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Happy New Year: Remember to go to church on Thursday

Happy New Year from us, remember to go to church on Thursday: January 1st!

What are the 10 Holy Days of Obligation

(Journey in a Broken World )
(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Canon 1246, of the Universal law of the Church: Canon Law, demands: that in addition to Sundays: unless a bishops conference transfers, or alters, with Vatican permission: such: 10 days of Obligation are to be celebrated in the Holy Church. If this is revoked: it needs permission by the Vatican. South Africa has published no information on these in South Africa: to my knowledge: for this reason: we shall simply give the dates of each of these: and assume until further notice: that we are obligated to attend on these: (In South Africa: one must attend on three days other than Sundays: c.f. Days of Holy Obligation in South Africa)

Holy Days of Obligation in the Universal Church: (Day in Red, date in black)

1) The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ : Which is on 25th December: yearly (Christmas Day).

2) The Epiphany : Which is on 6th January: yearly.
3) The Ascension : Which is on the Thursday of the Sixth Week of the Easter season.
4) The Body and Blood of Christ : Which is on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which is the Sunday after Pentecost, which is also a Sunday. (11 days aft Pentecost: given below)
5) Holy Mary: the Mother of God : Which is on 1st of January: yearly
6) The Immaculate Conception of Mary : Which is on 8th December, Yearly
7) The Assumption into Heaven: of the blessed Virgin Mary : Which is on 15th August, yearly
8) Saint Joseph : Which is on 19th March, yearly.
9) Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles : Which is on 29 June, yearly.
10) All Saints : Which is on 1st November, yearly.

Much of this information is based on:
and The Sunday Missal, and
Most churches list feast days in the week: if the list shows a day on a Sunday instead, then your church has changed it in your area.
According to the Sunday Missal: Pentacost until 2040 will be: (given in pink, in dark red is Corpus Christi (Body of Christ: called the The Body and Blood of Christ above: a feast day))
2009: 31st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 11th June
2010: 23rd May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 03th June
2011: 12th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 23th June
2012: 27th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 07th June
2013: 19th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 30th May
2014: 08th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 19th June
2015: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th June
2016: 15th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 26th May
2017: 04th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 15th June
2018: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May
2019: 09th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 20th June

2020: 31st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 11th June
2021: 23st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 03th June
2022: 05th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 16th June
2023: 28th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 08th June
2024: 19th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 30th May
2025: 08th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 19th June
2026: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th June
2027: 16th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 27th May
2028: 04th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 15th June
2029: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May

2030: 09th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 20th June
2031: 01th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 12th June
2032: 16th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 27th May
2033: 05th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 16th June
2034: 28th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 08th June
2035: 13th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 24th May
2036: 01th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 12th May
2037: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th May
2038: 13th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 24th May
2039: 29th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 09th June

2040: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May

Information compiled on date of Corpus Christi: from Sunday Missal (2005; Collins; England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland version)
Holy Days of Obligation in the Universal Catholic Church (Latin Rite):

the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Epiphany, the Ascension, the Body and Blood of Christ, Holy Mary the Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her Assumption, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles, and All Saints.

Some canons of note:


Can. 1246 §1. Sunday, on which by apostolic tradition the paschal mystery is celebrated, must be observed in the universal Church as the primordial holy day ofobligation. The following days must also be observed: the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Epiphany, the Ascension, the Body and Blood of Christ, Holy Marythe Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her Assumption, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles, and All Saints.
§2. With the prior approval of the Apostolic See, however, the conference of bishops can suppress some of the holy days of obligation or transfer them to a Sunday.
Can. 1247 On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass.
Moreover, they are to abstain from those works and affairs which hinder the worship to be rendered to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s day, or the suitablerelaxation of mind and body.
Can. 1248 §1. A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies theobligation of participating in the Mass.
§2. If participation in the eucharistic celebration becomes impossible because of the absence of a sacred minister or for another grave cause, it is stronglyrecommended that the faithful take part in a liturgy of the word if such a liturgy is celebrated in a parish church or other sacred place according to the prescripts of thediocesan bishop or that they devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families." (Adapted into proper English)

In South Africa: one must attend on three days other than Sundays: c.f. Days of Holy Obligation in South Africa

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Augustine's Son : Continued: How Augustine kept his Son

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am quite amazed at what one of my fellows in this service has found: they pointed me to an article in the Original Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent's online version), about Augustine's son.

"Finally they separated. "She was stronger than I", wrote St. Augustine, "and made her sacrificewith a courage and a generosity which I was not strong enough to imitate." She returned to Carthage, whence she had come, and the grace which had led her tosacrifice the object of her affection further impelled her to bury herself in amonastery, where she might atone for the sin which had been the price so long paid for it. She left the brilliant young boy, Adeodatus, with his father. Seeing the wonderful intelligence of his son, Augustine felt a sort of awe. "The grandeur of hismind filled me with a kind of terror", he says himself (De beata vita, c. vi).Augustine received baptism at the age of thirty-two from the hands of St. Ambrose, the intimate friend of St. Monica and himself. To augment his joy, Adeodatus, AlypiusAugustine's life-long associate, and a number of his closest friends, all became Christians on the same occasion and received baptism together.MonicaAugustine, Adeodatus, who was now fifteen, and a son of Grace, if indeed "the child of my sin", as Augustine had styled him in the bitterness of self-reproach and contrition, together with the loyal Alypius, dwelt together in a villa at Cassiciacum, near Milan. The many conversations and investigations into holyquestions and truths made it a Christian Academy, of more exalted philosophy thanPlato's. Adeodatus had his full share in many of these learned discussions. He appears as interlocutor in his father's treatise De beata vita (puer ille minimusomnium -- that boy, the youngest of them all), and contributed largely to the treatise De Magistro, written two years later. He appears to have died soon after, in his sixteenth year."

And so, the son disappears: because he died, but he was with Augustine, he was never abandoned. I am so pleased that such people are so esteemed, whom I may contact with: I could not find this Son of Augustine: yet they find undoubtedly one of the best sources in modern history: and more than that: it justifies Augustine fully of the evil lie against him.

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Death of Church, Nation and Humanity: the threat of modern totalitarianism: of and in Democracies

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There are issues where one can only ever have one answer: abortion is always genocide: and it is proven that when nations introduce contraception, then abortion: it destroys the culture, family and economy. In fact, one of my major estimates: is the complete destruction, not only of American power, but of Europe, and all the western world: something which is not far off if no change is made.

