Monday, June 15, 2009

The God of Logic, the God, who is logic!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I watch the screen, perhaps I could step through, maybe enter their world. I feel the theme, the fantastic plot, partly, I wish it would surround me, whirl and twirl around me. Part of me wants it, for the everyday ordinary to be extraordinarily special.

I cannot step into the screen, the illusion is not for my form, only my eyes.

Yet, it reminds me, of the form of God, of the everyday ordinary, whom we worship as Truth, and all there is to soothe. Truth, is not a metaphor for God, he meant it literally, I have often said!

You see, the truth, is what is, the connecting thing, which is what it appears as, however hidden in the murk.

God is reality, Augustine would agree. He is the "Frame-er" of our universe, said another early witness within those ancient bodies of truth, but what does that mean?

I have often said God is Reality, the fabric on which the universe is based, but what is reality, which we intuitively understand, yet rationally don't know, this is a question. One I have to know.

You see, when we look deeper in, logic becomes the rules which govern the universe. In an infinite space, there is no physical frame. What is the fabric of the universe? ...cause and effect?

You see, God is logic, is order ...that all governing thing. I often compared Reality to our Operating system, where we run on it, like sequences of intuitive code. For reality is the system on which all are based: could God be logic, the basic rules, which encompass all: is God wisdom: quite literally?

Indeed, if God is logic, then he thinks, at least as much as thinking is logic interacting, God is more of a being than us. For, that which we mimic with thought: well, if it does not think, our thoughts are as much of an illusion as Logic's thoughts, and as real as these, or perhaps ...our thoughts are: not so sure?

And, indeed, if Reality, Yahweh: God, is our operating system, the basis of all: then indeed, he made man in his image: our imagination, and rational thoughts: the worlds we ourselves govern.

Is God the logical system, the basic fabric of all interaction? Is he wisdom, truth, and basis? Is God Logic? That which causes the universe to be? Which is the universe's basis, the basis also, and framework of thought, and all things?

For Order, has always been, and though rules may change, even such is predictable, we can predict unpredictability, knowing enough. Perhaps God is Order, that everyday thing, the spiritual, like a poem, yet a dynamic thing? Perhaps our thoughts, mimicking truth, small theaters for logic, and cause and effect: are more real than once thought, a truly real thing?

If God is logic, our souls are our equations: that which caused us to grow, from conception, through birth, through life, that which survives: for eternity, all time! If God is logic, our soul is the connecting thing: that which connects our form, our conscience and thoughts ...with him. For we are our souls: Soul, and Body, one being: like waves and water, inseparable is our soul from us, for our soul and body, both one us: Our soul, the dynamic equation, which is us, and causes our life. Written, though not formed: before eternity: it governs all our true hope.

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