanity driven fear of losing out, and we desire to gain from it.

Natural love of knowledge- is actually but something beautiful- something we must be proud of. When we learn, we feel happy- we need knowledge- in fact, our constant methods of doing things from knowledge- is how we conquer the planet. We may say it is communication, but this is a form of knowledge- and itself does nothing but relay knowledge to others- whether true or false.

The purpose of knowledge, is propagating our own survival, and making good our own intricate need to breathe, and be alive longer.

How then do we say some knowledge is bad- except that it is false knowledge, or improportionate- unhealthy, dangerous without context, or true perspective.

When we say faith saves- in fact, we say good knowledge saves- we say that understanding, and belief in good, solid true facts which are necessary to survival brings to man but freedom from insanity, from what we call sin, and into God's grace- and promises.

When we speak of improportion around knowledge- we understand the hunger and need for and of knowledge, that our fellow man has. To inform of false knowledge- is to give our fellow tools which do not help him survive- this is evil- because false knowledge damages people. Simply withholding knowledge- is not always evil, not either evil in itself is allowing one to continue in one false knowledge- if of another it means that if he had true knowledge- he would cause damage with it- and it would not save him in the long run, but condemn his soul, the channel of life into him.

In fact, false knowledge is dangerous- as our souls feed and live on truth- falsehood, if believed- damages our souls- the reservoirs, on which we are animated into being.

And so...

Faith saves, and faith destroys- it all lies on who, what and when and where we believe- belief is what gets us through, but also what destroys us and others- if false, or evilly disproportionate...

By belief, we control others, as though levitating the rainbow prism of their substance around us, like pink, blue, green, magenta, cyan, and purple ribbons floating and swirling in the air, like fire spreading, or a volcano erupting in endless passion.

By belief, we also are controlled, leveraged- and made into means of achievement by other beings- and this itself is not evil. It is only evil- when their use of us as means destroys the channel between our soul, or theirs- our winter store, and reservoir of life- and its source- Yahweh- Life, existence- Reality- the mediator in which we exist- "God", if we must say his common name. It is right to use people for good- but wrong to ignore their dignity, or use them in the wrong manner, or time, or as but tools- without choice or soul- for truly, man always has both! 'til death in the least we do!

What we believe determines who we are and who we have become. Our worldview determines how we act, our mannerisms, our culture, our core beliefs, values and causes. Who we are is the merging of two tsunami storms, the combining of two avalanches, the melting together of two flows of water currents, two oceans- two resonances- two sloping and twisting wall-like Icy snow sloaps.

These two- they are our evolutionary formation, and our events, choices, and observances!

09:00 - 09:16AM
15 November 2008
Marc Aupiais' Journal
Edited and altered for publication

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media and a non-democratic religion... give it some thought- we are not the same as our secular counterparts!

(Journey in a Broken World; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Our non-related Sister in Catholic journalism in South Africa- South Africa's Catholic Weekly, whom we sometime agree with, and sometimes really disagree with- the Southern Cross has two interesting editorials this week. Those who know me usually know that the word interesting often is a slur with me, and today I am somewhat disappointed in what we can expect to read this Sunday, when we buy the paper from our local churches.

I read two editorials, both of which are critical of the Vatican- one almost begging for women priests, and rebuking the Vatican for no taking action against "pedophile" priests, the other attacking the introduction of psychological testing in seminaries, saying it discourages homosexuals from the priesthood- because the guidelines aim at ensuring well fit priests for the job. Sadly, neither article is in line with what Catholic Culture would define as high fidelity. The same newspaper which attacked the view of the church on condoms, and I may add that the church has a much better scientific argument than the pro-condom advocates, is now attacking two policies in one week. The fact remains that it is an Excathedra statement of Pope John Paul the Second- which declares that the church has now not, nor ever will have any right to create "women priests", like divorce- a woman priest is something the church cannot ordain. The issue is closed.

So is it wrong to excommunicate those who support women priests- no, if they are in heresy, it is only fair to do so. The Southern Cross then says that the church should get rid of the sexual offenders, and stop mistreating the supporters of women priests, but is this mistreatment?

Canon law clearly excommunicates automatically all who ordain or are ordained as women priests. Canon law has a different penalty for sexual abuses. In other words, for the one, the people already are kicked out of the church- and this means the church believes they will very likely end their life with the devil in hades if they do not get re-infused into the church by correct ceremony. A priest who absolves his sexual partner of their sexual sin is also automatically excommunicated, except in danger of death.

An active homosexual lifestyle, is not only proven to shorten the lifespan, and contribute to levels of sexual disease, but also is directly condemned in the New and Old testaments, and in every statement on the matter by the church, from the earliest times, to Vatican II, to today!

