Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday: a point of what?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Besides marking the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday, not a Holy Day of Obligation, is an important day in the liturgy (Public Worship) of the Roman Catholic Church.

Odd, or useful is a reading: one about not trumpeting good deeds in the marketplace. You see, Ash Wednesday, is the holding of the line. It is a Catholic Pride march, as well as a special day, when we gain ash on our foreheads. The ashes are made from Last year's Palm Sunday leaves. The crowds who praised Jesus with Palm leaves, turned on him, and crucified him.

Ash Wednesday, is both a statement of faith, designed to remind the world of what it once knew, and it is the holding of the line, as well as a really special day for many people. The ashes are from the palm leaves that represent the fickle loves of men. In wearing a ashen cross, on our foreheads: we show our loyalty is to God, not them. It is not the showing off of righteous deeds before men, but the rejection of men when contrary to God, the symbolic burning of their gifts. We must also, beyond wearing Ashes, also give up something for lent.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Let us wear our ashes if we do: to please God not men: therefore, let us not wipe them off, but rather show the world, through our constant-ness, that we serve a God, who unlike men: is not fickle, but constant.

So, what is the true meaning of Ash Wednesday. It is a call to penance, and contrition, and repentance to us and the world: the beginning of the Lenten Abstinence/fast. Further, from Ashes we come, from dust we come: to ashes we go, to dust we Go: it shows how easily human existence fades, or is lost.

Ash Wednesday shows our reliance on God. It says who we serve, and who serves us. Let us not be embarrassed out of it. Let us always put God first, knowing that those who do not, are not making as correct and wise a decision, for God is constant, but man is fickle, changing his heart, or dying so quickly. Our allegiance is to the constant, to God.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Journey: Projected illusion: waves of light, of sound

(Journey: in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Darkness, then ...light.

Sounds blast, music sours, and a slightly odd sensation rules. The light bounces off: and images: like a mirror, or moving, flying window emerge. Ahead: a concert is playing, and it is as though the wall, where the projection is, it is flying, and confusing the mind.

As beautiful, and emotive sounds: flow, and softly take hold, as haunting melodies play forth: the mind cannot comprehend.

The understanding: it explains how people, and a whole other world, it appears on the wall, and how sounds erupt around. The mystery is: ...greater though. One must imagine the camera, and the sound recorder, yet the primitive mind erupts.

Confusion takes, and as waves: anxiety takes, and confusion, as the mind cannot comprehend.

Only a God with more than one person: could create a multi-person world, a world: where one produces another; produce another together.

Religion, is our meaning, our explanation of questions we seem programmed to ask. We seem designed to seek ritual, and love, and truth. Oddly enough: we seem designed, not chanced.

I watch, as I am privy to sound, to images: it is as though there, almost: ...I am in the crowd, and desire to clap as a sound erupts, and a voice carries.

Mystery is the nature of the world: and we are not designed to know all things as yet: but mystery is also how we protect the rights of men: by seeking real truth, and not avoiding truth: we cannot ignore the utter abuse of power by governments, and populaces in all the world.

Rather: religion: the pursuit of truth: this saves: and is how any non-Catholic can find the Catholic salvation: inside and out: ...we must be cautious ...however: if they are judges by their pursuit of truth, so shall we be. We must never stop seeking more intuitive truth: must never stop seeking to be better, must never be slightly content: for this is the sin by which we allow tens of millions to be murdered, and this is the genocide of the souls: by which so many Catholics probably go to hell.

Catholicism ... without religion, is pointless, it cannot save: even as Catholicism is the most perfect channel: canyon in which religion can resonate: it is the center in which all truth and true religion is maintained in the world: it is the mainframe: that which allows all others to pursue God: and those who know of her necessity, yet either refuse to enter or choose not to remain: in Her body: such are dead, they cannot find God: for they have abandoned religion: the pursuit of our truth: which all men are capable of.

At least: this is the Catholic meaning: the Catholic way!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Former Communist Block Bishops: called to co-operate to spread Gospel

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Zenit News: Spanish Edition (Independent; American; Catholic) 11 / 02 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Zenit News, Spanish Edition: is reporting that Benedict XVI, has asked bishops in the former communist block, in Eastern Europe: to work together, in order to overcome situations caused by past injustice: and to bring the message; that is the Gospel: more fully into their societies.

The theme of the conference was:

"Mission of the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, twenty years after the collapse of communism (1989-2009).""
(Zenit News: Spanish Edition (Independent; American; Catholic) 11 / 02 / 2009))

The statements asking for co-operation: were made two days ago on Tuesday: by Cardinal: Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State. They were given to the bishops: at a meeting in Croatia: in: Zagreb. It was seemingly sent: in letter form, in a letter written by the Vatican Secretary of state. The meeting seems to have been by the Bishops in Central Europe, bearing the theme given above.

Benedict XVI: emphasized, that whatever the circumstances encountered after the fall of atheistic communism: the mission of the church remains evangelization. Communism stifled the church: and made missionary activity dangerous: as communist nations still do today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Italy appoints first female judge of Canon Law

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Zenit News Service (Catholic; American; Independent: Italian Edition) 08 / 02 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to Zenit News Agency's Italian Language edition: which on Sunday the 8th of February, reported on the issues: Italy has appointed its first female canon law judge: a 46 year old: Zuanazzi Ilaria, who is a professor in the subject of Canon Law. She was appointed to the Diocese of Turin, where it is hoped that the female touch will help in cases involving women and marriage.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Journey:Twilight essence, Blue ribbon of Destiny: our obsession with "future": our desire for peace

(Journey in A Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The shadow: it twirls in my hands, as I hold it, Substance, understated. The metallic ribbon, they living spine of chord, it raps around my hand as though as a snake. Beyond, are whitened flowery fields, and interspersed between are gray and blue-gray buildings. Beyond, as though obvious: strands an orange sky, patterned, and simply, and all knowing: it strands one.

