Sunday, January 3, 2010

To be truly loyal, to love, to believe!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is often said that things like murder, like war, the calling of a jihad, the destroying of an iconic pair of buildings, that these are acts of pure hate. I would differ from this view.

One is more likely to be killed out of love than hate, out of real love. For only love can cause one to care enough to want to kill one's ex-wife, for what she no longer is. Only love can make one angry that another lives in sin. Only love can make one concerned that the God of War, who calls himself peace, is rejected by them. And only love can cause a mother to kill her infant child.

The reason I make these insane hypothesis, is simple, beyond the statistics, beyond what you may think.

The suicide victim loves and admires himself to such an extent, that he thinks either that he aids the world, in betraying God and life- who are really one, or that he thinks it unworthy of his high expectations. The thief also loves, he admires what he takes. The rapist, compliments in an extent though he plans to only take- because there is something he thinks he can take.

Hatred, indeed is love. One only hates because they care, one despises because one deeply loves.

The problem with this love, is that it is not full love. It is not only conditional, but further, it is thin, and lacking.

If one cared more, one would not kill. If one cared more, one would put more effort to righteousness. The bible says that he who does not live the lifestyle of love, does not know God, and that love is obeying the law of God.

You see, to truly love, one must be loyal irrespective of any condition. One must love for the sake of love, be loyal for the sake of loyalty. The truest pledge of love, and concern- is that which holds no condition, for it at once hates the faults of another, and will do all to alter them. It is not love to accept the other's faults, rather- it is love to accept them. And at once, this love would defend them from evil, to the depths of the ocean, and the heights of the supposedly infinite skies above.

It was by love the crusades were launched, and by love that the sick are healed.

Love is the hand which yields justice- be it petty, even as hate- the distortion of love, is the hand which holds to petty revenge by blood and death.

This is why it is said that just revenge aims to teach the other, and is really aimed at their upliftment.

Love purely, and you shall not hate- love unconditionally, and you will be motivated to live!

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