As for homosexuality and the priesthood, the Southern Cross misinterprets the same document we ourselves have reported on. Its purpose is not to root out homosexuals, but to root out sexual predators, and those who cannot control their urges. Unless the Southern Cross wants to appose the papacy and Vatican II's authority, they must agree that the church should have no interest whatsoever in appointing men to the priesthood who will break with celibacy, yet already they seem in danger of Canon 1373, and 1371, of creating animosity against the papacy, or bishops over an act of ecclesiastical authority.

So, how does the Catholic media keep their superiors accountable, and the answer is- we don't.

In a democracy- freedom of speech is a vital sector of society, in an autocracy, it has a different purpose. The Catholic media is not a watchdog waiting to pounce on the church and call for resignations. We are called to respect authority above us. I certainly appose the South African Bishop who went around promoting condoms, even in other countries, and i have a right to, so what do I mean we are not a watchdog?

I mean- we are not telling people how to vote in the next bishop or pope, we don't vote for these, we just obey them or walk! The system is not a democracy, and so the subjects need a different sort of information.

If a bishop teaches heresy, they must be named and shamed- in such a way as to encourage repentance, counter their harm, and inform their superiors. If a bishop says something that is valid, you should not try to create animosity to them, as though this institutes change.

The role of our secular brothers- is to safeguard their democracies, the role of the Catholic media is to safeguard the pillar and foundation of our truth- our autocracy.

Where a bishops apposes a valid act of the papacy, by all means- we must appose this bishop, and not give him good press, but if we disagree with the bishop or papacy on a valid point- we have no right to publicly whip them in the press.

The sin of detraction, and the law of the church cautions one validly about media circuses and also that we are not to interfere via force in valid ecclesiastical choices and decisions. We may appose some of them- but have no right to appose dogmas such as the celibate male priesthood- the "enuchs made so by God" (Jesus of Nazareth).

It is not the media who runs the church, but the validly ordained bishops- we may advise- but in an autocracy- in general- it is best to give people the information to best cope with what superiors have said. If we are trying to move public opinion to gain our goal, against the wishes of the Vatican- then we do not want an autocracy, but a democracy. Democratic religion is so strongly condemned by the early Christians, and the bible, that we shall not mention it. Simply, a democratic religion changes truth.

I am disappointed in what the Southern Cross will distribute in our parishes this Sunday, as it is, we already have such troubles in Southern Africa, our country and church. Driving a larger wedge between the Magisterium and the laity will not help the situation, and yet our media seems so certain of their solution to the problem, that they seem almost oblivious to the idea that the Vatican has already investigated it. Condoms have a proven success rate in increasing aids, or so I am lead to believe by statistics- whereby Uganda is conquering the disease via abstinence, and in South Africa we simply get more of the disease through our condom happy campaigns.

History has shown time and again- Orthodoxy is potent- it spreads the faith and hurts persecution. If we are to solve the actual crisis in the modern church- I might suggest covering up our bishops actual gaps- by education the Catholic populace in Orthodoxy, as EWTN does on Radio Veritas, as our bishops would need to appreciate, as we are obeying their position by this. Let us be true Watchdogs- knowing that Watchdogs are loyal to their owners, and eat biscuits, and nice bowls of doggy food. Let us mimic our pope in Catholic media, let us be "God's Rottweilers"- watching not on our cultural desires, but keeping an eye on the dignity of the human person- and never letting it be attacked, even by someone attacking their own divine dignity. Our aid is at truth, not politics, not opinion, and as Catholics we believe that comes from tradition (I Timothy III verse XV). Our job is to spread the gospel and the truth, but we must realize that the church is pillar and foundation of this. Our basis must not be human rights, but human dignity, not kindness, but truth.

I invite my brothers at the Southern Cross to a new evangelism- how about next week publishing a justification of the Male celibate priesthood, and of the Vatican's choice to screen priests to end abuses more fully. Since when should catholics care about the "right" of gay people to be priests- no one has a right to be a priest- only the church has this right to appoint people. I truly am disappointed today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Church of Holy Sepulchre in danger of structural collapse

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. BBC (Secular) 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a treaty spacing hundreds of years- two Islamic families guard the keys to the sacred site- they open and close them. There is no "Protestant" or "Spiritualist" presence at the place Jesus is said to have died- these movements are young creatures as compared the ancient bodies who stand guard over every inch of the treaty. A ladder still remains up after seeing in 2 centuries, as it cannot be decided who has the right to take it down again. The +- 1700 year old church itself is part of a dispute about 900 years old, has seen crusades, and observed battles and history unfold around it. For about 300 years now, the treaty guarding each inch has been in place, and the two Muslim families have guarded the key for nearly a thousand years. Fights break out whenever something seems a threat to the so-called Status Quo treaty created by an Islamic representative centuries ago.