According to the Ancients, concord is the foundation of a society: the politician needs concord: but we have a problem: false concord always gives undesirable potentially catastrophic people power: points in Example: men like Barak Obama: and while I dare as yet not call him much: fact remains: in Catholic Morality: Nelson Mandela is 99% likely to not ever reach heaven.

Now, both figures have huge support, neither is the man who the media portrays. You see, we love to ignore the evil in politicians: it helps us assassinate our conscience, or accept the "New" and "Wonderful". Mandela endorsed rugby, so many South Africans endorsed him. Many times, I hear also of hopes this or that "Celebrity" is Christian, and fights when this is dispelled. In Catholic Morality: there is very little which could possible balance the bad effect on the World, by Bono of U2: more than that: there should have been good forces in his place: his presence took up a sport where better men could have stood. The same is true of "Amnesty International", or "Human Rights Watch". When these people have their people arrested: I even exclude such articles from See What We See. Because I see no reason to give them publicity, or spring their people from jail: it would be immoral to help them, because they are not good.

Now, evil is not the opposite of good: but a lack of good where there should be good.

So, when people agree to heroize the Nelson Mandelas of the world: even when they go against what should be international law: even when they do one of the 7 things: which Catholicism declares: always destroys a society, and dooms its population to discord: we in fact neglect to heroize those who can really do all these persons do which is good: without their moral incalculable harm (by the Catholic definition).

You see, South Africans often love to hate Mr Zuma, but he'd have no power 'cept in the failures, and refusal to hear international reason: of Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki has lost countless lives to aids: for insisting that plants could help, and neglecting medicine: and all the more for his support of condoms: the atmosphere around their campaigns: often increases promiscuity: further hurts society: and increases STDs, or at least hasn't solved he problem in any real way.

We hear his (Zuma's) followers and fear civil war, or genocide: when under Mandela even: the ANC proported article 2, section d of it.

Now, back onto Concord: when there is a truth, like gravity: we can agree, and accept it. When there is something universal, as with music: we take joy as one. In acknowledging truth, we all agree: and in acknowledging a lie, we blind ourselves, and compromise our freedom.

We say we need multi-party democracy, which could go any way: but really: we need accountability. Democracy needs voters who are always ready to vote for the most sane option. There are 7 options which always go bad. Look to Spain: they stole christmas: and have attacked all religion, and elected the worst possible government in response to the Madrid bombings. America also: since 9/11 has turned into a monster: like a vampire bitten by Al Quaeda: It is a human rights abuser: more even than it always has been.

Now, in response to evil: America mimicked evil, and in response to that evil: it elected Barak Obama: who is worse than Bush, or any competitor: this a man who voted to allow infanticide in failed abortions.

It elected the Democrats on fears of economy, when in 1992, it was the Democrats who wrecked their economy, by refusing a Republican proposal to regulate more powerfully their financial sector. Yet they elect the democrats to solve it?

Now, for the EU: Europe is attacking its culture, and culture is the basis of ethics: it is basically that concord we speak of: and that concord is only good if based on truth and the common good. Even if culture has bad elements: the good should oft be preserved, yet Europe is even arresting, or fining those who preserve her history: and America, and Britain have long since disposed of a culture which is advantageous. The Republican style Americans sell fear, the Democrats are a source of fear. America has foolishly endorsed a two party system: and focussed : each on their own skin: and for this they are doomed: if not now: later: for they have lost accountability.

Now, if a culture works for the common good of that culture there is concord: therefore: justice: which ensures the common good: is the basis of concord and society: and rational, and ethical thought is the basis of laws: which are not justice, but a manner of enforcing it. True culture aims at a common good: it therefore is a result, and tool of justice: or else simply circumstance: which causes injustice: and discord.

Business relies on concord: the aid given Up North is perhaps the equivalent of the amount lost each year to corruption: probably less: and each time this is lost: it goes into forces like crime, or corruption: or political maneuvering for some or other contrary force apposed to the good of the people. Africa has not recovered, because of corruption: corruption which is fed by the same nations which judge it so harshly. These nations also provide media and entertainment: which teaches Africa to continue in selfish actions. The ideals taught us in western, particularially American media: are in fact disruptions to concord: the basis of any society.

Now we are told to create peace in Africa, by negotiations: yet what hostage negotiator allows the hostage taker to escape prison: there is merit in negotiation: but unless justice is meted out on oppressors: the society is dead: and will not recover until justice is restored.

Now, Europe and America: they attack the unborn child: and therefore the principal of justice itself: for the advantage of one selfish person, another may "freely" be killed at a local health care facility.

Also, contraception reeks of distrust, and so: they create distrust in relationships, and a fluidity which says that one can leave when it gets tough: and regulate how much love they would give. Correct me if wrong: but Black South Africa: sadly: when those in it become wealthy: they become White South Africa: is this not partially because the Apartheid Government purposely attacked the Family: to destroy the culture, and concord: and therefore the power of their "enemy"? Perhaps: it is that the wealthy are educated a white schools: still; it is very seldom that these keep any form of culture, yet seem to fall into western culture.

The reason the 7 non-negotiables are so vital: is that they preserve the foundations of democracy: democracy is not preserved by many parties: but by justice and accountability: especially on these 7 issues.

Now, the west thinks Africa needs business: but the business they export: bribes our officials: and throws us even more out of becoming a society: and the media they sell: destroys our own culture: while replacing what is good in it with selfish interests. Canada is better here, many shows from them and France: are better than American shows: so far as we import them: but still there is such an issue. Perhaps Cicero would cry if he saw our world today.

So, instead of focussing on the foundations of freedom: we focus on freedom itself: and attempt to gain it by force yet while allowing the route cause of our imprisonments to continue.

For those thinking the IRA has lead to a more free Ireland: if they had not resorted to killing civilians and Hostage taking: they would have: but they have resorted to absolute evil: and terrorism always produces something bad: imagine if they had used the right methods: and had done a just uprising instead of an unjust one?

Al Qaeda also is not a good influence: they have launched abuses against Islamic people: by their enemies: in increasing violence, and prejudice: they also have empowered American men: who are evil: and in Spain: caused a hatred of religion which causes such persecution: and a destruction of right culture.

