Friday, April 10, 2009

Journey: Why is Good Friday Good?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some time ago: I was asked for an apology on good Friday: specifically pertaining to the apologetics of why it is supposedly "Good". Here is the apology I wrote:

Why is Good Friday good, and Friday itself looked at as Holy?

Now, to a person ignorant of why Good Friday is: “Good”: such may seem odd: God is crucified; he suffers, and is hurt: is not “Good Friday” the defeat, and Easter the Victor. Firstly, one must know: the supper: the “Last Supper”: actually occurs on Good Friday: in the Jewish day, when the sun sets: is the start of the next day. Secondly, it is important to realize: that in a sacramental view of Christianity: the sacrifice of the Eucharist: transfers past time, and physically links the celebrants: not with Jesus as though only at Easter, but importantly, with Jesus as he is still on the cross:

The Jesus sacrificed in the Mass: refers to a physical connection with the actual crucifixion on good Friday: it is as though one looks at Christmas: the day when the animal we eat is killed is good: for us, because it’s death sustains us. Good Friday is the beginning of the Triumph of the Cross: it is on this day and not on Easter, that each of our sins are paid for. In the African tradition, animals are sacrificed in a celebratory manner: Jesus, God himself, is sacrificed to God, by evil hands: so that those who are forgiven at all are always forgiven through time: by God: into this very moment, when Jesus is still on the cross. Good Friday therefore is Good: it is the day in which God’s enmity with us can be set aside: it is the beginning of the treaty, the family known as Christianity. The Man next to Jesus on the Cross: Jesus forgives, without an animal sacrifice: evidently: it is by his death, on Good Friday, that we are forgiven, for there was no sacrifice, and Jesus had not died yet.

We would have been forgiven even if He had not risen on Easter, in accordance with Isaiah’s “Suffering Servant”. Good Friday is Good, as it is the day on which history alters its course: it is the ultimate demonstration of God’s love to us: to those in love: foolishness is wisdom: as the Bible also says: “God’s foolishness is wiser than Man’s wisdom”.  

The crucifixion itself is expected from the broken world: it is sin itself showing its face: and yet: it is good, because the crucifixion, is the death throes of death: it is here that death is reversed: for this reason, “Good Friday” is good: good in that it is where evil is conquered: good, in that it is God’s remedy to evil: although, like many medicines: it tastes dreadful to the senses: yet puts one in a better state.
Marc Aupiais, 2009-03-27

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