The problem is that as long as the parties fight over a certain section's need of repairs- the Jewish government has refused to fix the church structure, and the structure is estimated to be in grave danger of collapsing. The section involves the roof, where there is a dispute between the Egyptian and Ethiopian church. The Ethiopians were kicked out centuries ago, unable to pay rent, but built a monastery on the roof.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to view our tempting, how to comprehend our suffering, we who cry from all ends of the earth in anguish, and utterance of hoping suffering, and ut

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am drunk it seems, drunk not with alcohol, but with an insanity not my own. I know my actions are illogical, but it seems as I am powerless against them- that I shall fall, and I do.

Darkness merged with darkness, time stood still, around me something uncomfortable fills my sides, a black oil enters me, and surrounds me. I am drowning, as my heart bleeds, and turns to stone, heavy stone, like a constant pain.

Terror overcomes me, fear mixed in a sunset cocktail of ancient horror and terror. The trap surrounds me, as I shiver, and weep inside, and scream inside. Death itself enters me, and it seems- as though by my actions themselves- I pray to the devil- for his will to be done in the world. To the world my sin is small, non-existent, non-issues, healthy, sane, good- whatever it is. To me, I know I have failed, as clouds cover the heavens, and the sun becomes the color of black marble, and the yellow, orange, and green skies turn into a cocktail of terror.

Is this not what sin does to us, does it not create a deep gash in our chests, where our heart is, or affect our stomach, like a sickness, or like a dead beating heart in our throat like a rotten apple?

I do not exaggerate, by explaining the spiritual process of sin, but treat it as it is, as real as the physical, as solid, as rock solid as reality as the solid is.

And so, from all the earth we weep, and cry, our sackcloth a much sought out commodity, and yet is there any to comfort the sinner, or any who comfort all who have sinned, and broken their life, their soul- so that lava-like fiery scars cover their heart like veins? Indeed, to be sane, and in the state of mortal sin is a new horror for many a Catholic, to realize where they are and the horror of what they have done...

Immediately you may promise, and then without thought repeat your actions, the strongest oaths worth nothing to influence you.

Many now realize the power of the sacrament, they attend confession, and saturate the entire roster, with their presence, they go to church every Sunday and feast day, as God desired, and they live on the sacrament in their spirit. Both are good, and yet, when will the onslaught end. The stronger we get, the stronger the temptation. Our prayers only give us temporary safety, even hours worth of these, and our horrors become aeviternal scars. In fact, we will never be permitted to do away with sacrament, so long as we still live in the trials of the temporary plain, we cannot do without church on days of obligation, or confession at least once a year, but we can indeed even dare to say- conquer sin

Without the sacrament we are no-where in conquering sin, we must conquer it from within or not at all.

To stop sinning, we must become sane- and that is a horror. We start with the weeping within when our form commits a regular habit of sin, or acts like a mindless mythical creature. We start as we feel the horror of a mother who has lost her favorite child to a merciless, ruthless, unblinking, non-sleeping enemy. Darkness, like a mist thicker than blood- it covers us in our sin, and our energy in drained, our hope dying.

And so- we must determine to stop sinning immediately, not the day before our next confession, but today- and we must tell the priest everything needed inside the confessional. We must give him what we need in order to be healed by this spiritual warrior doctor, this... priest.

We must also vow to try never to sin again, and avoid, occasions of sin- if they be people, we may give them opportunity to change- but firstly value our own soul- saving another is never guaranteed. We then must use truth to set us free, even as we already have started via confession, on this long, winding dark path in the dusk of life- the dark just behind, the day ahead- walking in dusk- we race to find the ever-moving light. Indeed, the light is static, yet we must run to catch up, and will never reach it unless it invites us to join it. I know this- I have chased it countless times, and never reached it. I was spiritually exhausted, and losing water, yet my journey after the light was stunted, and I was barely alive by the time it reached me, specters of the night behind me, chasing me.

In fact, the night I sensed before my complete reversion- this was the lies and dangers of the world, of what in my dreams took the form of a deadly, ever-moving snake, which I aptly named kosmos (world). It seemed, I was only attempting to control the world, to fight it, and grapple, catch, or grab its neck to stop it biting me, but my accomplice in my dreams never gave up, and I never conquered it for good. This is how the world often acts, is it not- we try to control our lives, so that we are not hurt, in our small amounts- we compete to protect our forms, and fight like insane depraved wild creatures- to save our lives every time. Indeed, we should be so zealous for our lives, but what is our life, but our soul. That is the literal meaning of soul- breath is it not?

Kosmos still haunts me when I sin, his strength and size grow with my sins, and reduce to nothing with my consistent righteousness. He scared me allot, this phantom of dreams, often I would wake up sweating, even screaming. The reality of this, which is only a dream character- is so exemplified in a real snake I once found in my house, while walking bare-foot up my stairs, and over the small, angry, pitiable creature.

Our sin is like an external being, if we play with it, it only bites us and fills our veins with venom- which kills us. We must realize more than cautiously, more than boldly, in a complete infusion of belief- any desire to sin is a deception.