And so: if Europe continues to destroy its culture: it will either fall into a sort of collapse: or lose its economy: or yield to Islam: though likely not those whose historic bloodlines are European.

America also has lost her democracy: because she lost her justice and concord. And all these states are heading slowly into the Abyss of Rome's doom: unless they embrace culture and concord. Religion being one of the main elements in a culture: as proved by the power of early Islam, and early Judaism, and early Christianity to unite.

Now, freedom of speech is good: but one need only look at the Catholic church in South Africa to see the result of allowing the forces of discord freedom: I can go to 7 different priests, and get 7 different definitions of what is moral, yes: there is one Catechism definition, but often this is neglected: I can also realize that discord is gaining slowly in my church. This is because people are not accountable for actions: that is also how the American Abuses occurred: the worst abuser: if he is assured harsh punishment: could become near a saint: and yet, our societies are no longer about justice: and therefore are under dire threat of destruction.

Now, the reason why monarchies worked at all was the introduction of law and justice: these reduced some forms of fighting but caused others. A king, however is not accountable, except to Emperors or other kings, and to death: meaning that they could do as they pleased. This is why royalty were so immoral and evil at times: this is how an ancient King of Luxembourg managed to be recorded, perhaps wrongly: as slaughtering Protestant children.

There is no problem with the Catholic religion: it is perfect, but there is a problem: when her foundation of rock : of truth and justice: which is the true acting of charity in almost all occurrences: is sacrificed: out of care for persons, or attempts to rule softly.

The Magisterium is our base as Catholics: but this basis also must yield to Charity, which must act in Justice.

Day after day, I explain the gospel: it is not my job to convert, but to explain: I am an apologist, and hope never to be an evangelist of my religion.

Fortunately: our deepest concord is in Christ: the justice of all, and in Sacraments: this is our first concord: and yet: to bring those who do not have these into our fold; or maintain them until they do: we also need to start acting with justice: for the Catholic church will never die out: yet the Catholic church in South Africa may.

Truly: while this maintains a distant concord: to once more be brothers: our parents: the bishops, and others: they must restore a fuller justice: one where children are never taught heresy in confirmation classes, masses, and songs sung in mass, and in confession.

Both our nations, and the Holy Church of Old: we must focus on reason and justice: and the solutions to all else will be more achievable!

Original sin

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Doubt is natural: and my natural state when dealing with doubtful things, but not God.

I find that when I doubt God, or such, I move from him. When I doubt what he has said in the past: then I doubt him, or follow other voices claiming to be him, or misinterpret what I see or feel.

They say Pride is the Original sin, but was there not doubt before pride: and you shall know wrong from right? Surely: they doubted God's power, or that what they had was best: so they then thought that as God could not: they could: but then again: is this not pride: the route of all sin: but surely, pride: is a form of doubt?

Now doubt is good: yesterday I showed that: but doubt is a reaction to something which has alterable nature: which is fallible: but we must never doubt the voice of Reality: of God: and so eventually: pride is always about doubt: and in doubt : fear: is that not the route of all sin: fear: but not fear of God's wrath: which saves us from this other fear.

Now, one of my readers objected to Augustine, they said: it sounds exactly like he abandoned his son. Perhaps he did, but here doubt is good: we know Augustine is a saint: so it is better to doubt that he sinned, even when sinful: than to accept any bad thing we hear about him. Adam and eve doubted an infinite being, and accepted the word of a lesser creature. Surely, snakes were made for men, not men for snakes: yet they heard the word of what looked like an animal: over that of Truth itself.

Now, when accusing a person, except sometimes in immediate danger: should we not have evidence of their offense, for there is evidence of any accusation we make: against us whenever it is not true?

Now Adam and Eve: accepted false testimony that God was not doing what was best for them: from a being lesser than them?

How foolish?

Indeed: God is Reality: the mediator of existence: like a background to the universe. Now I am going to use a word which is very special: but when using it: it must be respected, which is which I will not spell it so you can pronounce such, it must be taught, not just observed. God's name is YHWH: if you insert the vowels. I AM Who I AM: reality.

So, they chose to hear an inferior being over the voice of Reality itself: it is crazy, not inevitable: it is doubt of Fact itself.

Now, yeasterday was Christmas: and we give gifts: beause in Christians we acknowledge Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate, and in non-Christians we acknowledge man: who does not see God's gift in Jesus, so we give them also a gift: but really: in both, we mimic God: who gives us the gift of himself.

Now, the most evil men on the planet: mimic God, but not just on Christmas.

You see, God is Reality: Reality has always been, contains all beings in its belly: it is eternal, infinite, powerful, and all these things. Men who want power, they want to be like God, men who want control: again, men who want every sort of evil: mimic God. Sexual intercourse: is a manifestation of the interactions of the Trinity: except now you say: sometimes sex is evil: in fact, in most circumstances it is, is it not?

Sex is evil when it doesn't manifest God properly, and with all the elements. When God came down, he came down as a just little child, and left all the knowledge of God: except that needed for our spiritual edification behind in heaven. Sex does not manifest the trinity properly, when it does not possibly spawn a child, as the Father and Son spawn the Holy Spirit. When the parents want to prevent a child, except in the natural methods advised by church and bible: Natural Family Planning that is: then they are saying that the Father and Son: that they don't love the Holy Spirit, so as to continually support it, for He too is eternal.

When the action does not manifest selflessness in a sense, and a bond for life, and does not strengthen or maintain a unity, then it indeed is evil. This is why Catholics are not supposed to French (for pleasure seeking) kiss even: before marriage. Seeking sexual pleasure apart from unity and openness to offspring: is not what God intended to give us. His joy is natural, and he is happy for his love: so happy, that even such pleasure which I have never myself had just yet (Not married): does not encapsulate his joy. Now, he wanted us to enjoy manifesting him: let us not exclude the manifestation and just steal the joy from God.

