Thursday, January 29, 2009

The bad posture, which feels natural: a look at sin, and a bad worldview, and the oh so heavenly blessing of physiotherapists

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The back feels painful, the lg feels odd, uncomfortable: I was sitting in the car, playing music with heavy base: so as to feel better, it was raining, and I was not driving, I was in the passenger seat, I was playing music with the heavy vibrations of the modern, industriality of life. The vibrations were sooting, they combated the pain.

I had just had my back fixed, I was pretty out of shape, or had been: yet out of shape felt normal, felt comfortable. Now, that I was better, I wanted to bend my spine again, and the pain: which felt so comfortable. Even so: my mind, knew: the healthy feeling was best! Soon, if I felt pain, that would be the discomfort.

When we are used to something, we oft desire it, even when it is bad, is painful: what seems most real: we always choose that option, in every action, we have a human obsession with reality: even those on drugs, or those entering fantasy worlds: firstly, they either admit they need fantasy for mental health: that this is most real, or else: see reality as less real than fantasy.

This is the reason, why I treat the propagating "South Africa" advertisements on television so infuriating: they act as though South Africa were free, as though it were safe, as though foreigners had not been roasted sky high, or pressured into jumping off buildings to their death: in fear of hateful mobs: as though white men and women: were not legislated against; as though business were not forced to count how many token positions they must fill, based on colour, not merit, ethics, or skills: as though companies did not legally need a certain portion of owners, of the same colour, as most of South Africa's recent presidents, as though they were not punished for not judging by race.

These act as though our voters were not intimidated by the ruling party, in recent by elections, as though our president to be: were not seemingly making every effort to avoid being tried for corruption, after asking for his "day in court", as though important figures: in our society, were not threatening others, and publicly seeming to endorse violence against people based on belief, or other things they have a right to.

It pretends, as though our parliament represents the people in the laws they make: and not simply the vote of a poor masses, who have been denied a level of safety, security, housing, and hope: and education: that they deserve: and who still vote the same party in: election after election: believing the same hope they were sold: that same hope: by which: they burnt policemen with tyres over their heads for: before, and were called heroes: now, when they do the same to foreigners: with the same hope: they are punished, but both are murder, and the torturing of the hateful mind. Now, for the same hope, they burn foreigners, with tires over their heads: justs as: for hope: Zimbabwe, has been driven into a cholera ridden bug pit, with sewage for sustenance, and death: as a constant: and a leader who has committed genocide before: and continues to: yet, who is treated like a God. Like America: our ideology, is driven by ideology, by the need for token symbols: which: in reality: stifle true hopes.

Our media, and those who think themselves "Liberal", while really, they aren't, now seems a similar advert. Last Sunday, a new priest at the parish I mostly attend on Sundays: but at which I would not take confession: has now compared Christians to Barak Hussein Obama's folowers, and Obama to Christ. Amazingly: this priest, is not white, or not so amazingly, in this tribal land of ours.

When Mugabe used his presidency to murder a mass from another tribe, the press still saw him as a God, a hope for Africa, President (holding on), of a "Shining Star": just as, when Obama lifts the ban on American Taxpayers funding abortion in non-American countries, in countries like mine: suffering already from the breakup of the family, and from guilt and aids: from estern promiscuous "Comedies", and "values", so-called: "freedoms", which enslave, and: which cause aids.

Creative Minority Report, a brilliant social commentary, likens Obama'ism, "leg tingling": to a disease, but it is not a new disease. It is the same disease as Nazism, the same as fascism, the same as Marxism, the same as Napoleon'ism, the same as revolution'ism, and Castro'ism, as Lincoln'ism, as Washington'ism, as Mandela'ism, as how many other'ism.

It is the false hope we put in singers: and the reason why so many Catholics have Bono'ism, despite his support of what the church defines as intrinsic evil: of the very things which cause our society to crumble.

We look to false idols for hope, but crumble under the weight of truth: we know there must be goodness: surely, goodness is so real, so true, there must be something better, and ignoring heaven, saints, Christ: and all those sad and guilt infested hopes: we hope in politicians, and ignore a article 2 section a to d, to whatever genocide, or skeleton army in their past, or present, or in their hearts. We ignore that Washington, was a traitor to his country: England, and maybe rightly so; Catholics took his side largely in that war: perhaps justified, but what did he do on slavery? We ignore that Lincoln, did not seem eager to lift slavery, and that Washington did not seem the least, to consider this: though he fought so hard for tea.

With men like Kenedy, like Obama: who, in the second incident: Catholics, were so caught up: in lifting an idol to the top: that they ignored that he was promising to destroy their society: they ignored the warnings, such as his vote to allow infanticide, and his promises to abortionists, to fetus murderers, to "family Planning" insurgents, against past dogmas, who think that having less children in the world is good: as though we'd run out of space: ignoring that their position is illegal: that it is genocide, whether or not they deny the child is a life: provable Genocide, by its very (UN) definition.