We must then look deep- to see what our actual need and want is- is it desire for freedom, to finally reveal the truth, to be good, to be successful, to be loved, or to love, to be accepted, to feel safe, or be comforted, or in comfort, or to comfort others, or be doing something of much purpose in living our gold dusted existence- in the darkness of our world? Whatever it is, we must find the natural desire, and decide to strengthen it, so as to chance away kosmos, our sin inducing snake. And when we fall- we must use the sacrament, no vow, no prayer, no hope can save us apart from the sacrament or its ghostly counterpart- whereby we would seek it if we knew of it, yet seek and obey truth as be it we can- real truth, not "defined" truth.

We must realize- Christ descended to our level, and went through temptation. How are we to gain our merit certificate, our crown, if we do not overcome an enemy. We are to see any temptation as an opportunity to prove ourselves, to grow our self, by conquering our sin- through self control, choice, and then finding our actual desire, likely with some aid of prayer- and kicking out the evil one by manifesting this desire, either at its rawest form, or else in another manifestation- which is healthy, and different. What is good- that is in the power and strength of God, so far as it is so, and preserves itself through goodness!

Oil of Gladness controversy ends

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In response to a complaint by a source we cannot site,via a letter seen by representation of South African Catholic- the international church has condemned what was reported as mass abuses in South Africa- the anointing of people with what was claimed as the "oil of gladness", which is not a sacrament, or sacramental, in such a way that it could be confused with this. This has been condemned. Today I attended a healing mass, at a church which did this during these, and the practice was explained by the priest to be discontinued due to the possibility as being seen as such. We did not report this while we had not had it confirmed by structures, now we are able to confirm a letter appearing on a site of a person who is believed to support the irregular group- SSPX. The complaint was made, and a reply was given. Orthodoxy has been increased in South Africa today, and the person who complained is to be commended for their efforts, and so we do so, and encourage orthodoxy, and even approaching the Vatican on such things when canon law is broken. While the actual response was weeks ago, we are cautious with SSPX supporters, and so had not reported on this.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Journey in a Borken world- the intriguing embarrassed redness, the conscience of the masses

(Journey in a Broken world)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Embarrassment is fear at its core, whether prompted by love or desire for success. It is the fear that we wont get what we desire. I have felt this before, mostly involving possible future feminine sides (girls I like or have liked), and sometimes I enjoyed embarrassment, and embarrassing myself quite publicly, and morally we must also may add, for conscience sake.

When watching movies, or television, I still wish I could lift the blanket or pillow above my head in an embarrassing scene, or when someone does something wrong or stupid, or naive. I even sometimes leave the room, I die of embarrassment for a character, or someone I do not know, and often have to check the source of my feelings, whether anger, or love, and to realize they are not mine, but another's, reflected in invisible empathy- so that I also feel this.

Embarrassment, is a function of survival, when one goes red, and friends point it out, one knows one has either done something one considers risky socially or something that is a societal "sin" of sorts. We do not get embarrassed when we are secure in our situation, rather- it is the environment of the overly bold, or those who feel stupid as though doing wrong. When no one is around, and it is not so in telling the priest- when I sin, I feel such embarrassment. I know that sin never does good- but hurts myself and others, even that which only lives within the mind of a man, or in secret. Our secrets are broadcast in the spiritual, and when in mortal sin, and loving it- a certain type of person would radiate towards me, when secretly in sin, another, when ashamed of sin, another, and when saintly, if I say so myself- another still.

People know our sins, I often read them in faces- or body language. When another has conscience working, we know they are doing wrong- because their body language, and that feel, that emotive power says so. Without conscience, it takes listening to intuitive truth or reality, to realize another is wrong.

The bible says we should be ashamed of our sins, and shame is embarrassment, is it not. In fact, and I have it verified in England and Canada- it is a South African thing- to say shame to someone who is embarrassed, out of empathy. Shame and embarrassment go hand in hand. Whether through physical evil- that which risks our physical form, or moral evil- that which destroys our spiritual source of life, our soul. Shame indeed- is fear of rejection, which is dangerous to our evolutionary form.

Moral evil in the end, destroys the physical, and so we feel shame for our sins.

In the mists of time, we feel unsafe, we feel safe, when we see things all around, we love clearness, but are fascinated by mystery. It is the joy of facing fears that makes walking into the mists of time and space so fascinating. It is doing what is mentally healthy that we enjoy so much. The sin of vanity, this is what it is- it is the seeking of embarrassment, of what should be the emotion of conquering fear, and yet- embarrassment is a healthy reminder- of what our mind says is risky. Sometimes it is healthy to overcome, but never when it is against God.

Ultimately, what embarrasses us is not to be ignored, but taken into account- it tells us of how we view our world and surrounds. Having taken our emotion's advice- we then must take our intuition's advice, and listening carefully to intuition, while telling it what we have discovered- which delicately tells us if we should obey or disobey the warning of our fear of shame.

