Saturday, August 8, 2009

The inherent danger of our death to ideological culture

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Instructive Apologetical work by Marc Aupiais

While I spoke, as though invisibly- it occurred. There was a sudden moment, as the change broke and splintered into them, as the respected person I was conversing with suddenly became a billboard.

The argument used had been classical, and so obviously contained the watch words- which so easily showed up my fellow South African.

It had been a theological discussion, on a matter of doctrine- with a person officially sworn to serve the gospel- a person who suddenly preached something which the gospel of the Catholic Dogma, considers as deathly and dangerous.

I remained silent, and did not correct the person. I went on my way silently, as I often do. It was odd, to me at least- how without once giving their own view- the person went from speaking in doctrinal terms- to adopting the language often used by the dissenters' hedgemony locally.

Often, when speaking, debating in apologetics- I find the strongest opponent to the gospel is not a person's sins, nor many another thing.

That which wrapped around faces, and crumpled the hearts of servant warriors- was and remains a weak manifestion- the same force which usually manages to yank salvation from many a person I speak with.

This force, is so clearly not logical- logic I can fight, conquer, defeat- with fuller, more whole logic, but emotive opinions, do not listen to logic.

The manifestation I speak of is ideological culture. It is amazing how often I find that persons are deeply affected by their national weaknesses and fallacies- or those of their profession, or community.

They are so deeply instilled often- that any questioning of them- causes a broken outburst or collapse of rational conversation. It is noted quite simply in a sudden turn to near identical concepts as others- as excuses and justifications are parroted, and even subconsciously gained by those affected.

The problem with this nationalism, this culture which emerges- is that it is emotional, and with any good it has, it is near guaranteed to contain evil. Without the power of rational thought, of true criticism, and scepticism- those infected can well not even know they are. The true sign being a sudden indignant response, or a feeling of out of control emotion or these sorts of things. Often small arguments- claiming experience, and not in touch with the reality are used- often assumption also plays a part.

I do not deny that I too could be infected by this- this terrible condition, whereby one does not accept facts, but opinion. I do know, that it is so often these local forces which ravish the church locally. I also know that this is often the result of persons claiming intellectual freedom from the church- but neglecting to ask it of themselves elsewhere.

The only answer to this epidemic is so entirely simple. It comes to us via those private revelations Saint Philomena gave a nun all that time ago.

The Catholic cannot be a South African, Australian, American, European first. Their first citizenship must be in heaven- in God, their world view must be shaped of logic and dogma. The emotion of ideology must be abandoned for the logic of dogma.

I do not say that we must cease to be citizens of our country- our Nation can still be the adjective which describes our nuances- and our cultural perceptions- but our first loyalty must be to righteousness- to the Catholic dogma, morality, and Truth.

This we will not get from our local bishop, in most cases. For this we must return to the Catechism, to Vatican II, to the saints, our bibles- and the Councils- for this, we must determine to listen to Pope Benedict XVI, and to make sure we are soundly justified, in what we think of as Catholic. Least we follow what is not true.

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