Hope is that disease. Hope and faith: biblically, are one and the same: at least, in the early writings: interchangeable. When we say faith saves, we say: hope saves.

Hope, is seeing what is not yet always clearly so: because of trust in something, which is clear to us. This is why so many Christians look for any hope that this or that television star is good, or "Christian": hope is something, it is the belief that something other than "reality" is real: it is defining something that could be illusion, as truth.

So, the difference between false and real hope: is the nature it takes: false hope rightly believes there is goodness, is hope: but wrongly ignores Christ, and God, and the reality: and focuses on an illusion, and attempts to make someone imperfect fit a mold not designed for them.

True hope looks fleetingly, and wonders: can this be real, it tests, it looks, it asks: am I right: or is this person evil: it checks their record, it does not discount it: it asks, and wonders: and looks to the past. It asks: who supports these, who appose them? IT LOOKS AT A RECORD: HOW CONSTANT IS THIS SOURCE, HOW RELIABLE IN THIS SITUATION, THIS PLACE?

It knows that every man is apposed by someone: and that where a man looks perfect, his enemies, their nature, and person: these show him up, as with his friends.

If a media: which does not seem to care if we get aids, or any disease, that justified Mugabe, and Justifies now Archbishop (Anglican one) Tutu, with his lust for war against Zimbabwe, when ignoring that: we still supply their electricity: and whose "Non-judgmental (delusion is ok?) perspectives", whereby all are "God's children", no matter how sinful: whereby he attempts to justify the mortal sin of homosexual actions: of sexual endulgence outside of the mutual giving of marriage: of the spilling of potential life, as though a by product, and not the intention of a pleasurable act, while his church falls apart around him: are considered "liberal", okay?: if we believe these, and those who promote things which increase disease, and hardship and crime?

If such a media: still idealizes the promiscuity, which causes disease, and death: do we wisely trust their perspective on such things?

If these are our source, if these are those who hero-ize people; and give us role models: then: surely, we are misplaced: if they think someone good: maybe we should double check?

Hope, must be founded on reality, on experience, truth and facts. It is hope which causes the abused girlfriend to stay, and which causes the prostitute to view her slave master as an agent for her goodness. False hope: is likely what caused Patty Hearst to do as she did, in that famous case, hope: that her oppressors were not doing wrong, in kidnapping the heiress.

The problem with false hope, is that it is selectively skeptical, it keeps a view of things, which is false: while being skeptical of all else, in opposition. A believe in modernism: causes one to be skeptical of God, and church: an unfounded belief in democracy, a human system: causes fear of authority: even: as democrazcies, also cause harm. We hope wrongly in democracy, a human system, and so: we view the church: an autocratic, dogmatic structure, with fear, as though evil.

The Atheist, hopes: they are not skeptical: they hope: that hell does not exist, they are a bit too optimistic, and possibly, not that realistic, or practical on matters. They hope they are wrong, and shoot down anything which has any hole: even though: in any other situation, they would be dead scared, and skeptical of hope, if they truly are the skeptics they seemingly falsely claim to be.

To be healthy, and psychological: about the selective hope, and disbelief: we call this cognitive dissonance: the idea: that our held belief on something is right, and therefore that new things contradicting such; are wrong. Mostly, it helps us, it keeps us skeptical, which is healthy: but like with my back: the new: this was good, the old: this was bad, but I was used to the bad, was comfortable in in: and because I was comfortable, I wanted: naturally to reject the new. Yet,, I knew that the pain from my physio appointment, and discomfort, with the lack of old pains: this was good.

The same happens with sin: we feel uncomfortable with being honest, and truthful, and moral: we get scared: because we are no longer used to this: we fear, because we don't notice God, or that truth is reality: and is therefore most attractive in the end of things. We ignore that if we sleep around before marriage: it causes problems: that sleeping with your boyfriend, will set a president: that unlike marriage: will not mean the selfless sharing, but the selfish one. And men also: ignore: that when we do such: that we do not learn to wait, to control our urges: and that we are disabled before we marry. Also: such nice feelings: yet, we tell our bodies that they are our husband or wife: I am sure a chair would look beautiful, if we did such with it enough. Soon, though, if a better looking chair came to market...?

Morality is designed to live a mentally, physically, and spiritually full life. I am proud of my virginity, and the gifts of this truth. I am glad, because it is freeing, and allows me a rational, and skeptical, and safe, and less guilty, less deluded perspective of life.