Journey in a Broken World- over 150 Priests, and religious investigated for sexual abuse over past 68 years- Dublin

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. News 24 (Secular i.e. Non-Catholic) 07/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Dublin Archdiocese has released figures that in the past 68 years, over 150 priests and religious, in the Archdiocese have been investigated for possible sexual abuse. There have been several convictions of late, and the Archdiocese asks those with information to approach police, child services and the church. Catholics used to be excommunicated within three months if they did not report sexual abuse, or vow to, within the context of the pretext or actuality of the sacrament of confession, however we have not found this in the 1983 version of Canon law. Rather- priests, and false accusers are to be punished according to Canon 1387, 1389, and 1390- which require actions against those allowing harm- by those responsible with ecclesiastical authority and jurisdiction, discipline of guilty priests, and punishment for false accusers also, and those in authority within the church- who refuse to prevent harms being done via such.

Canon 1389 provides for punishment of those abusing ecclesiastical authority, or not acting against others, who carry guilt if given ecclesiastical authority.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vatican- Financial Crisis spreads to Holy City- Laymen to Cardinals to clock in and out

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Bloomberg (Secular) 04/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Despite the awesome Liturgical uniforms we all associate with church officials, now, with the credit crunch, the Vatican is getting employees to swipe their way in and out of work with magnetic cards- to get rid of slackers. The practice which was lifted under Pope John XXIII, is that of keeping such tabs on employees working for the Vatican, via clocking in and out. The reforms will enter into action 1 January next year. It comes with efforts to punish bad workers with pay cuts, and reward good ones with bonuses. It comes in accordance with the Christian concept of the Catholic Christian church- of "if a man wants to eat, let him do something useful with his time", if he refuses to do something useful, let him not be supported, that is to allow those who cannot work, or cannot find work, to get what they need.

Apology and Retraction, previous Article also fixed up!

(Tridentine South and Southern Africa; South African Catholic; Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a recent article, I mentioned, while rebuking the organization SSPX- that Vatican II asked for English to be complimented in Latin also- while for ignorance, I do not hold guilt for this, I believe i violated canon 1372 to some degree, and issue an official apology. I also mentioned "South Africa's Liberal Bishops", I should have said, possibly some of our more liberal bishops- and not generalized, nor do I mean this in the American sense of the word. I also did not mention that it could have been other factors. I was speaking not just as an apologist, but as a person who has had a close friend decide to join the SSPX, I was attempting to place this in context, and also rebuke the organization, but in doing this I fell for some of their arguments, while not for their main thrust, I apologize for this. I pride myself in my high rating for fidelity, and apologize, and as with my previous policy, vow never to cover up a mistake in such matters, and so have not only removed my mistakes as best I can, but also am bringing my own self up on these- so that it is clear that I have made an error in what I said. I will research my handy translation of Canon Law in order to further address any other errors. As I was again reading Canon Law to address the above issue, I noticed that I mentioned that the Rwandan President was wanted to be tried for murder, but it seems only the papacy has the right to try an active head of state, and so I will not go along with the statements of the secular media in regards this. Rather- I apologize for any place, way or time I am ever in error, and revoke utterly anything I say morally or doctrinally, which now or ever contradicts the Holy Magisterium, Holy Tradition, or Public Revelation.

As I said, I will inform of any errors of my own quite publicly, when it comes to issues when this is the decent thing to do. If I am incorrect in anything I have said, please inform me, I will alter any errors. I am old in apologetics, but new in journalism.

I also have allot of respect for South Africa's bishops, and again apologize if my article at all aided the leadership of the radical traditionalists, it was an error in my theology which I utmost revoke to quote Vatican II on the issue as i have, without also mentioning, as I now have- the later pronouncements and acts of the papacy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abortion- and our crisis- how many Catholic bishops are automatically excommunicated- we need to admit this and replace them!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Recently a close friend of mine mentioned he had joined the SSPX. We always talk about coming out of the closet, it is something gay people did (My friend is perfectly strait)- probably with bad connotations, but I don't think this friend was coming out of the closet, he had been wrestling with it for a while now, and it seems he finally gave in. The Latin was important to him, and there have been monkey games in South Africa- he traveled all the way to Pretoria for a final meeting on setting up the Tridentine rite here, and the priest suddenly withdrew- probably under the influence of South Africa's more liberal bishops, or possibly for personal reasons. In essence, I think my friend had had enough. He is right, to a degree at least, but not to the extent of his choice- I personally see- Vatican Two allowed for some use of English- but for a Latin Norm, and for the use of English which is by churches to be supplemented in every mass by some Latin. In other words, I do not disagree that many leaders of the church are not applying the actual recommendations in this section, of Vatican II.

The problem in his stance also lies in canon 1372 of Canon Law- in that if we appeal to a council of the church in opposition of an act of the pope- we are to be punished with a censure- that is to say- that while I for instance believe that Latin may have huge benefit, should I say the Vernacular is not valid- and quote a council to do so- I am in fact violating Canon law.

