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Western Genodices Series: Is Euthanasia Genocide?

(Journey in a Broken World; Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Further argument based on United nations' Documentation--Killing members of a group--- as aimed at an entire population, and aimed at destroying part of a national group, which is targeted-- is Euthanasia Article 2 section a or c genocide--

As per usual, when covering genocide issues: our argument is based on the UN definition of Genocide-- by which we looked at abortion, and strategic nuclear weapons in previous views of possible "Modern genocides": perpetrated with the direct assistance of Europe, America, Russia, China, and or other sections of current so-called global powers in our day and age--

This definition of Genocide: being the:

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Approved and proposed for signature and ratification or accession by
General Assembly resolution 260 A (III) of 9 December 1948

entry into force 12 January 1951, in accordance with article XIII

as viewable on the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights' website:

To begin our argument: genocide must be aimed at a specific population group: i.e. "national, ethnical, racial or religious group": it must aim to destroy part or whole of such: as demonstrated by article 2 section d: this includes an intent to prevent future population within a group.

Now, if we were to say that every person: whose ID number ended with the number 13: within a country: may be killed without punishment, by their fellow human beings: or say: as in Arbor Day: all those centuries ago: should a state declare: that those who were Jewish: may be killed without punishment on a particular day: such would directly be Genocide: in that allowing a part of the population which any section could be: to be killed: would be genocide: as would be allowing the general population to kill such people with their permission: these with an ID number of thirteen: and further: not discouraging the population from begging these people for permission: in fact, what if the state encouraged the population to get such people to kill themselves: what if they said to health professionals: to advise these people that they were better dead than alive: such measures would be calculated to cause part of the population to kill themselves. Surely: such permission to kill a random section of the population: is to commit genocide: just as a parent can be guilty of killing their child in negligence.

Now, we get to something more definable as genocide than simply allowing those whose ID numbers start with 13 to be killed: such is only Genocide so much as such a group is in fact part of the general population: the rest of the population are in fact also committing genocide against their own.

As to article d genocide:

"(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;"

A pride of Lions: always attack the weakest members of a heard: the sick, the elderly, and the very young: those who cannot protect themselves.

Even if actions such as Euthanasia were to attack elderly people: for a purpose other than reducing populations of a group: surely: this is not the peak of what the definition says: destroying only ten members or fifty thousand: the definition says only that it must be aimed at the group as a whole. It may be said that a state: aims its laws: in general at the national group under it as a whole.

If the state, then takes upon itself to allow those members of the population: most likely to not be able to think properly: most desperate: those who are often sold snake oil, and grasp on straws: if the state offered to them: something that the state called a cure: and knew that the population in general: duty-bound to care for these people: would want this duty to be gone: in order to have an easier time: if the state then decided that these others may be permitted to pressure such population groupings within a national grouping, or ethnic grouping: to die: is this not similar to what business persons might call "Constructive Dismissal": are not these measures intended: that at least some of the population intend to die: and is not the state certain that they will kill and destroy: many members of the population: surely also: this is aimed at a national group: if a state permits that those least stable: least sane by a psychological definition: are allowed to both be pestered into killing themselves by more sane individuals: and to have medical practitioners: persons they are likely to listen to: tell them to kill themselves.

Surely: simply because a part of the population is more likely to take the offer: less likely to feel secure in arguing against what their selfish relative desire: if a section of the population: who we admit in our laws: cannot really reasonably handle their finances: if this section can choose to die: and if we know that they are likely to take this choice: by ensuring they do so: by wrapping up the choice of death: and getting doctors to encourage them to die: by using the law: to make their family think it acceptable to tell them it is better to die: simply because they are more likely to submit: is this not just as likely to result in it being genocide?

When speed limits were introduced: persons began to generally drive faster; and knowing that killing another in self defense: makes one more likely to do so. Homosexual persons in states which are more accepting of them: are more likely to be open about their relations: people in general: often are moved by the laws in how they view life and other things. Also: the guilt arguments: of: "they are in pain": or they will never live a normal life: etc: enter the media: by legalizing that a section of the population: unable to give consent to most important decisions: most likely to feel weak: and guilty for not being able to contribute much: or legalizing that their relatives: without their consent: may decide to kill them: are we not advocating genocide?

Further: Homosexuals for instance: often say they are born with a condition: which likely will give them much pain and suffering, ostentation, and statistically: likely an earlier death: these persons will never be normal: if they are to be believed: would it not be genocide against the population in general to get rid of these persons: or inflict conditions on them likely to destroy part of the population: based simply on what they would claim is something genetic? Is this not what the Nazi's did to this part of their population groups: irrespective of whether or not they acted on their choices?

Don't we often talk of putting dictators, or enemies: "Out of their misery": is this not simply an attempt to justify our choice.

If terrorists: were to release a toxin into the air: of a general population: which targeted and killed any weak enough to have asthma: would this not be genocide against the population?

Simply because someone is psychologically, or physically weak: does not change the situation. Being weak, or unstable: only means one is more likely to die: we do not kill persons allergic to bees for this. Aiming measures to destroy part of a population: and aiming it at the population: simply because some are more susceptible: and simply because we aim at these for now: does not make it any less aimed at the population.

Pain: is simply a sign: that our life is being endangered: the evolutionary purpose of this: is to keep us alive.

Is not killing those in the population: experiencing pain: and most likely to grasp at straws: is this not abusing their evolutionary weakness: their instability: by offering them: what in that moment: may appear as though it were a cure: is it not abusing their evolution: like a Venus Fly Trap- does to a fly?

This article does not constitute legal advise in any form whatsoever. Rely on it at your own risk.

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