Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dusk 'til Dawn- our journey with God of truth..

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is odd the effect some people have- just by their presence they change our entire being, by their strength we can move mountains- by their faith we believe.

Though they exhaust us, their energy pushes into us, I almost would say we are inebriated with sanity, with hope, truth, faith, strong faith- and by faith we get strength- and the way to continue through this path- our life.

The dark labyrinth fills vision, as one walks down the tunnel, from darkness to darkness, and into water, a current pulls, a current pushes. And as one flows, they grab onto anything, yet fall, for it is the fate of those with no hope. Yet, this is trust- to lean into the current, deeply, so as to float, though one is pushed. This is faith, to push still in the right direction, with or without the force of water. Catholicism is sanity, and simply in the presence of some, all desire to sin leaves- breaks, dies like a broken flame.

When we are told to live the gospel- this is it:... by changing the world with our presence, choices- works, energy and faith, our hope- by hitting the tennis ball as though into the net, so that it flies over- by doing what some think near suicidal in risk- out of trust of God.

I would rather believe the "impossible" from truth as my source, than any probable thing. God often allows storms in our lives. The lightning flashes, the thunder howls, yet- if we trust, and are shelters- these are beautiful, not deadly. The rain, the Highvelt thunder, itself effects one with energy, and the faith of one makes another dance with joy- by actions and truth.

Often we watch the flashes, but can we feel the magic in the air, the power of raw nature, which accompanies the storm. Are we a storm to watch? I try deeply to be- if anything one gets everyone's attention when they follow the way of God. I have never seen a diluted Catholic change anything- though I often argue from another's perspective, slowly pushing them along.

I walk in dusk, dawn ahead, night behind, somehow fate reversed, in this spiral- my life. I broke the ice, and pushed beyond all snow, and yet I still walk in greyness, and daily I must break the ice, and snow and awake- walk naked into the blizzard, knowing this is not the blizzard I know- that here is infinity minus, that in righteousness, all we thought is oft reversed, and our missteps are clear. Our glasses and every lenses broken.

I know I am weak, though I am told I am strong, I clutch to the wind, like a speck of fluff, and I sink and break, and fall. My strength which has emerged is not my own, but that of God! And perhaps of you- should you perform it for me! We are only real in faith!

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