Likewise: all sin is desires out of the natural proportion, or misrepresentations of our desires: in Sexuality: we want love: to mimic the Trinity; and in every action: we have natural desires: when we sin, we are actually thinking that this or that action is our desire: when in fact it is but one possible way to maybe fulfill it: and if it is wrong, it breaks the perfect link of goodness between right desire, which all men have deep down, and right action, which is how we should act. Now, whenever one endorses lust, or unjust hatred, or pride, or jealousy, or acaidia, or sloth: all of which I mean in the theological terms: they again do as Adam and Eve: and acknowledge the inferior over the absolute, and beautifully proportioned. In fact, when endorsing these sins: we are endorsing desires we don't have: and so: we are saying: this is my desire, when it is not: and that is lying, and endorsing the opposite of Reality, of God: illusion.

Now, with Christmas, as with lust, when people say it is too commercial: they do not mean there is too much commerce, but that something else has not risen in right portions with the exchange of value: and so: when something is evil: it is incomplete: as exchanging money is incomplete without gift of self, when on this day we just celebrated.

Augustine's Son: abandoned?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I said wrongly that Augustine abandoned his family, and became a priest, I was wrong, but was relying not on journalism, but hearsay: yet I said it in a discussion of City of God.

It was disputed, and I realized I had no evidence: so I decided to look into this for a non-Catholic fellow. The Normal internet: as usual was useless in answering it: but Scripturelink, showed up next to nothing on his son: so I searched on the mistress he had had for 15 years. He was heartbroken when she left, it had something to do with his mother: and she vowed not to have another lover ever: Augustine immediately took to fornication once again, and to wine etc.

Where his son was: probably with the nameless mother: he refused to reveal his mistress' sins in his "Confessions", in line with Catholic morality: He told of them: but not of who she was.

Later, Augustine would vow himself to celibacy, and later, he was in church at Hippo, where the bishop spotted him, and he was taken forward and made a priest. He had been avoiding cities with open Sees, how could he know he'd be made a priest, he had been avoiding places like that: for his fame as a righteous man: or some fame: and yet: now he was in the wrong place, and made into a bishops assistant. When the bishop died, he became bishop: not, to what I see: by some sort of natural (?) succession: he was either requested to be bishop, or made it.

Firstly, he did not put aside a family to join the church or be a priest: he broke up with Nameless before he gave up wild living.

Secondly: he was not eager to become a priest: and before then was avoiding becoming a bishop.

Yet, this is the man we owe most of Catholicism to: at least most of the retelling of what the Apostles spread, and much of our concept of world, and dogma. Western society is said to be based mostly on Augustine. We should not be so quick to attribute the abandoning of a family to him. Likewise, it is thought that Saint Peter's wife died before Jesus called him from his family. Whatever happened with these, I don't know the morality: only that the perception that Augustine left his family for the Church is wrong. He sounds heartbroken in the quotations I read in EWTN, one of the most expert sources. No expert source says he left. His mistress went back to Africa, After 15 years with wild living Augustine: likely due to his saintly, and sainted mother's efforts to break up the illegitimate pair.

This was before he joined the church: it would be complete conjecture to say much on the issue: yet, it seems he was heartbroken, even if quick to move on: to other women, or at least one other. As to his morality before conversion, I am not a judge. But it is odd that so many attribute the end of this to some righteous crusade. Ending the relationship was right, but would Augustine abandon his own child as well?

Even before the conversion: it seems this was not his choice: but outside influences, or him under these peoples' duress. I love to be challenged when my views are wrong such makes one grow: I have had this twice today. One with Augustine: the other in assuming someone did not agree on another issue.

God bless the fact checker. Augustine was right to stop sleeping with her outside of marriage, but did this not for that reason, or doesn't seem to have: why move onto another, and perhaps more women. He certainly seems not to have given up fornication yet: later he would: but let the false accusation of his "abandonment" be dropped: neither does it seem much of it was his choice: nor is the abandoning which may have occurred involving his illegitimate child: for religion. Unfortunately: unlike some courageous people: those we see getting valid annulments, or who leave their illegitimate marriage to join the church, or have it consummated by the authority of the church: Augustine neither left his evil union with his mistress, due to a conversion from that: but for some purpose I cannot simply disclose.

I have had an interesting journey now: Augustine kept the Son: there is evidence to this:

Friday, December 19, 2008

True Freedom, A perspective, or a true reality?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am walking, then running. The sound, white noise, it makes it to my ears. My legs are tired now, with energy leaving slowly. I run and walk on a beach, yet my freedom is disrupted: the beach smells, and ahead of me, there are blankets, and bits of persons' possessions. The beach, it: smells horrid, the water smells worse, ruin horror: it affects me as ugly: because ugly is our evolutionarry instinct by which we see that which is bad for one. There is decay, following a largely unnoticed tragedy. The beach I am on is private, for this reason it is cleaner. Clothes, and seaweed; are being burnt, all this after minor floods, a long way in the distance. Somehow, my experience had been affected by their tragedy. I would not swim on that trip. The sea was too dirty. The beach, had too many ugly things on it.

Freedom, and death have allot in common: both are utterly governed by rules. Both, when desired: are actually desires for peace and life.

Your mind may not comprehend it at first, but then, the reality hits one. There is no lasting peace 'cept that governed in justice. Evil, according to John Paul II, is governed only by the time it has to rule. Time indeed, where there is decay: turns it into every fatal flaw.

And so, on the death of Rome, Pagan "prophets" were angry, yet what could have justified the Christians: the Emperor, and the men who conquered her: except: if Rome, had not in fact existed for centuries. City of God: or City of Man, indeed: Rome, according to Augustine, had ceased to be years before the Christian kings took hold of her.

Freedom, it is odd, is it not: no nation desires anarchy, so freedom is not libertism. To be free, is it not to be at peace...? Once, I evilly desired to kill myself, each night, the temptation emerged. I had lost my faith in Mother church, perhaps In this, I had had no faith. I was dead indeed, gone beyond all, though still speaking with God in prayer, or with something, and I wanted not death, but: imagines: a darkness of peace. I have always loved the dark, yet for years it was nothing but horrid images. I wanted peace, not death: such is a truth, yet I could not have a fake peace, or fake anything: I needed an absolute peace, the kind which in fact is what we desire, when we say we want freedom. For our freedom, we submit to rational rules of men, for freedom, we create nations and laws, and states, and armies.

America, that complex, even negatively affecting nation, her foundation was "Freedom", yet immediately, she erected a government, and immediately, she began locking up her apponents to her "freedom". Her basis is a constitution, a group of changing laws.