Jesus said- it is impossible for any person to convert, but that what is impossible is not impossible to God. This is to say that if we focus so much on livening up the mass, or making it understandable- we lose the battle, because we are trying to save the world on human, not divine resources. In my archdiocese- 9 out of ten catholics do not attend mass on Sunday, and the Protestant population is probably worse off. We have a serious issue, and instead of going back to God's recommendations at the Holy Council- we are trying our own human ways to save our church, this said- the stance of the current church is valid, and what I say is not in opposition to the union of bishops- in that Latin is of benefit, but also we must remember Canon 1372. The church is a sacrament, through which all sacraments are gained. The Sacrament is the name given to the Roman Empire's military pledge of allegiance, it is a word which appears in the Bible, when Saint Peter (I Peter chapter 3 verse 21) says that it is not the water of baptism, but the Sacrament of a good conscience to God which saves us. Basically- the Sacrament is the pledge- the acting which happens in two plains, our plain where actions happen, and the spiritual, where God accompanies these loyal actions with grace. At the heart of Sacramental Theology, Catholic Theology- is the idea that obedience gets grace- and only obedience and faith can save us.

The problem my friend has yet to address- and the argument above is mine, not his- is that the SSPX are in an irregular canonical position- because their bishops broke canon law, and were automatically excommunicated. I myself believe that no small amount of disobedience can save- I believe in subsidarity- that we obey God in obedience to the church, but where God demands we act against it so be it- but God placed the liturgy in the hands of the papacy.

He appointed the bishops to safeguard the church, even if they disobey him. Saint Peter certainly did, when he chose to sit with the Jews apart from the gentiles for the sake of their cause. God himself would one day reduce utterly the amount of Jewish converts- and Saint Peter was not aiding the cause of the church- in fact, Saint Paul heavily rebukes him. He says- you hypocrite. Saint Paul knew that the essence of the gospel was at stake, and attacked Saint Peter's actions, actions which were not infallible, but human, and popes are human, even as at certain times they yield to the divine by asking to be clear of moral and doctrinal error in their words.

What Saint Paul did not do is join an irregularly positioned order of the church, no- he challenged the first Pope as a hypocrite- and worked to change things from within, but he did not join any odd group within.

Now, saying this- I must approach another issue- EWTN notes it softly on their website, but I note it as loudly as possible. Those who support abortion- through action, or silence, who vote for a party which does or is likely to support abortion, who allow this plague strength in our nations and cultures, in any way as to allow even one additional abortion- are excommunicated from the Catholic church.

Recently, when a bishop stood against abortion and the Democrats, who in 1992 caused the current financial crises, a group of nuns wrote the papers, apposing the bishop- in support of Obama. These nuns, in this action are no longer Catholics- they excommunicated themselves. The Canadian bishops who participated in a pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality march, the Catholic Women's league in Canada's leadership who did, and the bishops who did not appose this stance in Canada- are also automatically excommunicated under canon law, and so are many bishops, and media persons in South Africa, and America and Australia and around the world. It is not simply a fight for the culture of life- any Catholic who aids and abets the cause of abortion- is excommunicated.

The Bishops of SSPX, are also excommunicated by an automatic excommunication- via the appointing of bishops against the express objections of the Holy See. Summorum Pontificum, was actually initially the brain-child of Pope John Paul the Second, not Benedict XVI. The act of schism by the bishops of the SSPX, was it seems unnecessary. In fact, it could be why we face so much opposition today in the church to the Latin Mass, asked for by Vatican II, and Trent, and used for all ages until now, and by Pope Benedict XVI, when he says mass.

We however have a dual problem, the church has been wise in noting that the SSPX bishops are excommunicated, they have been unwise in not replacing also- the bishops who are excommunicated on the other fringe- for support of the intrinsic evil of abortion. It is no wonder these bishops and priests also push for gay marriage, and women priests. They have already been cut from the vine of the Catholic church- they no longer are Catholic bishops, but simple administrators, who need to be replaced, because they have left the flock via excommunication. Perhaps the crisis with vocations- and the opposition to the Latin Liturgy of the ages- and the open opposition by many to our Pope, Holy Father- Benedict XVI- lies in the fact that these bishops, priests, nuns, monks and others, including laymen- now operate from outside the church. These people who have given up their lives for Christ and service to the church- are no longer of her flock, and those not of the flock are not worth listening to on matters of doctrine and morals, for Catholics.

Our salvation, and the salvation of the church- lies non in schism, for the bible directly says "Schisms are evil" (Paul writing to the Corinthians), but rather- it must come through obedience, through obeying the letter of Canon Law- as many Charismatics, Traditionalist, and Liberals- have forfeited, for the sake of evangelization- also forfeiting from God- the grace needed and vital to carry this out.