Immorality may be the muscle one is used to using, but it is the corruption, which brought down "Christian" Rome, and the small sins, those small lies: which has defamed the church, which now bares the name, or that ancient political empire: in the modern era.

It is only when we see the ethical choice as the most practicle, and pragmatic: when we realize: or change our perception: to realize that evil: is as nonsensical as scoring a home goal: that we begin to see: that morality is best. Yes, my sinful form, it shivers and withdraws, it feels fear at change:, fears utter truth so deeply: yet: the fear we have: is not of hope in Christ, but that all our false hopes: these will be shown false: and that is why the convert cries, they see their sin, their hope in evil and they cry, at the loss, that false hope is shown to have made.

They cry also: at their stupidity, but after the first tears, must come the second, and after the second: come a weak realization, and then a belief, and with that a faith in things to come.

All says to be cautious, to not take the moral route, or thinks that morality is pathetic, or that it stands down, and lets evil happen. It is very good, that most of the world is willingly immoral: if they tried to be what the secularist defines as good: our world would be in trouble.

To be moral, to love: is nothing but to be just: no more, not less: this is why we worship God, and why we feed the poor. Justice is to act in truth, and act on truth correctly. The command to forgive: refers to those who are sorry, who have and will truly change their ways: but even then does not exclude just punishments: does not demand that one forget: only that one treats another as they truly are.

You see, justice is reality: is that which we so heartfully seek, with delusions, and pathos, and lies, and the mass, and systematic, and state funded: murder of infants, of a section of society, whose rights to life, and choice: are ignored: by their murder, while, like a family in the house: while still in the womb. By we, I have not once here referred to me, but to the monster, that snake which tries to live in the mouth: to the false ideology, the deep web of lies. I have sinned, but I am not speaking of myself, I do not share the view of C.S. Lewis, that a man can only speak of what he himself has done. Sin is banal: addiction to chocolate, can speak as much of sexual addition, or anything else, as those who have had such. Anger in the mind, is the same beast as murder, even as the consequences are different, and one is more self controlled. I still confess small angers, and small sins, and from these: I know those considered more important: under what is assumed to be: "most" peoples' eyes.

Firstly, the ice must melt, that solid structure on which we rely, then: the paths we took: they turn to water, and are stream: which we cannot cross. The problem is, that in winter: nothing grows: it may be easy to walk about, but we starve with too much ice, and "mobility": with no food at all. You see, the free wonderer, he is a dream: but to cultivate anything, we must give up such notions of "freedom", we are not wonderers, but farmers: being a too free, mobile man; is to have nothing that one truly owns!

A fighter jet, speeds up, when landing on the carrier, the pilot knows the cost of landing wrongly, and so: dangerously pulls a maneuver, which will allow him to take off again. Morality is the same: it is harder to do, but safer, and more real. To make out, or have sexual relations before marriage, or stimulate certain sections of mind or body too much: these are dangerous, and bad for the mind, body and soul. So, are lies: they hold the plane down. Then, if we land wrongly, we'll crash into the sea: but, if, like I try to choose: you choose the ethical path: when the landing goes bad: you take off again, enough speed and control remains: it is more realistic, safer to be moral. Sin, always hampers freedom: and prevents us from some options!

NOTE: STATEMENTS ABOUT POLITICIANS,AND GOOD AND BAD: ARE FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF CATHOLIC ETHICS: AND DO NOT REFER TO JUDGMENTS OF PERSON, BUT ONLY TO THE MATERIAL APPLICATION OF CATHOLIC MORALITY: BY WHICH PERSONS SUCH AS MANDELA, OBAMA, TUTU, the IRA, and the band U2, and their leader: BONO: would materially fail the test, if indeed the Catholic God, is the judge, and these people were judged by their effect alone!

In the end, I am liberal: in all that is ethical: for ethics: are the true protection of freedom: and that which enslaves, incapacitates, or is immoral: by the Catholic God's standard; and by his magisterium's standard: is not liberal: but unwise: as far as I know.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Benedict XVI Blesses Lambs: whose Wool will adorn Archbishops: important clergymen

(Journey in a broken World )

Article By Marc Aupiais

In a Video Labeled January 21st, on the Vatican YouTube site, Benedict XVI is shown as blessing two very relaxed lambs, with wreaths on their heads. Rather than being dinner, we hope: some may consider two adorable little white fluffy; and seemingly a bit tired: lambs on plates, or more like cushions; too tempting, the two little darling animals: are being honored: as their wool (Or should we say lamb-fur): will adorn archbishops.

to quote the site:

"In honor of the Feast of St. Agnes, the Holy Father blessed the lambs whose wool will be used for palliums that are bestowed to metropolitan archbishops on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29. The pallium is a sign of union with the seat of Peter.Immediately after, the Holy Father received a delegation from the Austrian town of Mariazell, the site of an important historical Marian shrine. Benedict XVI was given the honorary citizenship of the Austrian city"

See the Video here:

NOTE: See how Benedict XVI touches one on the head! I don't have sound, maybe it is a blessing, but I think he may be patting it!