Law, is the basis of freedom, and laws can steal right freedom. In permitting contraception, governments have created conditions which increased crime, and abortion. In allowing divorce: nations which allowed this evil: created a problem of millions of domestic dispute murders.

When laws and "freedoms" are not for the good of all, they cause every person to lose some or much freedom. Law, is what keeps a nation together, just laws, that is. It is very hard to overthrow an administration, without firstly proving in this that it is "unjust", and that one will be more "just".

Now: true freedom, is it not also safe freedom, or is it this vulnerable girl, her face still muddy, rushing for some small hopes in life? You see, we often call the desire for freedom: the birth of it, but there are different levels of freedom. Our desire for freedom, is one of the most definitive human conditions. Is it some small hope in the mind, some hopefull love only in the head of the thinking man?

Freedom, has nothing to do with the ability to do anything: but rather: the ability to do what one truly desires to do. If however, one is believing that one desires one thing, but desires something else: then this false desire hurts our freedom, it oppresses it!

One who is truly free, in fact: is one who does all that they desire to do, and nothing that they do not desire. I am not free, if I follow a desire I do not truly have, or which wrongly misrepresents another desire, or if I act in a wrong manifestation of this. Do you hate a person who is truly free, indeed, to you: such a person is a maniac, he is dangerous to you, for surely: his freedom: it is a danger to you, for he gains it by your losss, surely? Or surely not?

True freedom, is everlasting freedom: such freedom cannot be taken, and is no danger to those around it. True freedom, I may explain later, even as temporary freedom is utterly beautiful, when just!

Now, we must define two freedoms: the freedom of a man physically, and the freedom of the man spiritually.

A man who is free physically, can do what he rationally desires to do, so far as he is not hurting another's just freedom. Freedom is the only basis for any law. Any law, which unjustly, and unneccessarially restricts freedom, is not truly a law, it is unjust. For this purpose, and human dignity, all law shoul be based on truth, and rational, sane thought as a basis to view truth with.

The Other freedom, that to do as one wills, in fact, this is not the core desire, one wants such, out of fear: one wants to secure their life, what Religion calls the soul: that which animates us.

Freedom: is a means by which we secure existence: and in fact, every emotion a human being has: at its core involves the mimickry of the concept of Reality, that in and on which all exists. In fact, any freedom, is at its core a desire to survive, and to survive in right proportion: to mimick reality.

Now, if the purpose of every desire: lies in survival, and the quality of this, in a mimickry of the concept of "reality", our containing mediator.Then: indeed: a desire which is termed evil: is in fact a misrepresenting manifestation of a deeper desire, and not the desire itself. It is evil, because it steals our freedom, and often does that to others. The dignity of a man is so often manifested in his aeviternal freedom, and what is also his freedom from desires not his own, or rather: his right to this. In such, one is free, simply if one is able to continue to live. The purpose of our desire, is to survive, and the free man can do as he desires: thereby: the purpose of freedom is life: within proportion and reason. I indeed, am most free: when I live forever.

And so, if a man uses his freedom, he restricts it. One who choses to run left, is not able to make the choice in that situation: to run another place than left; instead. The man who uses his freedom, with a choice to restrict it: indeed, his belief in freedom: has become that by which he chooses to make himself captive to something. Perhaps his desire to do something is not freedom, but captivity. That "freedom" is something we give up: as in marriage, or in becomming citizens, or part of a religion: in fact, either what one considers as freedom, is not absolute, and not the ultimate aim, or else, what a foolish man considers freedom, is what a wise man considers slavery. In fact, doing what is natural, such as marrying, or remianing celebate in persuit of truth, this is the freedom of the mind: self control, and as much a right as any external one.

I stated, that my "freedom" on the beach: was "impeached" apon by other peoples' tragedy. I was uncomfortible, revolted, and caught in physical desires of throwing up. Now, my desires to throw up are desires given me by my body to stay alive: but these are only manifestations of my desire for life and freedom, therefore I am not more free by throwing up. I am most free in rules, in sane morality. In Limits, which keep me alive, here I am free. None of these desires are of much joy, and yet: happiness is not my ultimate ideal: life is. For securing life, I must desire to see the world as it truly is, this life which seeks truth in its proportion always: this brings hope, and causes life and freedom onto, even past death: should we choose to manifest true truth.

Now, to insure freedom, we limit it: because by freedom alone is freedom curtailed. If I lose a freedom, something gains from this, or believes it gains. Yet, true freedom, is eternal freedom. What is gained for a moment, then lost forever, is not to be a lifelong goal. To be free, is to have the ability to cause one's life to be better, or last longer. This is the true freedom we really desire. We don't want the freedom to die: not deep down. We want peace, we want to have a comprehension, an understanding of things: yet all again lies in one word: life. Every desire, is a desire to enhance, and insure our own existence.

To me, all who are most selfless, these are most selfish. You see, selfiless actions: they profit the self. One gets such joy in aiding persons, but more than such: to be selfless: is to seem eternal, to appear powerful, free. In fact, such a person is able to fulfill their right free desire to aid other, or God, or Freedom itself; an ideal: a servent of God.

We love selfless people as they are free: and freedom is the ability to remain alive somehow, to mimick our mediator: existence. Freedom and life are connected. This is why we call the laws by which people are protected: "freedoms", even "rights".

In this, at once, we say that laws are designed to free men, and these laws, we say are places where we are "free", or where some would say we should be so: we have a "freedom" of sorts from them: a "Right": to do things.

So, also, freedom is gained by changing environments: can not a freedom, be gained: via changing how we manifest our desires? More than that, what is free, and what is right: are intricately connected in language. I man who does that which is not right, is not free, if we are to look at this from both sides: in that a freedom is called a right, and a right a freedom: or at least this is the idea our language endows on us.

Selfishness has bad connotations, yet: only because of how it is oft manifested in a manner which does not aid others. The best thing for a man is to do the moral thing: so it is that a selfless person is selfish in right proportion, and not evil in such.

Now, if my only true desire is for life, and eternal freedom, I am always truly free as long as I can live, and always ensure my free existence, it may not be eternal, yet as long as my life is guaranteed, I am alive: and what is life, but that which brings order, and synchronous, specific action to my being. My life, is in fact mimickry of that container of all things: reality. Any who seek freedom, must admit: it be free forever, we must live life, so as not to fall into captivity to that which takes our eternal; life, and our eternal freedom (By Eternal here, I mean aeviternal).