Odd, is it not, when we think of the future: we think of the colour gray. It is not the ideas of the past about tinfoil which does this: it is that the future is gray, dispersed, and odd to us.

We see flowers, and nature, and sparseness. We see hope, and we see safety: my future vision has no people: only distant hovering crafts, which move slowly, and visibly, and yet powerfully.

We imagine not the future, but our own desire to grasp the world, and ride it like a bronco horse.

Odd, is it not: that our future, is nothing more than a more simple version of life: we love colours, but gray is simpler, we love animals: but space is simpler. We imagine not some future world, but our own special place of safety.

The greatest treasure of the genre of the future: is not fantastical things: but a greater sense of control. We want to be gods? So why don't we eat the fruit of the "Little Gods".

All our development: for what: peace, sustainibility, safety, excitement: control: all is gained from Saint Philomena and the communion, who speak: like locusts, all one: covering large sections of a white, gray wall.

All our hopes for power: answered in trusting Reality, Yahweh, Lord: our God.

Let us pray to the saint of us prey, of us who are subject to power, and to whim: let us ask Philomena for peace, progress in God: and for her to control our life entirely, let us "Worship"* our saint, and ask God to give her the reigns of our lives.

*In Catholic Theology: the word Worship: refers to high honor, but not as high as the honour of "Adoration" due to God. A similarity can be drawn with the Justice system, where judges are "Worshiped", by the phrase: your "Worship".
I purposely chose the traditional word, because high honour, or honour, as due to parents, or others: cannot encompass the duty to saints, and to angels: nor either can the lower word: worship: in any way satisfy to utter honour and adoration due God.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Reunification of Russia's East and Vatican's West: still a distant light, maybe not even a dusk

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) 02 / Feb / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Despite media reports in the likes of EuroNews: that Russia's new Patriarch, will likely reunify Rome and Moscow, Reuters quotes a top Vatican Source saying otherwise. (With the bearded, scary and conservative look of the Patriarch; it did not seem on the surface: that he would be anything but loyal to his cause.)

Cardinal Walter Kaspar, Having met Russian Orthodox leader: Kirill: informed Reuters of his skepticism.

""What he said in the last weeks and what he told me today, it's the same line," Kasper, who is head of the Vatican office on Christian unity and Jewish relations, said in an interview. "So I do not see any change in his attitude.""
(Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) 02 / Feb / 2009)

Benedict XVI: has reportedly used Kaspar to deliver a congratulatory letter: to his Russian counterpart, and possibly adversary. The two churches, had split nearly a thousand years ago: and remained split; after some hopes earlier of reunification (the Russian church, itself has split from others since, nor is this to say that it was the Russian church that was split with).

So far, mutual concerns were discussed: social issues, global issues: such as ethics: something hot on every intelligent leader's mind: after the global meltdown of many markets: something Benedict XVI predicted decades ago: of a market with less regulation.

As to communication: morality has always been an issue for the churches to look into. Kirill will have to navigate away from Kremlin influence, if he wants the world to see his church as independent from his motherland. If Kirill were to choose to criticize Moscow on human rights, or democracy, or other such issues: it would be very hard to do: Moscow has propped up the Russian church since the Atheistic Communists were defeated by time and dust.

Navigating between Rome and Moscow: global, political East and West: will be a hard place to be: truly between a Rock ("You are Peter (Rock) and On this rock"), and a hard place (with all that ice).

Benedict XVI: is a master at relations between Christian churches: and has achieved much with the Islamic religion also: his lack of success with some Jewish sources: may lay in the difference between relations with every other group, than with the Jewish religious. Jewish "Ecumenism", seems mostly focussed at getting people to be friendly to Jews, and attempting to make public statements nice towards them: in a sort of new Holocaust fear the group seems to have. With other groups: such as Islam: sticking to one's religious needs, or the "saving" of souls: is seen as more acceptable; even if with some level of statements. The Jewish Ecumenism:: seems to aim purely at uplifting the Jewish people, in their constant statements, this seems the case.

In either case: the rift between east and west is deep: but Kirill will need Vatican Backing if he wants to gain any real, and visible autonomy from the Kremlin. The Vatican would be as interested in gaining better relations with the Russian church: as they are at reunifying the SSPX to their belt: even as the SSPX, is still technically operating without license, and therefore also still has the same status: as what a Vatican Document noted to be a "Schism".

The Russian Orthodox Church, falls into the same category, as such in many ways, though is perhaps more distant in the eyes of Canon Law: SSPX may be considered to be Schismatic: but is certainly viewed as much more Catholic than the East: in fact, most would call it a Catholic Schism, while the Eastern Churches would simply be independent schisms.

Either way: while the words seem to be the same: expected, for a leader of a church which is highly conservative, as compare the international claims in news services about its leader: there is always a small hope that the Russian church will join other Eastern Orthodox groupings: in meetings with Rome: and that finally: some true gains can again be made between the two great so-called "lungs" of religion.

The Eastern churches acknowledge that the Vatican: as the successor of Peter: has a special place: but they do not in general accept Papal infallibility: but in general believe in listening to what the pope has to say. Churches are important in politics: protecting human rights, and preventing genocide: has caused nations to crumble and fall. A more westernized Russian Orthodox Church: could certainly have ramifications for the possibility to Russian democracy.


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