Benedict XVI, is the shepherd of the Catholic Flock!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eternity, it moved, it was not time, but matter, I smiled, I moved

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Darkness, it spread, as the slow sun began to set. A pinkness of hidden weakness, it latently ...touched the sky, a moment of serenity, as below: a single woman stood; vulnerability: it covered her anguished, fearful face. Around, the mystical ...African air, was icy, was cold, and the icy winter freeze: made her shiver. She looked, no, only slightly glanced: up, above: were the stars, and in them were her hopes: distant as life in a fallen world.

She has only existed for a few seconds: only in my thoughts: ...and words as yet: to you, you have not yet read these words. To you, she has not borne, a moment's life: to you,... only an idea: in an author's dreams.

You see, when we describe her deep, dark: entrancing, enchanting eyes, which enter you, with her powerful deified glance: when we describe her soft skin, which shines whitely, hidden in the shadow, the slight sparkle and meekly beautiful glance of her deep dark eyes: when we describe long brown hair, youth and innocence. We breath in: hoping to drink the memory in.

I used to read many books: these days: mostly I read older books, they are better: I read books, of a different sort than many: because they have standards: I can never really empathize with these evil "Good" characters in many a modern work.

I want, and drink in innocent moments, and mystery, and just a slightly infinite goodness: of good : true good: conquering evil: through weakness finding a way to be somehow find some path, or intriguing ingenuity: which makes them become somehow: strong; somehow: powerful.

We love watching, enchanted the innocent overhear, we enjoy so greatly, when they are hiding, sometimes safe and away: but mostly just beyond the certainty of capture, and of certainty with doom ...conquered in the slightest of secret luck.

I love children's novels, and fairytale: we all do: and I cannot stand many a book or modern movie. When the character is not a simple ordinary little person, who does the right thing: or the good and necessary, somehow: ...finding that slight small amount of courage:

...when it is not some good person doing what is right: it really is a pointless watch. I hate especially: when people are made evil: or such: because people do like weakness: we don't like weakness: but those who triumph despite it: not those who seek out evil.

As a child, I would read for hours: I would oft excuse myself from friends: I never wanted to give up my reading time: and spent much of breaks with books, rather than people who I often couldn't quite empathize with.

I love to write: I love the worlds, I am able to create. Softly, carving up a mystery: slowly watching as people take life as it approaches: and barely escape with their life: ...yet in such a way as to do good: or learn of good: so as to do right. I love, when they are still good, still normal at the end, even as they do what is necessary.

God: he too: he ...likes such books: there is ample evidence in the bible: Jesus: who only knew what we needed him to know; the rest he left behind: how else did he have to learn, grow it wisdom, change his mind: how else did he run away to the temple, not knowing he'd offend his beloved mom. His family, was poor, and God: he loved shepherds, and people who were weak. Like their bandage: he sought them out, in their tears: for these tearful eyes knew of their need of him.

His story: is: of an ingenious young man: old as time itself, and: ...of his mother, and his friends:
...the world... it has abandoned good: and they and a small hidden underground of men, children, and women: they join to his soul: and through wisdom, and goodness, and Obedience to Jesus' parents (all four of them; or is it five: God, Mary and his step-father Joseph); a child, now a man: he cannot do what his conscience objects to: and despite fear, despite tears: he does the right thing, and barely makes it through.

You see, God is the author of our world: we do not shout loudly, and violently into the heavens at human authors for writing villains, or obstacles into stories: to hamper characters', and heroic persons': way: especially: we love it when the odds are impossible, and when evil, it seems to triumph: only to melt in the eternity of the living, everlasting justice of the sun.

Let us not judge God, our author: but surely, let us aid him: to do what he wants: to write us: a book: one he'll want to read forever: and God only wants to read books with happy endings: become such a book: become your own Julian, or Nancy Drew: 'cept be the author, and one writ by God. Human books are nice, but his: oh the joy of writing our lives: I give that task to Philomena: my saint; who always writes so well, and to her co-authors in heaven and Earth: do likewise: let them write: but in your turn: remember to solve the mysterious events, come now Nancy Drew, Hardy boy, or Julian: to do what's right; and give your audience something to enjoy: to remember: cause God alone can only write your surrounds: he needs your help to write your life; as much as any author  covering it would: only more, and more honestly.

Ask of an adventure; to shock, to awe: I know I have asked for a powerful story of my soul.


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