As long, thereby: as I mimick reality in right proportion, I am always given my desire for life: in fact, then: death is but another part of such: if I died a moral man: then I am free forever, if death is the end of what I am. If however, life continues; still: I am free, for I am moral. In the end, the only limit on our chosen freedom, is how we manifest our desire: so as to be free forever, in Christ, or else slaves forever to manifestations of desire which we may perceive wrongly as desire: such things which will take us, and make us slaves to cirumstance. Therefore, the moral, just, faith, divinely loving, and sane: who see the world from the Catholic truth: these are free forever.

end note:

Indeed, morals are that which keep us free from internal captivity, and ethics help us prevent freedom from being challenged beyond that: and needed for morals. The first step to spiritual peace, is God, yet the second lies in understanding somehow, our true desires, which do not need to manifest in only one way always. Indeed, to truly manifest our desires, we must obey God: for, like obeying nations for our freedom, we obey God's endlessness in rules: to be free, through faith and Christ. The Cross, indeed, like marriage: was a final, limiting choice: yet a choice which was the route of man's freedom from sin. Throuh obedience to the Tradition, magisterium, and ethics of the Divine Eathly Body of God: the Church, we are free.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

An enigma of a man; really: yet his life somehow could have been said to have partly caused my return to faith

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

He was a socialist, not politically, but a family member said he believed in a sort of socialism: not a communist, though I have a book of his on communism. Communism is evil, and perhaps that is why he hopefully rejected it. It is fair to say that almost nothing can be surmised about the man. He was a Progressive Party (Now called the DA) politician in Welkom, during Apartheid. The Progressives believed that one's vote should be based on education, not race: they had an interesting group of ideas. He never won of course: the police sent in twins to disrupt their meetings, posters were torn down, and stomped on: the phone was tapped, and a portion of my family went on the run: the security police even tried to kill them. Another segment of this extended family had to leave the country, but these were also their own fight.
He was important to me, and still is: even as the last words I remember speaking to him were a lie. He, along with the saints, his priest, a Catholic youth leader, and many miracles are just a tiny part of my complex reversion to the Faith of my ancestors!

You see, the man: my grandfather: he was an oddity beyond odd: he believed in things like equality: and had inter-racial church meetings at home. He disliked policemen, and taught his children to distrust these. He was a doctor: and in the SADF (South African Defense Force), he was considered a man's man. He also helped with the efforts to create mine safety: much of the lives saved by regulations, even by ideas like spraying burn victims with cold water: were due to him. Still, many keep his ideas, and try to create good working conditions.

At his funeral, the National Union of Mineworkers (prior the anti-religious communism creeping into some of the unions) placed their flag on his coffin, and the Irish Regiment of the army played bagpipes to honour him. It was odd; some people seemed there out of political reasons, not to look bad. It was odd, I was at his Catholic funeral, yet I did not believe in the Catholic church, not as I do now. I called it "God's Church", yet thought it had lost the way deeply. I was wrong, but I thought that. I did not like the fact that people who we never knew were there, with high-class suites: and cellular phones.
I found it odd: the priest had been utterly sure to inform us that my grandfather obeyed the church until death: that he was in fact a Catholic. The priest also enjoyed the Catholic funeral: I did also: Catholics were a cause of mine; I even called myself one: despite what I thought!

I read his ancient bible at night: a Douay Rheims bible, thick and large: yet many of the books of his, and works of his I have: are not Catholic: he even has a pamphlet from Watchtower: from the Jehovah's Witness sect.

The first hint that Catholics had a different bible was his funeral: a relative wanted to read from the book of wisdom, another thought it a depressing passage: I had thought there was no such book: I searched my protestant bible at the time and found nothing.

At a time like this: I began to return: and started to read his odd, large, ancient bible. In the first pages were accusations of Protestant tampering with the bible: including accusations about books now in their bible. Later it would be verified: the protestants removed, and added back some of what they removed. Revelation, or Apocalypse: is not naturally the last book of the bible.

I do not know the man, I sound like Saint Peter when he sinned by denying Jesus, but I am not denying Jesus, nor anything about anyone: I am not denying my grandfather: my perfectly human, normal, yet striving grandfather, nor associating him with Jesus, that would be wrong: rather, I am being honest. I hardly knew my grandfather: I heard the stories, of this highly respected doctor, and his before his time treatments, and his wild differences with parts of society: how he got ten percent of the vote when standing in Welkom, an Afrikaner stronghold: against Apartheid.

It was not only him that changed me: much did, but he played a part, and later when I reverted more fully, his bible was eventually given into my care. It is odd, reading his pamphlets, or the books he liked: From Augustine, to Vatican II, to books on Kenedy, to things written by protestants, or Jehovah's Witness peoples. He was an odd man: entirely odd, entirely amazing.

I don't know if he is in heaven, or purgatory, or where: I know, however that his life altered mine. Yet his death all the more.

I never cried when he died, I was fine: nor later, at least for a while. I cried when one of my animals died, I cried over a girl I truly loved, over not being with her, because I loved her, I cried for my stupidity over a girl who is still alive; yet not when my grandfather died. The best advice I remember from him alive was either to not let school "educate" me, but to love nature, and be creative; or else his health advice. I could make a clicking sound, and often felt I needed it: it is in fact a manual control of pressure in my ears: I don't need to chew gum to feel safe in altering atmosphere.

An so: my Catholic grandfather had passed away, and I was there: I chatted with friends and relatives I largely did not know: some brought spouses, or girlfriends etc. I think I may have been called out of school for the funeral. I think also that I went off my strict diet: which I am on for my health: and ate things bad for me. In fact, I think that the whole funeral event was moving over me: not much, something: but not of note.

Odd then: that I had decided to attend his church allot; and still odd that his priest is my confessor, and church verified spiritual guide: whom I sometimes listen to; I listen also to my Patron, and saints, and others: especially one person, yet his priest is one of my favorites, and a human being I bounce off questions on things I cannot ask some others.

So, I don't understand my grandfather: no one did; though perhaps some had a small understanding. He was a doctor who would lie down on the grass, I think outside the hospital, and may have ridden a bike: yet he was the best in his field, and missed by many: in tropical diseases: he was a genius.

