Saturday, April 25, 2009

The wolf howled at the moon, but shall you it ..own it ...have it: human soul?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Ice melted, and slowly glittered, then sprinkled, and rippled: then flew from the surface, and as it did: there was ...sound ...noise, symphony of deadly scream.

The wolves howled: ...focussed on the moon.

And as they howled, the dripping blood stood still: the hunt had begun ...when had it ever ceased?

And yet: as we hear the fatal, primitive sound, some part wants to join in: howl at the moon: and shout at "Reality"; our God, that background on which all material exists.

Yet, what makes us diffeent, us few who seek the "Catholic" truth, what makes us unique: utterly different: we seek not only to howl at the "Moon" as most do: but rather: to fly up to be upon it, on our goodness alone, and on the moon's ...effect, and "truth" see

... we who seek the near impossible: become better at all that is normal: ...sounding our reward:
the moon has been to earth: and we howl at him: our moon and sun: and we seek him out:
who died for us:
on a cross!

And yet, what of you: will you do the ...impossible,
... will you claim your reward, and jump, and catch the moon?

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