Let us follow the example of Josemaria Escriva', let us be utterly Orthodox, but do it within Canon law, and within the church, but also- our leaders need to clarify and replace those bishops who have either supported one extreme or the other. Those outside the church must no longer pretend to govern her provinces. The sees of those who have supported abortion, and not returned to the church, are empty. This said, just like with SSPX, one is not excommunicated by attending mass in a diocese where the bishop should be replaced. This also said- we are discouraged from attending SSPX masses, this is considered an occasion to sin, and occasions to sin we promise to avoid every confession. Yes, if our life is at risk we may attend it, but not simply to get our daily Latin. The same applies to these excommunicated priests and bishops- we are not lifted of our Sunday obligation, but we should attend masses where the priest is against abortion, and the church, is in fact obligated by morals and conscience, I truly believe that they should take the same steps against these bishops and priests as they did against the SSPX. They need to replace them, and inform them and the world, that these people no longer represent the Catholic church, and full the empty sees, whether by repentance on the part of these bishops, or by replacing them. Something needs to be done, for the salvation of souls.

We have enough Orthodox bishops to survive, and perhaps this small loss in numbers- will bring much in ways of salvation. Once again we need to trust God, and admit to ourselves, and the world- the Truth, about what is and isn't true, and what is and isn't Catholic. What I love about Catholicism, is that I doubt these excommunicated people get any reprieve in obeying every other regulation of the church. Even in mortal sin, every small evil we do- allows for more evil in our self, and world. Let us obey our bishops, and love them for who they represent.

Surely- God created a church for a reason- we may appeal for changes- but we must never despise, nor lead others to despise the authority of our valid bishops, and our pope.

Journey in a Broken World-The Valley of Happiness, and the way we just try to find joy!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is surrounded by high cliffs, almost like a canyon- it is invisible to most, yet the air within it- it is thicker than water, and breathing is like drinking. The temperature is warm, with a light cool breeze, which lifts off small splashes of water from the stream, where fish skim the clear, clean water from a nearby waterfall, and flowers dot the greenery, and beautiful rocks, and old ancient trees shadow the riverside next to the small cottage where people are allowed to live.

Is this happiness, to live here? Surely- all one's needs are fulfilled, perhaps we add the ripeness of bountiful juicy fruits, and a small loving family. Is this our ultimate ideal in life. I certainly wouldn't mind such a place, as long as I can have a few loving pets to wonder around, and dangerous animals excluded.

God says that every person seeks happiness, but that ultimately it is only found in him, we may find substitutions, but really they were designed to compliment, not replace lasting joy. Now, what I have described makes you happy, does it not- it is private and perfect, it makes one happy because it fulfills all our survival needs and basic psychological needs. What if I could just offer pure happiness, apart from needs fulfilled?

This is when those who automatically opted yes for my previous ideas- may reconsider. What if instead of this place, we have a cold, rocky, barren valley- with a trickle of water, and barely enough food to eat, but where there was a gas in the air which makes one happy all the time? Or even let us place much food and supplies into our valley, make it the previous place, and add the gas to make you happy?

You would not sow, nor harvest, you would not love, nor care- why do so without the threat of pain? Or perhaps would you?

Heaven is perfect happiness, but those who have too much happiness without deserving it lose their minds, those who do not train themselves into perfect mental sanity, and self control- to these perfect happiness is deadly.

Every emotion of our body is natural, and God given, if treated in proportion, and as what it truly is, and not what we think it to be. Emotions are good, if controlled by intuitive reason.

Now, God wants his children to be self controlled, and perfectly sane. Faith refers to acceptance of a world-view does it not? And by our world-view, our actions are determined. We are either the most foolish or wisest of all people, in fact sanity must be the perfection of the moral life- perfect sanity- world-view and connection with truth that is.

To survive in heaven, our souls must be perfectly sane, or the insanity would be destroying us. Pain keeps us sober- and perhaps our other option is God's mercy- for sanity is our most treasured trait after life itself. Let us aspire always for the divine sanity.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Justice- the spray of the tide of life- that which we die for, and desire- should it break the marble flaw of existence

(Journey in a Broken World)

Mercy to oppressors is cruelty to the oppressed, perhaps we need explain it...

Even a butterfly's wings can cause a storm, any fragment of good can affect all, and even a whispered lie one does not even say influences the world for evil. We may not say it, but still it affects the culture of our soul. Sometimes it is murder not to kill, sometimes it is kidnapping not to restrain an aggressor- this is the premise, the foundation of law.