And so; not knowing him, I read what he did, and pray the rosary, he probably inherited from my great grandmother: and much else. Somehow I am intrigued by this dead grandfather: and still; it is not sadness, but interest that causes me to see what I can see about this man: this odd creature, whom I hardly knew, yet was always connected with: mystery intrigues: yet I do not expect him to be this or that, only assume some things, small things.
How much more must we not test God: by wrong predictions of what he should or should not be. He is Whom He is: and he is as predictable as love: he is love. Let us serve God as our mystery: because he is far greater than any mere man: yet with our grandfathers: we love them and seek to know whom they and ancestors were. How much more the source of all men.

Really, life is not straight forward: even so: by morality alone, and seeking truth: do we who walk and breathe: survive!

aSynchronisity: (Article originally scrapped, but republished: with editing: on an email, I was sent)

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Chaos is to the benefit of the prescient, and those who can predict better than apposing personages: as it happens: by order, we predict the future. Chaos, is that which causes confusion, to those not understanding it. Those who know where an ambush is laid can avoid it, those who understand a routine can use it. Utter chaos is the field where they, who know the future best: outwit all.

Confusion, mystery, chaos: imagine this: fire on water, and war all around, gun shots blast, and sirens blare. Blueness covers the scene, a hidden, not always noticed blue. Perhaps that of the sirens, but not. Red dots, yet this is not a battle between police and robbers. Somehow, the mind must understand, and make order to know what they are dealing with. What makes the red dots: are these vague images lights?

There is a battle going on, a small scene in a great chaos of conflict. One feels the stream, currents of time and space, and move slightly between carnage, and chaos: as bullets spray, and things all of a sudden explode. The sand is muddy now, one is fleeing, one is crawling on scrapping knees, and jumping, and rushing. The heat begins to beat so fast, yet one is guided, one escapes.

Imagine this, and how such casualties are struck, and death wrough all over, as one pauses and moves, like a guerrilla in the woods, or a woodsman hidden in a known forest, or kayaking boatman in the ocean, rowing between icebergs, and whales. It is a complete image which hits me, it always is as an author, and such images combine, and are woven, and altered like clay in my softly moving hands: to create novels: coming in day and sleep. Yet, while such chaos may benefit, none moral would make it through evil: that does not mean that those who are moral and in a situation of such: will not use chaos to their advantage. How much more is it certain: that while free will allows for evil: yet that which is order itself: will use the chaos from such hostility: for the good of all who love Him. In fact, they right thing can well be to tolerate some evil at times: yet call it account when it is best: because immediately smiting one may hurt the innocent: like God, we to only tolerate evil while in a time, and place where it is of benefit to good to do so temporally.

Chaos, and order in this temperal phase of the universal stages: are illusions of sorts, or rather: in the perspective of the beholder, they don't really exist, not here in any case: or else: they exist, but in a way which the ordinary man does not fully comprehend; but which the saint can see: whereby order exists, and chaos: but these are different from normal everyday uses of these connotations to sound. Order refers to control, but only so far as it is needed because control of events by that which is stuck in temperal time: needs to rely on predictibility, even cause it. In other words; to order that something be done: is to try to cause a sequence of events where it occurs: orders are there to create order, or an order of benefit to the one making them, or which such thinks of benefit.

 We cannot by our perception alone: know the future, or why God does as he does; mystery creates a special "chaotic" code, which only in the seeing of truth, we can understand of all. God is not temperal, but eternal, not even aeviternal, as "rational" souls are. Yes, perhaps the body of Jesus is aeviternal: and that which leaves his form is temperal: but in his divine nature he is eternal, his human nature: I am not qualified to say this: but perhaps it contained temperal or aeviternal parts; yet in such a way as that which is divine could possibly have this: Jesus was fully human: perhaps then his human soul is only aeviternal. 

God is eternal: that means he can be none but basis of the fabric of time and space, the little bubble of necessity: we walk and breathe in. Outside of God, there is nothing, there is but darkness: he is the blue bubble which causes the flickering spark of life, carressing all: yet as a lover, not an enemy. He is not the chair I sit on, nor my DNA, yet he is the power in which these are supported; in which all reality rests: against which; ever for now: sin falls against in rebelling, with destruction: breaking death loose on the world! Evil, fighting this power creates false perceptions, so that we neglect to see order in the chaos: and therefore are hit by it and harmed. Even as we admit that a sort of chaos is the order of the universe: we must admit that a good God would create a way for even us to conquer the chaos: this is the purpose of ethics, and virtue: that which is good is complient to the "chaos" which is God's plan. Morality is simply a dance of sanity: which keeping us safe beyond any prediction's extent. It is sanity which acts morally. We do not pretend to understand time and distance, or fully: the life after death. We do understand that it, which is compliance to the Chaos of God: keeps us alive as breath cannot, beyond death; when we obey God to every extent. Chaos is simply us admitting we cannot comntrol the world. We mourn the pain of animals, and our own pain: and though this is why often some attack God when animals are hurt due to elements of time and space: it is because we are like them; and fear: yet God does no matter of moral evil or anything he considers evil: to man; either evil causes death: as sometimes, it seems: occurs; or in fact: death is not an end; only a doorwar to the next sections of our consiousness: that final place: when we are alive or illusion and of death. Indeed: death is the responsibility of God, even the Greeks put this to their Gods: the three "Fates": to disobey God is the route which all sin takes: and whereas morality is the peak acting of sanity: sin: is the slow loss of such needed sanity.

Imagine Him we worship: walking now, by a lake, yet what does that mean? What mystery incarnate: that infinite being: appearing to be, or even being aeviternal in a way, with even perhaps temperal parts: such seems chaos: such energy in but a small form. It is the goodness which makes what seems chaos to be order, and which conquers all illusion which is the actual chaos: this ability to comprehend, and conquer chaos: is the gift which is given. Our salvation lies in the child: Jesus, a man at this time: who walked by and on the lake. Showing he is in control, he walked on such lake against our predictions. Such is "chaos", is it not?

Yet, he is as much a human as a God, even now, he is both: and a human made order of chaos: not by taking the chaos away: but by giving meaning to it, and all things, so that we could be sane, and calm in chaos: collected: and able to exist forever.

God is not a God of contradiction or chaos, but God is also not only a three dimensional being, but a three personed being, yet not three Gods, but one. Our ways are in order, and prediction, his is in a higher mysterious order, sometimes appearing to be chaos and his ways are in knowing, and doing true things. The war between God and evil is between Reality and falseness. God is reality, the very DNA of time and space, or rather: something more elemental than that.

We rightly think God is order, he is not then simply our order: simply put, unlike His rational soul: we are not entirely sane. He is a God who created order: but that is for us, and of his nature, by which we are ordained to be born, he is a God who is logical, but that is because he is the fabric of the universe: that one which all relies upon, on which the fabric of the universe relies, and rests. He is not all things, but all things need him to exist. That which is real relies on him, yet all things cannot include evil. Evil does not technically exist, but is a misfiring, something, a madness which choice allows man: which sucks his very life from him, like the merciless tide of the unforgiving seas. God is "chaos" in a way, but ordered chaos. The chaos which is evil is that without meaning: it is the slaughter of the good; it is evil. Evil: is that which makes us less real: if God is Reality: evil is Illusion, while it does not exist: the void where it is does: so that one truly disobeys by sinning. Evil is a lack of Good: of Reality, of God.

Every Just War, or Just Uprising, is also an unjust war and unjust battle. Those fighting on one side are fighting a Just War, those on the other, an Unjust War.

Is God Chaos in his eyes: no: yet that which is aeviternal cannot fully comprehend that which is eternal: at least not yet. Chaos, in fact is what we use to denote a situation in which we are unable to predict far enough ahead, so as to handle it. Chaos is dangerous. It is how one may well describe many things: it is danger, and fear all at once. It is when: if we could predict it's source, we could well survive.

So; if the universe is chaos: it is dangerous: how then is survival adequate except in Love: the key to all things. To comprehend love is to begin to understand God. Love believes the Gospel, it believes the faith: because of the source giving the truth; which is truth. Love, is in fact the meaning in the madness: and by it we can make the right move to stay in key with the music of God... What seems to atheists as insanity in a Righteous God: is not insanity, but love: God's chaos may not be comprehensible to man: but its meaning: love: is.

Love explains all: it is our mentorship in times, and oceanic bouts. Love is deeper than romance: which itself is not love. As yet imperfect: human love; oft wrought with evil illusion: this nature of a higher force: tells us of the perfect devine love. Waves in the ripple tank reflect the mamoth monsters of the ocean, which hide sharks, and monsters, and powers, and wonders.

God is not chaos but Order: this we know because in some hings we understand his ways: especially in matters of love... at least we can understand such. Lust: which tries to falsely appear as, and substitute for love: is a reason many are denied comprehension of the chaos of life.

We do not understand the ocean, not either do we entirely comprehend, nor understand: the spiritual. That which is seen is influenced by unseen horrors, like a boat in the ocean, and protected all around by unseen deity, and goodness: that of Jesus, and the entirety of the Triune God, is that which orders things to protect. Each person has a guardian: an angel to aid; and we each can ask of a Patron; our sister who watches us like a lover, and bride. Yet, our safety is in God, in that which sees order in the chaos, and protects us: heart and soul.

Odd, or convenient, or simply informing for us: that the antonym of "Chaos" is "Order": and when we speak of commands we say it is "orders". We admit that by "authority": "chaos" is fought, or that commands maintain a status quo: yet this is to say that orders which increase meaningless chaos are meaningless: that society and commands are only justified when rational and ordered to the true nature of God. Orders, are that which attempt to combat chaos.

Our way to predict the world's actions is to understand that which causes them. The relation of Reality to us: is what we study, and we know that like in the ocean, jumping before or as waves break like walls, and fall; by mimicking the tides of time and space via what Christians call love, truth, sanity, and faith: we are able not to see God's actions as "Chaos", but as Love, and in this in Sanity, which is the only sane action: we in fact dance with God; meaning that we are safe.

That we have a word: "chaos"; this alone proves such fact of our inadequacy, and of our need of God, and saints, and angels and such: our perception alone is inadequate to maintain our lifeforce: yet Love, Truth, Reality Himself: offers us an opportunity; not simply to predict today, or ten thousand decades of millenia, if those even shall come to pass: but rather: the cause of the ripples, the love of God asks that we join him forever as saints; he asks this through the living and the Aeviternal saints and angels, and His Son. Here, his prediction, and nature, and the nature of the universe itself preserves us!

To say that the universe is chaotic is to admit we are unable to understand it fully: and to admit that we are not self-sufficient to handle our live here: we die, do we not? If our aim is life, then we are in need of life, so how can God not be needed..? He is needed!

The reason all living people, this even (as shown by the incident at the temple:) including Jesus, when he was incarnated as a child: make mistakes: this reason is that God realized that we would have a choice. We can live in chaos or order: but order lies not simply in handling chaos: one must conquer chaos to have order, and God is not only the God of what appears chaotic; he is the God of Order: order which to those as yet incapable of managing it: appears chaotic.

Now, to those not understanding a culture, or procedure: is it not all just chaos? Yet God gives us guidance: his hand is out, he is waiting, and moving backwards: we must look beyond the swaying waves: of the moving crowds, which do so simply frame his image: we must see beyond "chaos" into the true order, by which we tame the earth with order: we must see God; if we ever want safety. For the purpose of predicting the future; by all our statistics: is self preservation: and preservation of man, and his interests: and yet; the universe, while made with the aim of aiding man: was made for man and God to share: as a place where God has company with man and man's right desires: perhaps even Animals' temperal souls also exist in heaven: in another way than here. Truth is, if they do: it is for our enjoyment.

Somehow, suffering: and things which cause such fear in my heart: these are often the place and time where I turn to trust, and sane action. What is sane in the universe: is that which complies with the true order of it: morality, and religion: Catholic Religion: under Christ himself's rule from the heavenly king's power: his power: his own truth in his kingship of all: to truth: to love.

So, while one sanely suffers small pain to avoid calamity, as with going to a dentist, or for surgery: we endure "great" pains here in exiled chaos of the mind: but this is nothing, and no thing's power: if we are to live forever in bliss. Chaos is a term which only the limited, finite beings, and perhaps that which empathises with them: can comprehend. Pain: when seen in the light of love: is small compared with the promise it carries for the Just men.

Love, while seeming madness: has meaning: making it somewhat predictible: at least in its purpose. God is not Chaos, but love: and what makes love sane: is a basis in truth! 


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