We live in a spiritual and physical world, and what happens in the physical can be amplified 100 times in the spiritual, and the spiritual itself inebriates all in the physical. All is connected, and God considers actions in big and small, even lack of actions- of equal importance in judging us, so far as their species says what our soul is. Some actions cause a huge gash in our soul, and these need treatment should we desire not to die, others will heal with time, and the pain of antiseptic. God's name is Reality- and he judges by what is- and that is why we say we cause our own judgment- for he but keeps the mold to our soul- our actions cause the damage and goodness- he just places us where we are best to place, and renovates when like some animals- we open ourselves to healing, and destroys when we open our chest to destruction. He does what we cause him to, to cross him is to walk into fire, it is as though he were an area, a scene in a forest, which we choose to interact with. If we choose to scrape our hands on thorns, it is our choice, should we find the cure to the cut, also ours. God does not change- we choose where to live in our forest, our relationships with the Almighty.

Now, this spiritual, it is more solid than the physical, its substance more precise, more defined, like a marble statue, carved with laser light- it is exacting and eternal. Once it has been molded, it will last forever. To spare an evil man is to encourage his behavior- this is why God does not forgive, even through confession- should we not repent of our sins. And we too sin if we let evil go unpunished when we may legitimately punish wrong. A good motto is Justice not charity- it says what helping the weak truly entails- it recognizes that our freedom is not given us without a price. We have no option but to intervene against evil, or we shall have become what we do not appose- depraved madmen who do things any sane right minded person would be ashamed of.

With our actions, we help our neighbors to carve their own statues, their forms in which their existence after the carving has stopped- will remain as forever.

When we do not take a stance for human dignity- when we do not defend the dignity, even of those who willingly allow theirs to be abused- we are guilty of helping them to carve a misshapen shell in which they, like hermit crabs- will live in forever.

Justice resonates, it fills one's entire form- Wrath is the excess, or lack of correct justice, too much, or too little action is evil. We sin with what we do, but how much worse by what we neglect to do?

Let us always aim at truth, seeking it, obeying it, recognizing it and treating all things as they are. There is no such thing as conversion, or repentance, or hope, or salvation, apart from God. We can only win our conquest by his side- and so let us fight in his way- so as not to see him leave for another battle, and ride into the distance without our hope.

Every small justice will change the world, so far as it is tactical, and wise. Evil is indeed affected by a good example, and good people can do good indirectly, via their influence on the souls of evil men and people. Until evil changes- should we be the bad doctor who lies to his patient and to the world about a condition still present? Without necessity, we should not reveal another's sins and weaknesses- but let us not cause harm, and be guilty of sin through silence when justice demands a voice.

May God bless us with true kindness, but let our kindness, and our justice, our mercy, and our plenty- all be in healthy proportion, controlled by reasonable reason and sanity. Let us put all in its place- and know that both mercy and justice are love acting in different conditions. The sin lies in giving mercy when love gives justice, or justice, when love demands mercy. Mercy is justice, it is due, perhaps not by another's goodness- but by acting so as to change them, or do some small good, or it does not do good. When it does good, we also sometimes let go of justice for a while, but we must be cautious in matters of justice.

Vatican- Pope- No differences between faith and science- at evolution conference in which only those allowing for evolution to be true were invited

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Catholic News Agency 31/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Creationists not welcome- is a message that has been sent out of late by the Vatican, and a message which is highly welcome in Catholic communities which face continued fanaticism from groups, considered by Rome to be twisting scientific theory to suit their political agendas.

The Pope used his address to delegates to reaffirm the acceptance by the Church of the validity as science, of the theory of evolution, and to note that the faith has nothing against the theory, which two popes before him have also showed interest in. He also strongly apposed the idea that God could not have made the universe- Benedict XVI believes faith and reason to each be indispensable in viewing the world. Neither science has a right to usurp valid sections of its interlocking field.

The Catholic concept of time as compared aeviternity, is explored by Saint Thomas Aquinas, who notes as an idea- that all events come from the first event, and that time is the measure of before and after in movement. The Pope notes that evolution literally refers to the unraveling of a scroll- and that many scientists believed that time was almost like a book being written.

The flood in Genesis ("origins") is referred to as covering all the land- by modern Catholic thought- this is thought to refer to the country in which Noah lived, at a time when the world was comparatively uninhabited as compared to today. The period of this small local, but anthropologically universal flood has yet to be determined. While evolution is viewed very positively in Catholic doctrine, it is noted there were an Adam and an Eve- a first man and first woman, and that man's soul is always a creation of God, who is Life.

Truth cannot contradict truth is a strong ideal in Catholic dogma- and Catholics are supposed to separate theology and science into their own fields- but even so- natural science and natural theology should never contradict- as both, if pursued with reason- should never contradict.

Journey in a Broken World- Spanish Queen attacks gay marriage, abortion

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 31/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In her latest Bibliography, an update of one 13 years ago, the Queen of Spain was quoted as attacking Gay marriage as not marriage- asking that it drop the term marriage, as not understanding gay pride, nor parades of this, or why they got on floats. She also attacked abortion.

Spain recently created the first "Designer baby"- a child who was chosen from a number of embryos(the other babies disposed of), to be a perpetual blood donor for a biological brother who had a blood disease. Spain has legalized gay marriage (2005), and abortion is also legal in the country.


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